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23-01-12 Love Relationships Weekly Showcase

Last night Dad2BabyInsomniac asked me to marry him. Not in the most conventional way but I was ecstatic all the same. He was so excited about it and said that I could choose my own engagement ring. We started looking at venues and I went mad on Pinterest adding dresses to my wedding board. I changed my relationship status on Facebook to ‘engaged’ and waited for everyone to start congratulating us. It was all just so exciting.

Then I woke up. BUGGER!

Welcome to the weekly Love Relationships showcase! 

If you have any proposal stories or any relationship stories for that matter then you can submit them now to be included in next weeks showcase. As always I look forward to reading them and I will be back next week.

Introduction kindly written by Jessica from  Mum2BabyInsomniac and  The Perfect Romance Experiment.

Romanian mum in London – Better

Do you know the song “Better” sang by Boyzone? I love the song! I think that it describes very well the relationship that my husband and I have right now.
The fall in love time is long past-around 5-6 years ago it was a different deal. We didn’t have kids or responsibilities. I was only 24 years old,I had a job that was paying my bills and that’s about it. We were together but unsure of how our future will look like. And we didn’t worry too much either.

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Snoo & Me – Surviving


The first days and weeks were hellish. I had his mother screaming at me for leaving and taking the baby then her cold, still silence when I told her about his drinking, gambling, the debts he had racked up, refusal to find work despite the arrival of our child. I did not tell her about his dark, foul temper, the mood swings that poisoned him like dark ink in his veins, transforming him like a werewolf under the full moon to a violent, aggressive animal who would do anything and everything to make me feel too afraid to leave him.

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The Perfect Romance Experiment – Can I Have My Cherry Back?!

Can I Have My Cherry Back?!

I watched Cherry Healey: Like A Virgin last week and it got me thinking back to the first time I had sex.

Let’s just say it was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

It happened on New Years Day 2001, I was 16 and had been with my then boyfriend on and off for about two years. He had been on my case about us having sex for a while but this was the day that I finally backed down and agreed….

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Mummy Plum – The Gift

We were on an escalator, moving slowly upwards from the depths of the underground towards daylight. The adverts were placed on a horizontal slant accompanying us on our journey. ‘Leonardo Da Vinci, Painter at the Court of Milan’ – The National Gallery. I commented; ‘Leonardo Da Vinci- I would have loved to see that exhibition. It’s sold out now.’ My husband said nothing. I wasn’t even sure if he’d heard me, but it didn’t seem worth the effort of repeating myself.

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Expatlogue – The Bombshell

The Bombshell

The words had the impact of a punch in the gut, and like space junk, came out of the blue. “I’m moving out.” Shock was followed by a feeling of stupidity, then shame for having been so stupid. Thinking back, there’d never been any indication of a lasting bond, no sense that he placed her above anyone else in terms of significance. What kind of needy, assuming, limpet of a human being was she?
What she knew about Asian culture, you could’ve written on the back of a postage stamp and still had room to doodle.

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A Hell Of A Woman – 12 days of Buffy : Angel

When it came to men, I was a living, breathing, walking cliche. Tall, dark and handsome – yes please! Full of angst – send him my way! And then I met my husband.

The night we met I was on a work colleague’s hen night. It was in no way the raucous affair I’d expected and was instead an opportunity for the bride-to-be to spend quality time catching up with family and old friends over a very civilised meal.

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The Secret Life of a Divorcee – Something for the weekend, Sir?

If, as a woman, you whip out a pack of condoms when the heat of the moment demands it, will a man think that you’re a bit of a tart? Does it suggest a level of planning and an assumption that the man finds you attractive?

By the same token, if a man comes round to your place, and just happens to have a condom on him, does this mean that he thinks your ‘easy’ – or is he just a bit of a tart?

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Boo Roo and Tigger Too – Lunch date disaster

Lunch date disaster

As today was one of those rare occasion when both children were elsewhere me and Mr Boo grabbed the opportunity to have a lunch date. Our restaurant of choice today was the Harvester in Lowestoft.

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