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Managing the Mayhem

Home Made Toys – Picture Discs

Managing the Mayhem

I made this game/toy for my youngest daughter (D2) who is 19 months old and I must say I am so so pleased with the play value it has provided – even my 4 year (D1) old loves it.

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Bijou Zoo

A Quote and Activity for your Everyday Objects

“Small things found and kept for their lovely shape, their weight, their texture and intense pure colour. Objects that we place near each other, in their different aspects and relationships, create a new experience. A scarlet circle on the wall, a slender white bottle on the shelf near it, a bright blue box and lovely shaped fishing floats that rest in the hand like a bird, weighty pebbles, dull grey, some gleaming white, all these move about the room and as they are placed, make the room gay or serious or bright as frosty morning and nearly always give a tremendous feeling of work – because they are so much a part of the different seasons and varied light and quality of each day.”

– Barbara Hepworth in ‘Unit 1′, published 1934.

I thought it might be interesting if, after reading this quote, you went about your day and perhaps took into consideration one or two objects in your everyday life that you find satisfying. Possibly inexplicably satisfying on a personal level. Maybe you could move something in your house and place it next to another object and see if they create their own narrative, or they become playful together.

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Doll Doll Dolly

Craft With Confidence

Doll Doll Dolly

I have always had some trouble selling my bits and bobs online and on stalls because I worry that something might go wrong. I have spoken before about my lack of confidence, which can hold me back at times, but recently I have really pushed myself to tackle this problem and just go for it. I think anyone selling handmade has had these woes at some point, surely they must ask themselves, “Is it good enough?” “Will anyone want this?”.
I decided a little while ago to have a list of rules, a bit like a guideline to selling my work, so that I wouldn’t have the worries and concerns hanging over me. I should really give it a name like ‘The Crafting Survival Guide’ or ‘Sew and Sell With Confidence’. To some people this might sound bonkers, but we are living in an age of low self-esteem, due to the media feeding us images of perfection and constant squashing of small businesses.

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