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Doll Doll Dolly

Starting My Own Business

Doll Doll Dolly

I have been giving this some thought since I wrote what’s Doll Doll Dolly all about and I have somehow convinced myself to further explore starting my own business. I have a dream of having a creative space for people to sell their craft, obtain craft supplies and take part in workshops.

I have made my situation pretty public in the article I mentioned above, I have an illness which may make things difficult for me, but I really think this is my only option for the future. I have always been so defeatist over my future, thinking it was uncertain and sometimes impossible. I have realised that my negative thoughts have been the thing holding me back, feeling lazy and at times low.

I need to get some of my thoughts and questions answered

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Red Ted Art

Shabby Chic Cake Stand

Red Ted Art

Make your own shabby chic and rather easy cake stand. Then hope for the cakes to magically appear (I am sure they will)

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Caroline Makes

30th birthday scrapbook

For my best friends’30th birthdays I wanted to give them something special. After getting into card making and buying Creativity magazine, I realised that scrapbooking could be a fun extension of my hobby and a good way to create a more personal present. I decided to put together a little album of photos and memories from the almost two decades we had known each other. This blog post contains some pictures and explanation of how I put the album together- it was my first ever attempt at scrapbooking!

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Crafty-Cake-Popping Fun!


I went to a Hen Do recently. My future sister-in-law’s Hen Do. I decided, for reasons I am not too sure to be honest, to make some cake pops. It was my first attempt, but I don’t tend to do things by halves when I do them. This usually results in things going horribly wrong and I end up feeling like a massive failure, never try again and generally get rather depressed about it all.

Not this time… they worked!

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do we love craft blogs? yes we do!


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