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23-01-12 Love Pregnancy Weekly Showcase

I created the name “Premature OAP Syndrome” for this last trimester of pregnancy. As your pregnancy gets further along, you become tired; moany; achy; have a bad memory, show signs of incontinence and slow down unbelievably – All the signs of an OAP!
And unfortunately, my mind and body don’t seem to be syncing very well… My mind hardly registers that I’m pregnant so I try and do things as if I’m not. My body doesn’t appreciate that and shuts down any notion I had of leading a comfortable and normal lifestyle for the time being. The only time they actually work together is when my body sends a swift reminder to my mind that it’s just not able to keep up!

Introduction kindly written by  Shareen from A Real Mummy Diary.

The Real Supermum – Clomid and fertility drugs would you buy online?

Clomid and fertility drugs would you buy online?

Hormone and fertility drugs can help women who are struggling to become mothers due to ovulation disorders conceive.
Doctors are not so quick to hand out prescription drugs such as Clomid to women with ovulation disorders or those struggling to conceive due to other health issues . Some women may have turned down on many occasions for fertility drugs and as a last desperate resort turn to online pharmacies, with the promise it is just what they need to fulfill their dream.

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My Rusty Halos – Shopping with my hormones

…has lead me to realise that something really needs to be done about maternity clothes on the High Street.

We went out for our last day of Christmas shopping yesterday. I had a few pressies still to buy for my family and had to find some clothes that fit. I had spent the night with a jammie top that just wouldn’t cover my belly whatever way I tugged it and my Rapunzel laughing at me in the morning saying, “Mummy no clothes are going to fit you anymore. Your tummy is soooo big!”

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – Pain


We all experience and deal with pain differently – there’s no two ways about it. Whilst some women quietly and easily give birth others of us feel like if we experience any more of this pain we will surely die! Some of us are happy to call for as many drugs as quickly as possible and others wish to do it as naturally as possible.

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An English Mamma in Stockholm – Week 39 – still hanging in here

Week 39 - still hanging in here

How far along?: 39 weeks and 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: Probably around 10 kilos – maybe a little more. What I don’t understand is how this is possible. I will be the first to admit that I have not exactly been eating well in the past few weeks (far too much chocolate and too many sweet things) but I don’t seem to be putting that much weight on. I guess it could be that since I’ve stopped working out, all that lovely heavy muscle I have built up is turning back into fat…

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Dear Beautiful Boy – …and Daddy changed his mind

...and Daddy changed his mind

It seemed like a very long 8 weeks before we got to see you again.

And this time we got to see you in so much detail.
We saw your tiny little feet with their tiny little toes.
We saw your hands.
We saw your face.
And we spent a long time just watching your heart beat.

It was magical.

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Forest Bump and Beyond – Will I ever stop feeling so tired?

I feel exhausted most of the time at the moment and that’s without a newborn to look after. I’ve researched it online and know that pregnancy is supposed to make you tired, but not this bad, surely?

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