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23-01-12 Love Travel Weekly Showcase

Today I heard two children’s names that I haven’t come across before, Camden and Everest (I also know a Kashmir!).      As they are quite unusual, these names got me thinking…were the children thus named because they were conceived in Camden (not altogether that romantic) or on Everest (quite tricky I should imagine), or because these places were so loved by their parents, they inspired them to name their offspring in their honour (as was the case with Kashmir!)?     

If I were to have any further children, what could I call them based on this theory?    Vietnam perhaps, or South Africa, but that doesn’t flow nicely… How about after my favourite city London, or perhaps Berlin?..   Can’t have Brooklyn obviously, that’s a bit passé, but how about Oslo?  Or I know, Cuba…!  Actually, perhaps not Cuba.  I once heard that being yelled across a London playground to a boy attempting to strangle his younger brother – Che!   I know where their parent’s have been on holiday!!

Anyway, without further ado, I will now hand over to this week’s incredible Travel Showcase Writers (who may or may not have exotically named children!…)  Thanks for all your amazing contributions!  Keep them coming! 

Introduction kindly written by  A Bavarian Sojourn.

A matter of choice – My Favourite beach

Let me take you to my favourite beach…

Welcome to Konnos Bay, situated between Agia Napa and Protaras and said to be one of the most picturesque beaches on the island. We first discovered Konnos when on holiday in 2008 and I declared it my favourite beach of all time, quite a bold statement!

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Romanian mum in London – Marble Hill House and Morden Park

As you all felt this last weekend was really HOT! So of course we didn’t spent the weekend at home!
We always go out anyway but this weekend we just had to go out somewhere! On Saturday we went to Morden Park

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Mari’s World – Holidays – making lifetime memories

January, a time for planning ahead and imagining yourself on a hot beach; kids playing in the sun, other half behaving himself and you wondering how to spend the evening? Eat in? Eat out? Wear the maxi dress or the shorts combo?

But holidays are important as the memory will stay with us forever, we are creating good moments for our kids to look back on and remember. How can you choose a favourite?

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Minibreak Mummy – Why I use Premier Inn

I often choose to stay in Premier Inn hotels. Some advantages:
* I know exactly what I’m going to get, including comfy beds with clean bedding.
* The staff are usually friendly and helpful.
* I can book a family room with a double bed and pull-out beds and I can also book a travel cot, all for the same price as a standard room.
* Nice breakfast – and up to two free breakfasts for children under 16 with each adult breakfast booked.

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An Essex Wife – My Best Holiday; The One Where I Learnt Lots!

I always said if you didn’t need your passport then it was not a holiday. Without suffering the stress of an airport run, the worry if my case will be an acceptable weight and the hideous freeze dried food on board first; it just didn’t feel like I was truly away from it all. So when my husband and I booked a family holiday to Centerparcs last summer I felt that I was being somewhat cheated.

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SAHDandproud – Around The World In 80 Words

Around The World In 80 Words

Here’s the deal. Describe your favourite place, town, city, village, holiday destination, planet, service station, cafe, dungeon, day out. Or not. Describe your least favourite place. It can be funny, true, real, based on experience, or totally and utterly made up. The rule? It has to be done so in under 80 words.

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