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23-01-12  Love Mummy Weekly Showcase

Blogging – are you guilty of it?

There appears to be an overwhelming feeling of guilt amongst Mummy bloggers from what I’ve read in the group discussions this week. Most of you confess to the ‘just a minute, darling’ habit, and almost everyone admits to sacrificing time with partners to blogging activity.

Marianne told us that her partner accepts her blogging as a good part of their life together now that she is bringing in some money from her online endeavours, but it wasn’t always that way. Now she feels more guilty about the lack of time she has to return comments from others on her blog!

One blogger who seems to have it sussed is Kate on Thin Ice, whose husband not only stopped grumbling and bought her a blogging book (rather like golf widows buying partners a putter for Christmas – feeds the addiction!), but whose 84 year old father actually wrote a guest post for her blog this week! And it is a Corker! I’d like to put him in touch with my 80-year-old mother, who thinks you’re all psycho’s! (And she includes me in that description, I might add).

Other ways to avoid blogger guilt:

  1. Stick to a schedule. Mum of One exits Twitter sharpish at 8pm. Which is when I usually arrive and bed down for the night – that’s where I’m going wrong!
  2. Buy your partner and kids an X-Box, and under no circumstances suggest that they stop playing with it, no matter what the time. Dear Beautiful Boy’s husband is banished to the playroom after dinner!
  3. Shack up with someone who loves terrible TV series like The Sopranos and blog whilst those are on like Trouble Doubled. This is my personal favourite – I find the keyboard tapping is just irritating enough to Actually Daddy to make up for his irritating choice in TV (war films).
  4. Not care a fig about housework. Mari’s got that covered nicely 😉

However you deal with the guilt, it does make for some amusing moments. Mammasaurus was tickled to hear Queen Scamp tell her (whilst banging her Duplo blocks) that she was just ‘checking her emails on the pooter.’ That’ll be another blog post then – more guilt!

So whilst all that crap TV is on in the other room, grab a glass of something lyrically pleasing and have a trawl through this lot – and never feel guilty about reading the showcase!

Introduction kindly written by Helen from Actually Mummy

Nearly Not Quite – Dropping All The Balls

I have never been able to juggle. I used to practice valiantly in my bedroom for hours at a time as kid, because dammit juggling was cool and a talent I should have. And time after time the pens, balls, soft toys or whatever three random pieces of junk I was busily tossing about above my head would fall to the ground with a prophetic *thud*………

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More Than A Mum Blog – Mumpreneur: Positive or Negative

Having written last week about being a Mum and working flexibly around your family, I have been thinking about the term “Mumpreneur”. I know that the term made it into the OED at the end of last year and that this caused a bit of a debate to arise. There are many who seem to find the term derogatory, and yet since becoming a Mum and considering my options with regard to working around my family, I have also seen the term used positively by many individuals, communities and companies.

So, what’s the debate all about?

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Hello Wall…. – Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s £19.99

Tonight we're gonna party like it's £19.99

Ah, term starts and the party invitations come flooding in. The trend seems to be via email, so I no longer have that precious invitation to stick to the noticeboard and can absolutely not rely on my dwindling memory. So I turn to my spreadsheet. Last year I got so inundated with party invitations for my children that I had to make a spreadsheet with the following categories:

Host, child invited, date, time, venue, replied, going, present bought.

This is what life has come to. Sorting out my childrens’ social lives when I barely have one of my own.

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Bubbablue – Freedom & things you take for granted

While Nathaniel was at his settling in sessions at nursery and I was still not back at work, it was great to be able to do those simple things that you forget about as you’ve adapted to children’s needs.

1. Parking. I’m not a fan of driving in to spaces, so having to remember I had a pram or buggy in the boot each time I park is a pain as it means I have to find a space that either has space behind to remove the buggy, or worse drive in.

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The Family Patch – Hyperemesis Gravidarum

This past week I started wondering if I shouldn’t have said “never again” so hastily during my pregnancy and yet I know I would be terrified to try again.
I am more than happy with Oscar being an only child for the time being.[…] But I know that one day I will have to make the decision as to whether I can face the possibility of HG again or whether Tim and I need to look at adoption or even remaining a one child family.

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AKAMUMA – The first six weeks are the hardest fo sho!

The first six weeks are the hardest fo sho!

Eight months ago I waved a not so fond farewell to the old me and hesitantly shook the hand of the new me, Mum.

To say that motherhood was a shock to the system is a grand understatement. I looked at my tiny baby, blinking up at me, nuzzling for milk and I cried. The weight of responsibility bared down on me and it was all my partner could do to prevent me from legging it out the door.

“No one tells you how hard it is going to be.”

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SaveEveryStep – family stories past and present – Baby shoes revisited, 12 years on

Baby shoes revisited, 12 years on

I just found these in a box, alongside a picture of the little man in question wearing them.

These were George’s first ever shoes. I saved them. I am indeed a sentimental old fool, but who could part with such a symbol of the great ‘walking’ milestone?

From baby to almost-hairy man in such a seemingly meteoric amount of time. Feet no longer cute or indeed kissable. Willingness to be kissed similarly dissipated.

I cannot think that I shall ever let these go.

Life’s a journey, save every Step (metaphorically and literally).

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A matter of choice – One day

One day Leo will sleep through the night, and get up later than 6am
One day he’ll learn how to speak and ask for things rather than randomly screeching while I try to guess what he wants.
One day…..

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DorkyMum – Green Pennies and Rusty Dogs

We were walking into town yesterday, when DorkySon suddenly said “I want to give my green penny to the rusty dogs.”


“What did you say?” I asked him.

“The rusty dogs. I want to give my green penny to the rusty dogs.”

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Actually Mummy… – Mums Losing the Plot!

Mums Losing the Plot!

My Mummy is perfect. Most of the time. At least, I think she is. Which is why, when she’s cross with me – and after my frustration at the injustice of it all has dissipated – I write her little notes to say sorry. It works like magic. I get a hug, she says she’s sorry too, and if I really lay it on her I may even get some apology chocolate.

Seriously, Mummy is a moody mare at times….

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The Real Supermum – Potty Training Top Tips

Potty Training Top Tips

I see many parents in a mad rush to get their child out of nappies and to complete potty training as fast as they can. I am amazed when I see mothers bragging that their child is fully potty trained by the age of two, as lets face it that’s a pretty unrealistic goal to aim for.
Potty training masters skill, time and lots of accidents.
Potty training will have a higher success rate if done between the ages of two and a half and three years.

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The Start Up Wife – Twelve Treats For Us – Just Us

Twelve Treats For Us - Just Us

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I don’t get to spend much time with my husband. During the week he stays in London and just comes home for the weekend. At the weekend I’m often working, he’s often working and then there’s our three little children too.
We do have a luxury each month though. We have a whole weekend without our children. So, how did we spend most of these weekends last year? Working of course. Sometimes together (he second shoots for me at weddings) or sometimes separately.

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Romanian mum in London – Words of Wisdom

Monday’s! Oh how I hate Monday’s! I don’t think I ever look forward to be Monday! Not ever! Monday is the day when work starts! But this week in a way I couldn’t wait to be Monday! It’s been a hard weekend with lots of tantrums and me not feeling 100%. I don’t think I ever feel 100% but this weekend is been just a bit too hard.
But I took a decision.

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Jude Wharton – Little One’s First Hair Cut

As I’m sure many parents are, I have been very diligent at keeping my little boy’s baby book up to date. The date and order of his first 10 teeth are recorded in there. The day he first uttered the sounds Mama and Dada is proudly written down (both on the same day – Mama first!). Even the date he first made an animal sound, but there was one key moment that was yet to have a date next to it – his first hair cut…

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Tales of the Sticking, Picking and Finger Licking Years – The Imposter

She wears her hair in a tight bun. The severity of it pulls back her features. Her eyebrows are permanently raised upwards. If they could speak, they would say, ‘are you really going to do that?!’.

I am guilty. Guilty of listening to this mad woman. She pervades my thoughts every day and wears me down. Those eyebrows of hers are omnipresent.

She reared her ugly head the very same moment that The Whirlwind’s was yanked into the world and she has been residing on my shoulder ever since.

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Jennifer’s Little World – Comfort objects and Giraffe

Comfort objects and Giraffe

I think that most people have some sort of teddy or other comfort object that they have had since they were a baby. I have my teddy, who I must admit still sometimes comes out for cuddles when I’m home alone. And Harry has his Giraffe…

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Trouble Doubled – How to get your baby to sleep through the night

How to get your baby to sleep through the night

It’s easy to get a baby to go to sleep. They sleep when they are tired. That is not what this post is about. This post is about how to get a baby to settle, sleep, and sleep enough hours for you, the parent, to retain some sanity in the early years.

The first thing I will say, is that not all babies are the same. I don’t claim to be an expert on making babies sleep well, but I will share what we did, and it seems to have worked for us.

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A Twenty Something Mum – A Twenty Something Mum

If you have found my blog then I would guess you are very much like myself-a young, twenty something mum. I want to provide a blog where twenty something mums can come together for a few sane minutes out of their crazy mummy-job filled days! I want to provide humor, guidance and reviews that will benefit people of this category!

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – Family Tree

Family Tree

At playgroup my son is learning about his family tree – in order to develop his sense and relationship to others.

I started by looking for some photos for him to take in, but decided that A my family is huge – and that’s just going back as far as grandparents! and complicated – with step and half siblings being so much more acceptable these days, B. that all my children could benefit from knowing who is who, C. it being a good way to record birthdays, and

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Mammasaurus – Happiness

Some days, when everything seems to go wrong it only take a cheesy grin to make things better. When Ozzy was 6 months old and I had post-natal depression I feared I would never smile again, that I had lost myself. For months after I recovered I worried that Ozzy would grow to be an unhappy child and that he would somehow ‘know’ that at one point I hadn’t wanted him with me. But he hasn’t – he’s a happy, sweet natured, polite little boy and I am proud to be his mummy – and for me that’s ‘Happiness‘.

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Dear Beautiful Boy – eyes


I have a confession to make…
when the beautiful boy was born
I was a bit freaked by his eyes.
Because babies have blue eyes, right?
I just had that idea in my head
because all the babies I’ve ever known have had blue eyes.
They change later,
I know that,
but they tend to be a shade if bluey-grey at birth.
I’m not sure why I thought this, but I did.

And then the little guy was born
with the most amazing and beautiful chocolatey brown eyes.
Which at the time, I thought, made him extra special.

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MotherWifeMe – Introducing the new MotherWifeMe bilingual section… Ma Puce

“So MotherWifeMe, what have you been up to today?” I hear you ponder. No, really, I am sure I heard you pondering exactly that. Well, I will tell you…

I’ve been hunched over a hot keyboard creating the Ma Puce * section of the MotherWifeMe blog. “What on earth is that?” I hear you ponder further, feeling far from enlightened. Well, Ma Puce is a section I am creating as a way to keep me motivated on my mission to teach the Tinkerous Toddler French…

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Red Ted Art – Reward Chart – Make & Tips

Make an effective reward chart – it is quick and simple and I share my top tips to make rewarding a success (well.. it works for us anyway!).

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Me He & Them – TV, No Good?

Ah screen time, how much time should my child spend in front of a TV, a computer, iPhone, iPad or Nintendo DS? Well, the perfect answer would be ‘no time at all’ I guess if you read about how bad it is for our children.

Of course, it would be better for our children to read a good old book, to go running and cycling outside or play a board game with their friends rather than watch TV, play on the computer or ‘socialise’ on Facebook.

But a little bit of TV has never hurt anyone, has it?

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WAHM-BAM! – Expectations


It’s hard work to reassess our expectations of our children regularly, but it’s important to do – so we don’t expect too much of them, but also so we don’t expect too little!

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Tricky Customer – On days like these…

Today has been a bit of a frustrating day.

It started with me complaining to the manager of our doctors surgery for their continued incompetence with dealing with the boy’s prescriptions. If it wasn’t for the adjacent chemist who have simply been amazing we’d have found ourselves in trouble a number of times.

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Adventures of a Middle-Aged Matron – Making the Most

Doctors talk of blood clots and tumours and I start to think panicked of my children.

They hate the one day in the week that I commute to the office because I am not at the school gate to collect them.

What if I am not there, ever?

They hate it when I’m not there to give them their tea because the Vicar doesn’t understand about potato terror.

What if I am not there, ever?

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from fun to mum – Sleep Training Blog Hop

Sleep Training Blog Hop

One of the biggest cliche of having children is sleep deprivation. As I wrote in a previous post, I am grateful that Little Miss G is a good sleeper, but then I thought that she is a good sleeper partially because Mr H and I “gave her the gift of sleep”. Before you dismiss me as a totally bonkers or showing off mum, please hear me out.

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Mari’s World – The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears

I’m pretty critical of myself, I see those lines around the edges but I refuse to let them make me sad, life goes on and I can’t stop it so let’s just get on with it. Would I do botox if I had the money? I’m not sure I would. The idea of injecting a poison into my face freaks me out a bit to be honest, tell you what give me loads of money to call my own and then I’ll tell you truthfully what I think on that matter

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The Crumby Mummy – Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

A second midwife and the sister on duty joined the already crowded delivery room and, feeling like I had my very own cheer leading squad, I attempted to push a 10cm head out of a 7cm hole. That math’s just doesn’t add up!

After a while Molly began to show signs of distress. I had been pushing for quite some time and was dazed and confused to say the least. My midwife began to remove my jewellery and put me in a gown. ‘I know what you are doing,’ I sobbed. ‘You’re sending me for a caesarean!’

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Mum2BabyInsomniac – Who’s Your CBeebies Crush?!

Who's Your CBeebies Crush?!

A few months ago I read MotherVentings post about the crush she had developed on Mr Tumble, I admit that I took the mickey out of her about this on more than one occasion whilst secretly thinking that I would never get a crush on any of the CBeebies presenters.

But then I started looking forward to one of the shows more than the others, Momos rainbow song started to brighten up my morning for more than one reason and I found myself reasoning that foundation on men isn’t so bad…I mean he is on telly after all.

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Minibreak Mummy – How do you persuade a 3 year old to wear clothes?

How do you persuade a 3 year old to wear clothes?

My 3 year old son would prefer to run around naked rather than wear clothes. When I try to put clothes on him he runs away or hides in a small space or under something so that he is difficult to grab. If I manage to grab him, he wriggles out of my grasp. If I manage to get a t-shirt over his head or socks on his feet he pulls them off again. I try to encourage him to choose what to wear and put his clothes on himself, but that doesn’t work either.

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Older Mum (In A Muddle) – The Year That Wasn’t

Those nearest and dearest don’t generally tend to let me down but 2011 was an exception. Firstly there was my step mother who sensitively reminded me during a particular point of exhaustion in February that I’d made ‘a rod for my own back’ regarding Little A’s sleep and that ‘most parents have their babies sleeping through by the time they are six weeks old’! So why are there so many books about the challenges of baby sleep then? Her ‘support’ made me feel smaller than Tom bloody Thumb.

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Natural Baby Shower – Love healthy food! New pre-school guidelines released

Pre-schooler’s food. It’s a touchy subject – either they don’t eat enough, or there’s an ongoing battle to hold back the tide of cakes and sweets. Childhood obesity is a growing problem.

Thankfully, the School Food’s Trust today launched detailed guidelines on healthy food for preschoolers. A week’s meal plan plus simple, seasonal recipes that have been tested by childminders, with portion sizes adapted to different preschool ages are now available for free online.

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Here come the Girls – The highs and lows of 2011

The highs and lows of 2011

I have a problem with writing this meme. I have a really weird memory. I can remember all the words to a song I haven’t heard for 20 years but if you ask me what I did this morning I would struggle. It’s a bit like I’m 84 not 34 (I also had to pause for a moment to work out how old I am). So to remember actual things I did last year is pretty tricky.

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A Hell Of A Woman – Missing : a sense of direction

After completing my 12 days of Buffy challenge on Monday, I treated myself to a day off from my blog yesterday and…I felt lost! This really surprised me, as it’s not like I don’t have anything else to do each day. There’s the boys to keep clean, fed, watered and entertained; the house to keep tidy; the dog to walk; and Christmas to prepare for.

Here are some of the highlights of a normal day in my house:

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Bot Bot Mama – How to be a Good Mother… Pah! Like any of us actually know!

I don’t know what it is about some Mums. They could be your best mates or women you work with. You may not even know them that well – you might not have even met them before, but still, they’re more than happy to dish out their best tips, while you stand there minding your own business, nodding along like the Churchill dog desperately wanting to say “Er… No! Shut up!” Sometimes you’re not even given advice, sometimes (as I have found), you’re just being told you’re wrong.

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You’re not from round here. – Heaven


This is my idea of heaven.

It’s making my mouth water just looking at the picture.

It’s lychee season. Hurrah!

I got 2lbs of these from the market the other day.

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An Essex Wife – Perfect Princess Party Planning

So my little lady is turning 3 in less than two months and, being the diva that she is becoming, a number of requests have been made by the little cherub regarding how she would like her party to be executed.

It is to be a ‘Princesses and Pirates Party’ (she has clearly thought of the boys as well in this choice which I think is kind of her) with dancing games and pink cake. Fancy dress appears to be compulsory and our house will need to be turned into both a Princess Castle and a Pirate Ship.

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Cambridge Mummy – Cambridge Mummy on things I want to remember…

Cambridge Mummy on things I want to remember...

This is self indulgent, but this morning is another thing I don’t want to forget. I’m on the sofa, and have been since 5am, with William. He is wide awake and wants me to play Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile with him, whilst watching The Incredibles from the hard drive. So far, he’s “got the coughs” and if he feels anything like me – with snotty nose and sore throat, I think he probably deserves the flat lemonade that we’re both starting the day with.

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Musings of a stressy mummy – Should you be glad when they go?

Today is my little girl’s first morning at playgroup. She is two. She is absolutely and definitely the last child to be produced by this worn out old body. She is a happy, confident, chatty sociable little girl and I have no doubt that she will love it. As she was only two in December, I am not in a rush, so she is just going to go for one morning a week for the time being. Three hours. That’s not too long is it? It has provoked some interesting comments however.

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The Princess and The Pickle – 52 Fridays 3/52

52 Fridays 3/52

Each Friday throughout 2012 I will attempt to sum up the week in 52 words, along with a photo I have taken during the week.

Week 3 – Happy Feet…

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Mama Jax – How to deal with bullying

There was a little girl in Bobby’s class called Cinzano (I kid you not). Cinzano was definitely on the ‘no’ list for potential sleepover buddies. It really wasn’t her fault, but she was rude, grubby, crawling with goodness knows what and was nasty to all the other little girls. I say it wasn’t her fault because a) she had to live with the name Cinzano and b) she had an aggressive mother who had a chip on her shoulder so large she could have supplied a well known burger chain with fries for at least 20 years.

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Little Lilypad Co – Dear Daughter

When I was 16, I went on holiday with three of my friends, no adults (well aside from the one of us who was 18), no responsibility and no fear. Throughout the following two weeks I have no idea how my mom managed to get a wink of sleep. I didnt think about this at the time, didnt think about it for a long time and it only really occurred to me when I had my own daughter. So this is my message to my daughters ….

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Boo Roo and Tigger Too – Keeping my baby, a baby

Keeping my baby, a baby

When I had Roo, two of my friends also had just had their first babies too (all of us within a month of each other). Reaching developmental milestones and achievements seemed to earlier than I can remember than with Tigger. I’m not sure if because we all had babies of a similar age we benefited from each others experiences or whether we were secretly trying to out do each other.

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Really Rachel – “The” Talk

At what age did or do you plan on having the big talk with your children? Will you wait for school or will you take the initiative once your child shows an interest and you believe they are old enough to learn? Are you worried about what they might hear when they’re in the playground? Will you tell them when they’re still in primary school or wait until they start secondary school? I was shocked to hear what my 8yr old son heard at school and decided NOW was the time to begin talking to him about it

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Catherine’s thoughts – Shits & Giggles

Sunday morning, our seventeen year old son was up bright & early (11 a.m.), gathering notes, paper, and my laptop. Apparently he had homework due Monday morning. I didn’t bother him all day, because I was relaxing from the surprise party given for my husband the previous day. After going to sleep around ten, I was up again at midnight, a midnight run to the toilet. Our son is in there brushing his teeth, “you know son, you will be getting a lecture tomorrow, for doing your homework at the last minute again” “Ya, I know mom”…

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