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My Lovely Horse


If you weren’t following my yarn bombing mission on Twitter (and why weren’t you? Get with the 21st Century man!) here is my heart-stopping account. I’m telling you, they’ll be writing books about me one day…
I donned my disguise and went to rendezvous with Georgia, my partner in crime. After she’d faffed around trying to find the right cap, her bag and her felt bomb (“The kids were playing with it earlier”), and I stood around wondering if Clyde had to wait this long for Bonnie, we were finally on the road.
Once we’d got to our mark we stood around while drunken students took pictures of it, and debated the sensibility and morality of what we were doing, after all this is someone else’s artwork. However, the beauty of yarn bombing is that it’s not permanent, and it isn’t ruining anything. And we’ve made the yarn bombs anyway!

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We Are Wild Things

Easy Knitted Flowers

We Are Wild Things

I’m trying to create enough bits and bobs to do a craft fair at Christmas with my friend Jess (she is doing much better than me!). I’ve started knitted a big batch of knitted flowers which I intend to jazz up a bit further later. I’ll also be knitting some smaller ones to use as embellishments for other things.

They are really easy to make so I thought I would share the outline of the pattern with you….

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do we love craft blogs? yes we do!

Bijou Zoo

Colourways I need in my life

Bijou Zoo

Finally, I’ve chosen a lovely mix from Three Irish Girls which goes by the name of Father Time. I can’t describe it, but those colours together make me think of so many things;

•A rainy day at a quiet harbour somewhere much further north than wherever I am. White and grey clouds watching tired driftwood lapping at the sides of small fishing boats.
•A small, colourful bird foraging in the cold autumn soil for seeds and berries.
•A dusty old book/antique shop that you find by mistake one day, and everything inside may look a bit drab and old but after mooching about you realise it’s full of treasures.

I don’t know. It’s those blues with that brown, it stirs something primal in me. Like mornings that are cold and wet and you’re tired, but when you sit down with a mug of tea you get to savour the cosiness and the warmth and it makes for a happy moment.

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