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A Spoonful of Sugar

Felt Stitched Flowers

A Spoonful of Sugar

When I spotted the tutorial for Stitched Felt Flowers over at Red Brolly, I couldn’t resist playing with some red and aqua felt.This is the perfect project to do in front of the TV. I added a brooch backing to mine – it is a lovely way to add some colour to a gift package and it can then be repinned to a bag or hat etc.

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Little Creative Days

Welcome to Little Creative Days

Little Creative Days

It’s very exciting starting a new venture.

There should be something for all ages from our hand painting on canvas and coaster kits which make great baby gifts to our tattoo inspired appliqué and embroidery kits for teenagers.

Before each new kit is launched we like to get kids to test them, they are always extremely honest and they find lots more ways of getting fun out of them than I could ever imagine. So we are always looking for testers. Each new kit will be sent to a selected group of testers to make sure it is up to standard. To register for the chance to become a tester please see the frontpage of our website, you do need to agree to give feedback within 2 weeks of receiving the kit. As well as getting your hands on the new kits before they launch you will also receive a regular newsletter with competitions and special offers.

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Jennifer’s Little World

Felt biscuits

Jennifer's Little World

I’ve been fascinated by felt play food for ages, there are so many fantastic examples all over the web. Well I recently joined Pinterest and found so much inspiration there that I thought I’d give it a go. I’m not much of a sewer and I don’t have a sewing machine, but these are my first attempts at some felt biscuits.

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Me and My Shadow

Fabric Pumpkins

Me and My Shadow

Oh my Gourd, I’m at it again!

I promise this is the last how-to-make-halloween-pumpkins-without-using-pumpkins-post! But I thought these were so cute I had to share!

Browsing through my new Martha Stewart book, I came across her instructions for making ‘Heirloom tomato pincushions’. They are beautiful, but sorry Martha they do look more like pumpkins than tomatoes to me! Or maybe I’ve just become a little obsessed?

I decided to adapt the instructions slightly, so here’s how to do it…

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Sew Scrumptious

Our charity pillowcase dresses reach Malawi!

Sew Scrumptious

I received some fantastic photos yesterday of the first batch of dresses which were taken to Malawi. I’m feeling pretty proud today and even a little bit tearful!

This is the update from the person who took them for me. “The trip to Malawi went very well apart from the fact that there were demonstrations against the government in the middle of our visit and we were more or less confined to the hotel for two days as the demonstrations became quite violent and at least 8 people were killed. We managed to do most of the things we had planned including helping to finish the nursery school/church building in a village called Biwi. On the second Sunday we had an opening ceremony and about 30 people were baptised. As you can imagine it was a very noisy occasion. The distribution of dresses was equally noisy. We actually did it inside the new building. Some of the dresses were held back for a nursery school in a neighbouring village and the team we were working with promised to take some photos when these were distributed”

I don’t think I need to say anything else other than Well Done Everybody!

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Upcycle Pillowcase into a full circle skirt

Take your pillow case, and cut it out as below. 😉

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So Resourceful

How to Make a Spool Thread Holder

So Resourceful

I had been meaning to make one of these for ages, but it was only after I found all those beautiful vintage wooden spools of thread at the charity shop that I was really spurred on. I wanted to display them as I found them so aesthetically appealing, as well as be able to view and select the colour thread I needed quickly and easily.


One piece of MDF 16″ by 12″ ( this was the size the piece already was when we found it in the bin store. Any size could be used)

One electric drill with a wooden drill bit

18 small wooden dowels (£2.99 from Homebase for a pack of 50)

1 metre of wooden doweling (from our supply of wood that we scavenge)

1 junior hacksaw



Emulsion paint (I used leftover paint from painting the walls)

Wood glue (£1.99 from Homebase)

(total cost: less than £2 for materials used. I like cheap projects)

To find out how to make the spool thread holder see the original post on my blog.

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Creedy’s Creations

Becoming A Foxy Lady

Creedy's Creations

I have just hosted a Zoo themed fancy dress party.
For this, I made a fox costume… and now I’m going to show you how.

First off, I bought a brown top & orangey-brown skirt from some charity shops (always great for a bargain!)
Then I bought some white fur (70cm) & some brown fur (1 metre)… and I bought way too much… I probably only used half of it! Anyway….

The belly:
Simply cut out an oval from some newspaper (I’m such a fan of using newspaper to make my patterns) and pin to the white fur. Then cut out the oval shape on the white fur, pin & hand sew onto the top (I didn’t dare use my machine with fur fabric!)

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