10-11-11 Family

Red Ted Art

Cereal Box Shadow Puppet

Red Ted Art

Make a fun and cute shadow puppet out of a cereal box and find lots of hand shadow puppet ideas too!

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Multiple Mummy

Fireworks mobile

Multiple Mummy

The family all headed to a firework display on Saturday night. Now usually with toddlers you are a little cautious but Noah loves them! He adores the colours and the bangs and pops. They were supposed to start at seven but by half past, still no-show! The twins were getting cranky, it was an hour past their bedtime but they were out, so did not want to stay in the buggy!
Finally an announcement said they would be another 20 minutes. That might have well been 2 years, in the minds of a toddler! So we said we would do some sparklers at home, and went back to the house all bitterly disappointed. It was a good job too, as they did not kick off until quarter past nine!

Anyhow, we are going to see another firework display on Friday but in the meantime, I promised Noah we would make some.

‘To have in the sky?’ he asked

Erm…think think…

‘Well sort of, you can hand them from your window and they will look like they are in the sky!’

And that is how we came up with a mobile idea.

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momstown arts and crafts

Shrinky Dink crafts make a comeback!

momstown arts and crafts

I didn’t even know they still made Shrinky Dinks! momstown kids ignored the stencils and made their own freestyle drawings on the Shrinky Dink paper today, and we got some great creations.

Just like you remember as a child, Shrinky Dinks are easy, fun, and quick to make!

I just let the kids draw whatever they wanted on the paper. They cut their drawings out, and we shrunk them in the over! They go really tiny and the colours get really vibrant.

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Recycled decorating


We have recently moved Jenna into her own room whilst the “babies” now sleep in the old childrens room. We have been incredibly blessed to be given some preloved curtains and coverlet. Granny generously swopped her trudle bed for another single bed that we had been given (blessed again).

So the curtains were trimmed and hung, the bed made – complete with coverlet and quilt made by Dodo. We were also generously given by family some glow in the dark butterflies which have been put up (look so gorgeous by the way)!

But the room was missing something… a picture…???

So after a little browsing the internet I decided to make my own fabric art. I found an old frame which I decided to cover in fabric. The scrap bag was scratched through and some suitable pieces (an old cushion cover, martin’s old T-shirt and left over bits of curtain) found. A bit of fabric glue and glitter and hey presto a picture.

Jenna was super excited by her butterfly picture – needless to say the fact that it hadn’t been put up before she went to bed that night resulted in a MAJOR tantrum! Daddy best get DIYing!

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Happy Hands Garland – purfick for rainy days !


A simple to make Happy Hands Garland – easy craft-ercise to brighten up your windows !

Things you’ll need:

Card – can be coloured, patterned, old birthday cards – whatever you’ve got lying around
Length of string / cord / ribbon (as long or as short as you like)
Scissors, sellotape and a pen !

Draw round your childs hand on different bits of card as many times as you wish leaving an extra 2cms on the ’wrist end’. A tip for those with babies – just draw round the hand once, you can use the one hand as a template to draw others

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Here come the girls

How to make a shell photo frame

Here come the girls

This week we have really missed the beach. Luckily we came home with a big box of pretty shells to remind us of our time by the sea.

After the shells had been collected and sorted it seemed a shame just to put them away. So we thought we would use them to make a pretty picture frame. My daughter placed them onto the frame (which was an old one we had lying around) and I stuck them on with strong glue. I used superglue so made sure she stayed well away. I found it was easier if you put the glue onto the frame and then placed the shell on top – that way you didn’t get any on your fingers. I liked the pattern she formed so I pretty much kept to it, I only rejigged a few here and there to make it a bit more symmetrical.

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