09-01-12 The Fatherload

09-01-12 The Fatherload

Some people are born awesome and others have awesomeness thrust upon them. I think Alexander The Great said that.Or was it Alexander O’Neal? Falling squarely into the ‘born awesome’ category is @mammasaurusblog, the woman behind the genius concept that is Love All Blogs, of which Love Dad Blogs is but a part.

A network, a forum, for you and your friends to share the blog love and to get shiny, brand spanking new readers, and to promote your blog as keenly as you wish. Become a member, invite your friends, and together we will all share a wealth of blogs, which will enrich, entertain and make you laugh and think. 

Also in the ‘born awesome’ category are our dad bloggers this week. Every week we are blessed by such a variety of posts, from dad bloggers who want to share with you what’s going on in their lives. Some even want to share what’s going on in their pants, but we have to censor those ones. Perhaps we’ll include them in a special ‘OMG, did he really write that?’ category. I bet I’ll probably be featured.

So, sit back, relax, grab your favourite cushion and a cuppa. Heck, why not even a biscuit or 5, and feast on these lovelies. They may not be much to look at, but they sure can write…

Introduction kindly written by SAHDandProud

Mutterings of a Fool – It’s been a very good year

It's been a very good year

I love Frank Sinatra, it’s my soundtrack of choice when cooking and this song sums up pretty well how I fell about last year. It was a year of huge change, of adventure and new beginnings and I loved every damn second. So if you will humour me a few photo’s from the year 2011.

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OneDad3Girls – My First…

I thought to start the year off I’d do a Q & A on a collection of My First

The idea is that you’ll get to know a little bit more about me. If you’d like to copy this feel free but just send me a link so I can have a read and get to know you better.

Including My First Kiss, job, car, holiday, pet, love

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musodad – The reasons why Parent Bloggers are cooler than Rock Stars

Last month the NME published their ‘2011 Cool List’, the list of the 50 coolest “Rock Stars” on the planet right now.

Without doubt everyone featured is pretty cool but I often wonder who NME use as a benchmark to compare these cool Rock Stars with. With no spokesperson available for comment (to be honest, I didn’t even ask!), I decided I would take it upon myself to find this ‘control’ group. The first group I could think of was, unsurprisingly, Parent Bloggers.

But who really is the coolest? Well, ladies and gentleman, today we are going to find out.

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Fatherhood² | Henry’s Blog – “…Just call 555-RATE-A-SANTA now!”

“…Just call 555-RATE-A-SANTA now!”

I know the festive season is now drawing to a close, so I should probably save this post for next year, but hey – I’m far too impatient for that. So instead, consider this the germ of an idea that I might well turn in to reality by next Christmas…
As is probably traditional in a lot of family households, the lead-up to the festive season included a couple of attempts at taking Robert to “meet” Father Chrismtas at one of his local hide-outs.

Our first attempt was what we assumed would be a sure-fire bet for a good Santa …

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Wisdom Begins In Wonder – Today I went through something I hope my children never have to

Today I went through something I hope my children never have to

Only once in my life have I came across someone who has managed to press every single one of my dyslexia buttons at once and basically reduce me to tears.

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Diary of the Dad – Do you remember the first time?

It struck me the other day that I haven’t written much about the fact that Kate and I are expecting our second child this year. I guess that’s because the last few months of 2011 were insanely busy for us and, by the time we had the second scan, all eyes were on the commercial/binge drinking festival we affectionately call Christmas.

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Dad Vs. Spawn – Lock Her Up and Toss The Key

Lock Her Up and Toss The Key

This is about a particular one of those typical clichés that you hear as a parent (in this case, of daughters). There are a couple of variations, but conversations typically go something like this:

Stranger: Oh, just look at your daughters! They’re very pretty!

Me: Well, thanks!

Stranger: You’d better look out in a couple of years… you’re going to be in a lot of trouble with those two!

Me (thinking): Whaaa?

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Military Dad – Teaching Our Daughter to Ride Her Bike

As I was watching my wife support our daughter on her bike, I could tell that something was wrong. Every time that she would start to move over 3 mph, she would immediately hit the brakes. She was just very nervous and kept overcorrecting her balance. It was pretty obvious that she was just terrified of falling. She would look down at that sidewalk and see her doom, and it was really freaking her out. My wife and I both knew what needed to be done, but this falls more in my arena, so I took over.

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Dales84 – Unbelievable Jeff !

Unbelievable Jeff !

My laptop placed on my knee and Gillette Soccer Saturdays Christmas special is on T.V (Purely because I didn’t get time to watch it over Christmas so I shall watch it now.) I love watching the Soccer Saturday show, it makes me laugh and has all the highs and lows of football, the joy of winning and the sorrow of losing as well as the laughter of the banter between friends that you feel a part of , anyway back to my post…..

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PatchworkBoy – When Christmas comes Twice…

theBoy gets TWO Christmas days. This year, the actual one at his mothers, followed by a bonus one when he gets to mine on boxing day (we alternate – one year she has him for Christmas and I New Years, following year vice versa). So, tea time of Boxing Day appeared, and theBoy was collected and brought to mine, and his 2nd-mas began…

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Here come the Girls – Here Comes The Girls Dad

Here Comes The Girls Dad

On Wednesday night I watched the program One Born Every Minute for the 1st time. I won’t comment on the one eijit who clearly wasnt ready to be a dad. Instead I’ll focus on the birth scene. It was like watching Alien except the creature was bursting out of the woman’s foo foo and not her belly. All in all, I’m really pleased I missed seeing that firsthand with my girls.

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Dude of the House – The Last First

The Last First

“The first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry anymore.” –Robert Hunter

Before it even began, I knew that today would be one of the most difficult days of my life. One year ago today my mother lost her courageous battle against breast cancer. She was way too young to go and truly undeserving of her cruel fate.

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A Mummy Too – Let’s hear it for dads in the delivery room

Let's hear it for dads in the delivery room

I know you’re scared, and you’re right to be. If you’re going for a natural birth, your partner is probably about to experience the worst pain of her life and if you’re having a cesarean, then a pretty serious operation is yet to come.

You can’t take the pain away. You can’t help medically. But you can be the support she needs. You might feel useless. It might seem, from the outside, like there’s nothing you can do, but on the night, just being there will help.

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SAHDandproud – Limbo


I’ve been a SAHD since August 2009. I now feel that it’s a very important part of who I am. It’s taught me things about myself, tested me, and its been a tough but rewarding job.

I’ve been living at my house since 2007.

Soon both of these things will stop. I’ve not been SAHD’ing since Thursday night. I don’t start SAHD’ing until Monday again. I’ve been asked not to be at my house to give Dr B some time with the kids. I will move out soon. I guess this is preparation for these times.

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