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momstown arts and crafts

6 Snowman Crafts

momstown arts and crafts

We’ve got six different ways to make snowmen at momstown – all great crafts for toddlers and preschoolers!

You can make a:

Beaded snowman

Snowman in a snow globe

Marshmallow snowmen

Cut and paste snowman

Cotton ball snowman

Snowman tree ornament

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Happy Christmas!


Did I show you this last year?

It’s Laura’s Christmas stocking! I forgot to put anything in the photo for scale, but it isn’t hugely big – maybe about eight inches by ten (but maybe not, I’m not very good at estimating sizes).

And this year of course Emily needed one too:

They’re both made in the same way – I cut out the coloured fabric and appliqued on the design and the name, then sewed it into a bag, sewed another bag sliiiightly smaller out of white fabric, and sewed that inside the coloured one. I can’t explain exactly how I made the drawstring work so I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader. But it wasn’t too difficult

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Mummy is a gadget geek

Merry Christmoose

Mummy is a gadget geek

Ok, its not a moose. Its a reindeer. Kind of. Made of feet and hands (imprints) and glitter.

Hours of fun for all the family!

Here’s what we did:

1. Dip foot and hands of Bubby D in paint. Watch her wriggle and squirm, and attempt to get reasonable imprint of two hands and a foot in a vague reindeer face shape, without coating self and the rest of the house in paint too.

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Casa Costello

Homemade Christmas Wreath

Casa Costello

Every Christmas I intend on making loads of decorations and presents. I’m usually quite good at the mini Christmas cakes as gifts but the decorations never quite seem to get done. Until this year, I’ll admit I’m really struggling on the baking front – once I’ve finished in the kitchen with the official orders there just doesn’t seem to be any time or energy left for other baking (but there’s still a week to go so all is not lost)

I have managed to make one thing so far though and love it! Our Christmas Wreath – I knew I wanted something a little out of the ordinary and I’m hardly one for a subtle decoration. So I used up all those gold and red baubles that we have accumulated over the years. You know the ones that as soon as you get home, you realise have no strings attached and never quite get round to putting on the tree.

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Me and My Shadow

Make a Dancing Penguin

Me and My Shadow

The world’s gone penguin crazy!

There’s Happy Feet, Club Penguin – hell even David Attenborough’s getting in on the action.

So I thought it might be fun to make our own, and it the spirit of recycling, I’m basing it on the Easter Chick we made earlier in the year. I was hoping Ruby wouldn’t notice the glaring similarities, but she did. *note to self: must be a more creative and imaginative mummy.

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Home Baked

Dodecahedron Star Lantern Tutorial

Home Baked

This year a friend has shown me how to make the dodecahedron star lanterns – which I had also been lusting after – so I thought I’d share a tutorial to make them easier to find for others.
Make one for yourself to celebrate the light beginning to return after the Winter Solstice this week.

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