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MyMemories Tutorial Using Non MyMemories Products


Just a quick blog today, but I wanted to post a tutorial on using MyMemories Suite. As the one thing I like about MyMemories is that you don’t have to just use MyMemories products with the suite you can also use other digital scrapbooking products too.

This tutorial is a great little guide showing you how to use outside content in your MyMemories Suite

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Inanity and the girl

Pin-up Girls Canvases, Vintage Chic

Inanity and the girl

As promised I’m updating with a few more of my little bits and bobs that I’m doing in the house. Today I’m showing off my little pin up canvases which scatter the house. I say little, the biggest is 30 x 40″ pretty sizeable. The rest are A3 and A4 size. I had gotten the original print covers from the Pin Up mags of the 50s and wanted to do something with them but didn’t know what. It made sense when I had canvases that needed redone and a hallway that needed cohesion. So these are the vintage pin up canvases which are living in my hall.
They are replete with pin curls, and victory rolls, quiffs and garter belts. They also have the one and only pin up extraordinaire the notorious Bettie Page. So I hope you enjoy them, as much as I enjoyed making them.

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Bijou Zoo

Part 2 of setting up the loom, sampling and methods of display

Bijou Zoo

Like I said in my previous blog post, I wasn’t sure what material or colour to use as my weft. After a brief discussion with my tutor about colour it only seemed appropriate to stick to standard black. This is because then the colour doesn’t distract the viewer from the pattern which is what my work is really focussing on. If I had used any other colour, it would have evoked references that I’m not interested in and people would have wondered why I chose that colour. With black on white, it’s completely colour neutral.

The next stage is figuring out how to display it. Display is a funny thing, it can make or break works of art. I know I want to put this weave on a wall, as if it were a print or a photo, but there are traditional ways of displaying weavings that I’m not sure I should adhere to. For example, many are hung from one end inside a glass case, where the glass front is not touching the work, like a thick butterfly case. I want it to be seen as art on the wall so I wonder if I should frame it as such.

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do we love craft blogs? yes we do!


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