24-11-11 Sewing and Fabrics

two become four

A Very Thrifty Lavender Rice Wrap

two become four

I’ve been spending a lot of time, both with the twins and also in the evenings, doing a lot of crafty stuff recently. It’s very therapeutic – especially with little helpers as there is no time to think about anything else because you’re too busy worrying about where the paint/glue/glitter is going or watching that they’re not vandalising the other’s masterpiece!

Kelly at A Place of My Own has decided that she’ll be trying to do a weekly ‘Make it Monday’ post, so I thought I’d steal borrow her fantastic idea (hope she doesn’t mind!) to keep me motivated to continue with our current crafty streak.

So first up is this very thrifty lavender rice wrap that I made for my sister-in-law’s birthday after my favourite nephew told me that was what she wanted.

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Creedy’s Creations

Make Your Own – Messenger Bag

Creedy's Creations

I’ve made a ‘how to’ guide on making a messenger bag. It’s a really simple bag to make, but looks gorgeous (especially when you use quirky fabrics)!

Just click on the link to see the guide. This is definitely one of those ‘looks harder than it is’ style projects; a great way to impress your friends!


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Get Ready For Christmas


I made this Christmas Advent Quilt a few months ago so that I could offer a workshop on making it. I had planned that, at the same time as I was doing the workshop, I would make a wee tute for the blog.
I used this tutorial from Patchwork Pottery to print the labels, which I found via this tutorial on Poppyprint’s blog. I wanted a way to quickly number the pockets. I love the look of appliqued fabric numbers, but they are quite time consuming, and the idea was that we would make this quilt in a day workshop. So I printed out a sheet of numbers in rows onto T-shirt printing paper and cut these into strips and ironed them on to a plain white cotton tape. I then cut them up leaving enough tape above the number to fold over. My idea was that I would have this all done in readiness for the workshop.
I then cut my Christmas fabric into 7.5 x 3.5 inch pieces and planned out the layout as above. I then sewed the long edge of the fabric pieces into rows and folded these rows in half, right sides together…

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Turquoise lemons

Make a cute car demister

Turquoise lemons

Last year I made these for my family for Christmas to demist the windscreen when they are in the car in winter.

It is made from an old fleece jumper and has a bit of lavender in it to make it smell lovely. It is also made so that you can put your hand in it a bit like a glove for when it is cold.

Follow the images and captions below to make your own.

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Jenni Cresswell

Textile Life Drawing

Jenni Cresswell

Armed with my trusty sewing machine (possibly the most expensive thing I own – hmm, should I worry?), I ran a Stitch session for Brighton DRAW with Shelley on Monday night.

After some initial reluctance, we managed to get half the class having a go either using free machine stitching, or hand sewing techniques. Results were surprising and refreshing for participants, giving a new take on translating the life form into 2D.

It was not unlike the experience of drawing without looking or drawing without lifting your pencil. Different effects were gained by using paper instead of fabric and layering up multiple colours and thicknesses of threads.

Below is a sample of images produced on the night, plus beautiful images from work inspired by the session from Shelley. Thanks to the models and Shelley for allowing her work to be shared.

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Skulls & Ponies

Inspiration or Imitation?

Skulls & Ponies

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about inspiration and where the line is between being inspired by someone’s work to simply copying it.

In recent years there has been a lot of publicity around big name brands ripping off small, relatively unknown designers. Earlier this year Urban Outfitters were accused of ripping off a small jewellery designer who sold her handmade products on Etsy, and last year both Topshop and Paperchase were also accused of stealing ideas from independent designers. But where do we draw the line? When does inspiration simply become imitation?

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I’m Counting UFOs

The Belle Dress

I'm Counting UFOs

It’s done, my most ambitious craft project to date, my first foray into dressmaking, the labour of love that was a Disney Princess Dress for my very own little Beauty.

No Beast required.

And does she like it? What do you think?

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