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23-01-12 Love Special Needs Weekly Showcase

It’s hard to believe that it’s already week three of the Love All Blogs Showcase!  Here it’s all about school and early starts and coping with the changes that the new term brings.  The weather is unseasonably mild and in any other family we would be heading outdoors to make the most of it.  But this is not any other family and because of special needs  we are spending most of our time in the house, just like every other week.

It’s just one of the changes that this family has had to make to live with special needs, and is echoed in the emotional, physical and practical challenges that made up the themes in the amazing blog posts featured in last week’s showcase.

Now we’re on to a new week and I’ve no idea who is going to take part or what they’re going to submit.  But I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be moved, informed and inspired – and I hope you will be too.

Introduction kindly written by Candi from Looking for Blue Sky

Random Pearls Of Wisdom – The Blueberry Smoothie Incident

…………Incidentally, these were no ordinary blueberries but Finest Organic, £3.99 per punnet blueberries, that I only bought because my prodigal daughter doesn’t eat normal day to day fruit, like apples or bananas.

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Not Just A Mummy – Speech Therapy and Makaton

Speech Therapy and Makaton

I wasnt sure what to blog about today so i wandered over to Love All Blogs meme section to find some inspiration. I found it in Autism Wonderland meme called the little things are a big deal. My children dont have autism and you dont have to have an autistic child to take part in this meme.

I chose to take part in this because our youngest (2 and a half) has been referred to speech therapy and has just started makaton lessons.

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touch & tickle – The Elephant in The Room

This was originally posted at Blognonymous but I feel comfortable sharing it here. I feel like I’m building my story for you: “I’ve been meaning to write this for some time but I knew that it was going to be a tough task as it’s such a deep and personal reflection. I find that when words find their way to paper they become real and immortal for everyone to see – they cannot be taken back and the admission feels final. It’s time to put down what I have been feeling for months. It’s time to calm my thoughts.”

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TherExtras – A Pioneering Life

A Pioneering Life

While Holland is a good and well-accepted analogy many of you express that with your child’s diagnosis you were shoved into a wilderness.

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Looking for Blue Sky – Smiley’s Story Part II – Failure to Thrive

Smiley's Story Part II - Failure to Thrive

Smiley was born on October 29th, 1996. She weighed 875gms (1lb 15 ozs) and her Apgar scores were fairly good considering, but she was rushed straight to the NICU and I went up to the ward. Seven pair of curious eyes looked at me as I walked in with no baby. I went to the bed, pulled the curtains, and prayed for sleep.

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The Bright Side of LIfe – Two sides to a coin

Two sides to a coin

This blog of mine highlights the impact that autism has made on my life and that of my family. What it doesn’t do….. is show you that there are two sides to a coin.

Anyway, I got to thinking… How can I show that there is a balance in my life? How can I share to other people in my situation that it is so important to think beyond autism? What can I do to encourage other mums like me to take a look at their life and make little changes to promote wellness and to have some fun?

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making it up – Can you imagine it?

Yesterday I posted about the spartacus report and the government welfare reform bill and what you can do about it. I tweeted lots, watched the post views triple, emailed my MP, signed and shared the epetition, was featured by Mumsnetbloggers, had the article show up in a Netmums series but failed, really, to make the impact I was going for.

There was no groundswell of support from mainstream parenting bloggers. No lightbulb moment of realisation that this is a bad thing that we *all* need to take a stand against.

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Tricky Customer – The moment it dawned on me…

For the last year since we’ve had Samuel, we’ve been very open and honest about the possibility of just how limited he might be. At the moment he is very much a baby baby, doesn’t have eye contact, smile, hold his head up, support his neck, roll, reach for things (I wont go on if you don’t mind) but we of course hope that this may improve and he does show some progress.

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The SportyMummy – The Dispraxia/Apraxia Family Curse

The Dispraxia/Apraxia Family Curse

My mum has always had trouble pronouncing words. When I was growing up, other kids used to ask me where she got her accent from?? She says, at school, she was bullied by the other children- they called her ‘china man’ My mum was also bullied by the teachers as they often gave her the cane, or she was made to stand in the corner with the dunce cap on because she couldn’t say her words correctly…….

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Little Mamma Said – Dealing with setbacks

Worse was to come in the form of the results. On the same day we found his brain was underdeveloped, we also discovered he had a rare chromosome abnormality. This was a devastating blow. His chromosomes couldn’t be fixed. My coping strategy again was to go to the internet and try and diagnose the child myself. Mr M’s was to look at the positives once again.

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