Controversy Corner

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This cobwebby corner of Blogland is a murky den of controversy…

Do you have a blog post that you long to publish but it’s a bit too controversial for your blog? Do you want to blog about something but don’t feel able to because your family or friends read your blog ? Step this way…

You can send us any unpublished controversial post anonymously or loud and proud – there are no ‘rules’ or moderation other than no personal attacks on individuals.

To publish a post please use the form below or you can email us direct @

The opinions and content of Controversy Corner are not indicative of those of Love All Blogs or the Love All Blogs Team but the personal thoughts of the author.


8 comments on “Controversy Corner

  1. actuallymummy says:

    Ooooooh! Another top idea!

  2. Mumofthreeboys says:

    Brilliant idea!
    When I get some spare time I’m going to write mine up. It will definitely be anonymous won’t it?

  3. Frau Dietz says:

    BRILLIANT idea!!! Am going to have to cook up something really naughty… 😉

  4. Chatty Baby says:

    Love it, love it, love it! I’ll let Mummy know – she might well have something up her sleeve!

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