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23-01-12  Love Fashion Weekly Showcase

It’s Monday again and time for the weekly Love Fashion Blogs Showcase. Have you joined in this week? I do hope so, it’s been lovely to read all the contributions to the Showcase each week.

For most of us, January is a pretty gloomy month. The combination of post-Christmas budgeting and the rubbish weather, together with our still-recovering-from-a-diet-of-mince-pies tightening of the waistbands has us either hiding under the duvet and waiting for Spring or making a rash decision to start running again and injure ourselves in the process. That would be me, by the way.

For a tiny handful of people, January marks the start of Awards season. They will not have seen the festive season through with a spot of over-eating because they will have been all too aware of the need to look their absolute best in front of the world’s media on the red carpet. 

We kicked off the season with the Golden Globes.  Although everyone looked very beautiful and flawless as usual, I do miss the days when we could be guaranteed a little giggle at the clothing choices of the rich and famous. Where is Cher in a Bob Mackie special? Or Bjork wearing a swan draped around her neck? Although sometimes their choices were a little outlandish, at least they were bold, eccentric and above all, unique. 

Amongst a sea of safe, although stylish, dress choices, there should be room for a bit of individualism. So, bravo to Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kelly Osborne for daring to wear something a little different. Although I think Erin Wasson may have turned up without her dress. Google it and you’ll see what I mean!

Watching everyone walking down the red carpet, I started thinking of style icons. Do we still have them? Do our ‘celebrities’ retain any of the mysterious allure of Old Hollywood idols like Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich or Audrey Hepburn?

So, I’d like to know who your style icons are. Family, friends or famous folk. Alive or dead, real or fictional, Hollywood or Bollywood…let’s chat. I’ll be chatting all through this week on Twitter with the hashtag #icon. Let me know who you’d choose and why and I’ll add the best ones to next week’s Love Fashion Blogs intro!

I do hope you’ll join in and now I’ll hand over to a very iconic set of writers for this week’s Love Fashion Blogs Showcase!

Introduction kindly written by Liz from Margot and Barbara

Minibreak Mummy – Vintage Threads

Vintage Threads

Mother Venting has suggested people share photos and stories of their oldest items of clothing, and Liz at MargotandBarbara has tagged me, so here are my ‘vintage threads’.

In my case, both of these items of clothing were ‘vintage’ when I bought them back in 1992.

The second item is a cotton dress which looks like it dates from the 1950s. The first time I wore this was for a 1950s-murder-mystery-theme party.

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Expatlogue – Canada’s Influence On Your Wardrobe

Canada's Influence On Your Wardrobe

It just hit me why walk-in wardrobes are so plentiful here.

You need somewhere to stash all that bulky, insulated stuff that winter forces you to wear. And it takes up A LOT of room. When I first arrived from the UK, I came prepared. Oh yes, I had various pairs of suede, leather and wool gloves in various colours, several coats (including my brand new M&S smart black tailored three-quarter length with the polka-dot lining). Experience has taught me, or maybe frostbite, that these are good only up until November. Then it’s time to haul out the heavy-duty frost protection.

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The Bump Wear Project – Valentines. The red edition.

Valentines. The red edition.

Looking for something nice for a bump rocker this valentine? Well let us help you steer away from the tat and get something that she will love. We’re starting nice and early. Giving you time to leave subtle hints, like this page open on your computer. Here goes…

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Very Busy Mamá – My {shoe} love story

My {shoe} love story

Shoes. Zápatos. Kicks. Whatever you call them. They are just amazing!

I can’t get enough of them, but now I have to “love them” in moderation. Before Little M came along and rocked my world (and also destroyed my stuff) I had a closet that overflowed with a variety of styles.

I had every kind you can imagine. Heels, boots, flats, stylish trainers, running shoes, Uggs, wellies, flip flops open toed, wide heels, thin heels and even some terrible style choices like Birkenstocks and clogs.

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Hot For Writing – Naked Man in Children’s Clothing Ad? Oops…

Naked Man in Children’s Clothing Ad? Oops…

The photograph, which was being used to illustrate La Redoute’s children’s beachwear range, showed four children running towards the camera in the foreground, whilst in the background a nude male could clearly be seen strolling towards the shore. To compound the problem, La Redoute provided a ‘magnify’ feature on the web page in question, allowing customers to zoom in to view close-up detailing of the children’s clothing… and the man’s penis. Unfortunate.

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HPMcQ – can there ever be such a thing as too many shoes?

surely not i hear you say, never too many shoes

well the other day @verybusymama posted a blog with regards to her love affair with her shoes. it was a sad affair, and it end badly.

she signed off with share your shoe story which made me think about my shoes.

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Diane Gets Crafty – A New Skirt for Kids Entertainer, Diane

A New Skirt for Kids Entertainer, Diane

I looked at my skirt that was hanging up, waiting for the next outing at a Children’s birthday party and I saw it with fresh eyes, horrified fresh eyes! My goodness, all my hard work of being a puppeteer/ children’s entertainer and face painter  in 2011 showed in that skirt. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.
It was time to use the lovely sewing machine that  Santa ( well, my lovely partner) had bought me for Christmas. Out with the old skirt, in with the new and improved puppeteer /entertainer skirt.

Ta Da!

So here it is.

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A Hell Of A Woman – Never Kill A Boy On The First Date

…Now this episode never springs to mind whenever I think about the opening season of Buffy even though it does serve to further the story arc about the Master’s fiendish plans to escape his supernatural prison and cause chaos, yadda, yadda, yadda. Because of this, I was looking forward to watching it with fresh eyes and being able to astound you all with my amazing insights.

What actually happened was less than a 1/4 of the way into the episode, I spied Buffy wearing the most fabulous animal print hooded jacket …

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An Essex Wife – Can you define your fashion style in 3 words?

I spent most of my late teens and early 20’s wandering around in a fashion wilderness not knowing what to wear.  I tried to follow fashion magazines, copy what I saw on TV, borrow clothes from my fashion forward friends but all to no avail, I still looked an awkward mess.  My mother has never been one for girly things. She taught me the offside rule by the time I was 6 and we’ve sat next to each other at football all my life, but I was never once shown how

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