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23-01-12 – Love Mental Health Weekly Showcase

Well, I promised you that it was an exciting time to be involved in mental health blogging and I don’t like to disappoint – The Grand Love Mental Health Blog Hop started last Thursday in within two days nearly 150 posts were linked up. These posts may be invaluable support to someone and will only help increase the understanding of what it is really like to live with mental illness.

The blog hop is running in support of The Black Dog Tribe, if you want to know more about this charity, set up by Ruby Wax, then click here to read more.

On top of that we are still bringing you the Mental Health showcase every week. This is definitely the place to be for inspiration, support and a huge audience ready and waiting to read your posts!

See you next week!

Introduction kindly written by  I Want My Mummy  @wantmymummy

PurpleMum – Would you take a fat pill?

Would you take a pill if there was a chance it could make you gain weight ? I’m guessing that for most of you,that’s a no brainer. So let me rephrase that. Would you take said pill if it might also improve your mental health, and potentially give you your life back?

This is exactly the quandary I find myself in. To catch up, if you haven’t been following my story so far (it’s ok I won’t hold it against you) I am depressed. So depressed I’ve been an inpatient (with nights at home) for nine weeks now. I have panic attacks, generalised anxiety, and my miserable head on. I am taking antidepressants which have helped lift my depression somewhat but not enough.

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I Want My Mummy – A scale of sanity

Yesterday I received a bundle of forms in a thick, white envelope that dropped through the letter box like a nice little surprise in a firework explosion of bills and junk mail. It landed on the door mat with a satisfying thud. Over three months since I phoned and referred myself for counselling finally the paperwork had arrived.
I skimmed across the warnings highlighted in bold type; Reply within ten days or your referral will be void, If you do not have an adequate score your application will not be processed, grabbed a pen and filled it in.

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Romanian mum in London – Meeting Katrina

Last week i was writing here that i am going to meet a therapist. Her name is Katrina and she is a life couch. I have to say that our meeting didn’t go as i was expecting. I thought it will be something like going to a psiholog and that we will only talk.I wasn’t at all like that.
irst of all i need to tell you that she is a fantastic woman and that she is so lively and full of positive energy. She used a technique named “tapping” i think..

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Goldilocks And My Three Bears – Is This Goodbye?

Something amazing has happened to me this week: happiness.

Having suffered with this bout of depression since June last year, it’s a feeling I didn’t quite pin down at first. Even with depression there are good and bad days, the good days are usually few and far between, the bad are constantly looming, threatening return.

I’ve suddenly stopped bursting into tears several times a day, becoming more productive. I’m actually doing the housework (gasp!) instead of leaving it to Big Bear, I’m cooking decent food more often rather than just ordering in or deep-frying…

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Expatlogue – The Intruder

The Intruder

She lay on her back, covers up to her chin, arms by her side, both ears unobstructed by the pillow… listening. Her eyes were accustomed to the darkness and the familiar contours of her bedroom were abstract black blocks with no visual depth cues. The blue curtains with tiny white dots and triangles in primary colours, let in little light from outside.

Every muscle in her body was rigid, tensed. Her ears strained to detect any sound. She held her breath and wished she could quiet the sound of her heart beating. Frozen, her nine-year-old imagination pulled her towards terror.

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Dance Without Sleeping – The Difference Between Being Depressed and Depression

We all have low days, I call them my blah days. Days where we feel down and low, it could be because of the weather, we’re have a fat day or it’s just gone all wrong. I would take a lifetime of those days over one day of depression.

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Older Mum (In A Muddle) – A Letter

Next to my laptop lies a letter. One which has been opened and then duly discarded. On the envelope there are crossed out to do lists and names of friends I want to hook up with. Down the middle of the envelope is a tear that extends from top to bottom. The envelope is shabby, the corners curled and its contents willfully ignored. I had another letter like this months ago but it got shoved in the bin. This current version is a reminder of the first. What is this letter you ask?

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The Secret Life of a Divorcee – It’s not about Amy Winehouse

At the age of four, Jamie had his first break down. He remembers it vividly. It was his birthday party – a day every four year old should relish. But it all got too much for him – really too much, to the point he felt almost paralysed, like the world was crashing in on him. So he crawled under a table, put his hands over his ears, and refused to come out.

As a parent, I can imagine that his parents would have thought it nothing more than over tired behaviour…

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From the moment Saffron was born, and I was struggling with reflux, hours of screaming each night, then trying to get up and dealing with a toddler during the day, I felt guilty. I didn’t like Saffron, I didn’t like feeding her because I knew she’d scream afterwards. I didn’t want her to wake so I didn’t have to deal with her. I was an awful mother to Declan, because I was only half there.

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Mammasaurus – The Day Police Helicopter Found Me

The Day Police Helicopter Found Me

One wet Sunday afternoon Papasaurus and the children were playing and I was cooking in the kitchen. I popped a casserole in the oven and then walked out of the front door. No coat, no mobile phone, no money and no clue where I was going.

Seven hours later a Police helicopter found me twelve miles away, still walking, after unbeknown to me, what was quite a big local search.

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The Real Supermum – Postnatal depression: Is breast best?

Postnatal depression: Is breast best?

Breast is best – you hear it and read it everywhere. But is it really true?
I have breastfed and I have bottle fed. Do I think breast is best ? No.
Breastfeeding and postnatal depression seemed to go hand in hand with me.
Personally I preferred formula milk to breast milk, not because either was more healthier, it was the healthiest option for me.
My breastfeeding experience with my first baby was a negative one. I had little support and was made to feel more a failure.

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