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23-01-12 Love Tech Weekly Showcase

 Tech, tech, tech. You hear that? Its the clock counting down to the end of online piracy. Or so the powers that be would have you believe. Personally I don’t see how you can stop it. Sure you can fine the occasional user and even imprison the odd web site owner but in the end, like Red-skull said of Hydra, for every one that gets stopped, two will take its place. But that wont stop the people at the top trying to enforce some kind of rule upon us all.

 Hence the actions of Wikipedia this week as it blacked out for 24 hours in protest at the States new PIPA and SOPA anti piracy legislation. Both these things will undoubtedly get shelved but this will just pave the way for another acronym wearing bill.
With this in mind I’m going now to down a couple of bottles of Brandy, I intend to blackout for 48 hours.
HA, beat that Wiki peeps.

Enjoy the tech.

 The voice has spoken.

Introduction kindly written by Adrian from The Voice from the Abyss

Not As Advertised – Beauty and Functionality – what more can a girl want?

Beauty and Functionality - what more can a girl want?

This week I’m writing my blog on my brand new iPad. It’s a truly wonderful piece of technology.
I’d been debating what to get to enable me to work while I wait in my car for my boys to come out of school. I have to get there early as parking is a bun fight and I need to park in roughly the same spot so Son2 can find me easily without becoming anxious.

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making it up – top 5 tips for bloggers

1) Blog for yourself. If you don’t, you won’t enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. Have seen so many abandoned blogs over the years, it’s sad.

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