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Robin Christmas Decoration Tutorial


Do you remember this little fella? I did promise you a tutorial a couple of weeks back and, for once, I am actually delivering!
My Saturday class last weekend was Hand Sewn Christmas Decorations, and I think all my students would agree that this little fat robin was the easiest one we tackled.
So, without further ado, let’s get creating!
You will need:
Brown, red and yellow felt.
Toy stuffing
small piece of ribbon
2 small black buttons
scissors, needles and matching thread.
Cut a rectangle of brown felt 5 1/2 x 2 3/4 inches. Cut a beak shaped triangle from the yellow felt…

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momstown arts and crafts

12 Ornaments for Christmas

momstown arts and crafts

momstown’s got 12 ornament crafts for the 12 Days of Christmas!

Shall we count it down, a la 12 Days of Christmas?

12 Gingerbread foamies

11 Glitter lightbulbs

10 Stars with photos

9 Handprint ornaments

8 Felt candy canes

7 Glass ball reindeer

6 Beaded stars

5 Golden bells!

4 Sparkly balls

3 Christmas trees

2 Craft stick reindeers

and a painted cardboard Christmas tree!

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Mummy’s Space

Our Play-Doh Christmas Tree

Mummy's Space

Today Ben and I decided to have some fun with Play-Doh and amongst a variety of colourful animals and monsters we made a Christmas Tree which is now taking pride of place amongst the Christmas decorations in our home.

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I’m Counting UFOs

Decopatch Baubles

I'm Counting UFOs

Uh oh, I’ve stumbled upon another craft with which I may have fallen just a tiny bit in love.


Mum and I went to a craft evening on Saturday night. We saw some friends, drank some mulled wine, bought some hand-made/fair trade Christmas gifts, and attempted a couple of craft activities…

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Me and My Shadow

Clay Plant Pot Bird Feeder

Me and My Shadow

I thought it was about time I showed some tat-to-treasure posts, from some of my Magpie Monday hauls.

A couple of weeks back I picked up this lovely little stash of old terracotta tom pots for not very much money at all (as they’re going to turn into gifts, I won’t let on quite how tight I’ve been!).

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Here come the girls

Christmas photo crafts

Here come the girls

This year I wanted to make some cards using photographs. We also spent the morning doing hand and footprints so it was a good opportunity to combine the two. I used one of my favourite pictures of Molly and we printed it out a few times to get the size right. We then stuck on a red nose and used her footprints for the antlers. She put on some Christmas stcickers to make it into a card.

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The Princess and The Pickle

Painted Pebbles and Paper Mache Snowflakes

The Princess and The Pickle

This week The Princess and I have been painting pebbles and making sparkly stars and snowflakes!

We collected some smooth, large, round pebbles and painted them white, then painted a letter on each to spell ‘Christmas’. All we used was poster paint, plus a little glitter glue on top of the letters to make them sparkle…

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Pinkoddy’s Blog

Christmas Decorations for Kids

Pinkoddy's Blog

Simply get some cotton wool, coloured paper for hats and scarves, find a free-printable snowman face and then just glue them on to an old toilet roll holder.

If you are really creative you could even make nativity snowmen – making a Mary, Joseph and cut a roll in half for baby Jesus.

This idea can be adapted to make any kind of Christmas decoration stand up – Christmas Trees, Stockings, etc.


Sparkly Stars

Again download a free star template

Coat with glue & Add glitter (or use glitter glue pens)

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