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23-01-12 Love Expats Weekly Showcase

It’s snowing here and the snow-plows are out in force. Our milder than usual winter has suddenly remembered it has a rep to protect. The temperatures have plummeted and Extreme Cold Weather Alerts have been issued. Cities are working to persuade the homeless into shelters at night and everybody’s snow-shovel is getting a workout!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the “snowbirds” pack their bags and fly off to warmer climes. My neighbour’s one of them! The bikini was in the bag and we didn’t see her for dust! She’s going snorkelling and scuba-diving in a place where it’s “bottoms only, tops optional…” So, no snow pants then…

Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Florida and Mexico are all popular choices this time of year. There are plenty of short-term rentals available, some people go for a few weeks, some stay for the entire season (November-March) The sun will be shining, sangria flowing and all this snow will be a distant memory.

Meanwhile, “back at the ranch” we will be making the most of our crisp winter days when the air is clean and clear, the sky is the bluest blue and the ice is perfect for skating. Families will be out on the ski slopes and we’re in the middle of the hockey season.  Snow-shoeing, ice-fishing and skidooing are big here right now. Hell, no-one leaves Canada because they’re bored! (It’s most likely the dire TV!)

Whether its beach bumming or an arctic blast you’re after, there’ll be something in this week’s Expat Showcase to tickle your fancy, and you don’t have to bother with snow pants or sunscreen!

Until next time…

Introduction kindly written by Aisha from  Expatlogue.

Three years, one stone and then home – Our Swiss story – a slightly hijacked part zwei

Our Swiss story – a slightly hijacked part zwei

So there we were. New country, new city, new apartment, new job (me), new gym membership (him), and, to be honest, a completely new relationship. To explain this, I need to take you back, way back, to 14 years earlier – 1992, if my calculations are correct – when we first met. Twas in a quiet village pub … small, traditional, dart-loving, large vodkas and redbull a mere £2. Our eyes did not meet across a crowded bar … more like a few old men and a labrador asleep on the floor.

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Expatlogue – Skunk Lockdown

Skunk Lockdown

Yesterday, while ambling slowly back from school, J and I were having our usual conversation about how her day went. It transpired that they had a sort of silent fire drill. I probed her for details.
She explained to me that they were practising what to do if a skunk got into the school. This immediately had me intrigued and I asked for more information. The children are taught to turn off all the lights and hide behind the teacher’s desk. “Hmmmm, must be some odd Canadian school regulation,” I mused, reminded again of the differences between Canada and Britain.

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A matter of choice – Is the grass ever greener?

I found a great quote today….
“The grass may be greener on the other side, but you still have to mow it”

It’s very true, many people move to Cyprus (and other places) thinking that life will be suddenly great, that they will leave all their worries behind and the sun alone will make everything perfect.

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A Bavarian Sojourn – The Waiting Room

Our relocation agent contacted us last week with a reminder that we had an appointment at the Doctor’s. We are not sick, but apparently she felt it would be a good idea to go along and meet him before we were. Having been exposed to a few segments of German life that are a lot more formal than in both of the previous countries we have lived in, I thought that this pre-visit to the doctors was something necessary, and agreed to it to get it out of the way….

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Bibsey – blogging about life after birth – Feetup Cuppa Pie

Feetup Cuppa Pie

Within the ‘Mummy blogging’ universe there are a number of different and overlapping groups. Among them there’s Arty, Foodie, Expatty, Smutty, Geeky, Daddy and Mo. A glowing subgroup of these comprises the Domestic Goddesses and another, yes you guessed it, the Undomestic Goddesses.

I myself am always tirelessly campaigning for the crown in the latter camp: to be capo di tutti capi of the slatterns. If we (this merry band of slatterns) were a sorority, instead of being named something like Beta Kappa Pi, we would be Feetup Cuppa Pie.

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Romanian mum in London – Life in UK by Lisa Gusto

Today is the first day of the guest posts about Life in UK. I am very excited about sharing with you all the posts that I received from fellow mummy bloggers.The wonderful Lisa Gusto agreed to write the first post about her Life experience in UK. She moved here from Sweden and blogs about life,cooking and she gives some really great tips about beauty. Check out her blog and her Twitter page.
I moved to London from Stockholm (Sweden) 18 years ago and I’m still as in love with the greatest city on the planet as when I first

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