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Ask a Geek – resident geek – Sian To – Geek is the new chic, Mummy Tips and Cybher

Wifemother, blogger, geek, Cybher and CyberMummy founder , pr and social media addict.

My blogging life began with the award winning Mummy-Tips blog a tale of modern life at a hundred miles an hour, four children, a husband on the cusp of realising his dream as a fashion designer and a full time business….
After three years as MummyTips I felt trapped in my ‘mummy’ persona and felt that it was time for a brand new me, enter @Geekisnewchic.

The launch of Geekisnewchic.com ties in with the launch of my new blogger conference Cybher. After two years behind CyberMummy it was time to branch out and bring a successful blogging event to a wider audience. Too many bloggers feel tied down by the ‘mummy blogger’ tag and Cybher will be an event for women bloggers from all walks of life.

You can find me on TwitterInstagramLinkedIn and Facebook or blogging at Geekisnewchic.com and mummy-tips.com

Love Beauty – María José Ovalle

I’m María José, a Chilean born, American raised with a hint of Britishness mamá to three year old Little M who blogs about our lives over at Mummy’s Busy World.
After living and working in the UK for six years my husband and I have found our way back to the United States to be closer to our families and free babysitting.
I worked as a PR & Social Media Manager for a small PR agency in London and began blogging in 2010 as a way of telling our families afar about our busy world.
This year, I began my second blog Very Busy Mamá where I will be very busy bringing all mamás the latest in fashion, beauty and fitness.
Tweet me, Pin me, Facebook me.

Love Books – Rhiannon aka A Hell of a Woman

When Mammasaurus asked me to write a short bio about myself, I didn’t expect to end up staring at the screen of my laptop for several hours feeling more and more “argh” about what to put! The beginning “hi, I’m Rhiannon” is fine. It’s all the rest I’m struggling with! So, rather than an eloquently crafted blurb, I’m going to (hopefully) tantalise you with a few facts about myself:

I’m a married mum with 2 boys; one who’s just turned 2 and another who’s nearly 6 months old.
I’m a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I went to a BtVS Halloween Convention dressed as Little Red Riding Hood Buffy from Season 4, Episode 4. Best. Night. Ever.
I love to read; mainly Urban Fantasy with a side order of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels.
There will always be a special place in my heart for cake.
I’d love for you to come chat with me on twitter where I’m @the_last_slayer and follow my journey of self-discovery at http://ahellofawoman.blogspot.com.

Love Businesses – Helen Neale – Kiddy Charts

I’m Helen; two jobs, two kids (Stuntboy and Chatterbox), and one husband (Brad).  I’m a business-y type, but with an appalling tendency to be sarcastic, so you’ll have to forgive that. I try not to be too boring, but with over 10 years as an analyst it’s not easy.  To make matters worse, I’m also a Librarian who married an accountant.  Oh dear.

I am a total social media geek, and have my own printable reward charts business, KiddyCharts. I just started blogging on Mummy’s Little Stars. Be gentle. I’m a beginner.

I’m delighted to be able to help out with Love Business, because supporting people is what blogging is all about – so come on in and share the love!

Love Charity – Mummy from the heart

Michelle is wife to one, mummy to three adorable but loud terrors (JJ age 8 and 4 year old twins Miss M & Miss E), a part-time HR Manager and full-time grafter. She started her blog, Mummy From The Heart… in 2008 on a whim and 3 years later it has become her sanctuary where she takes time out of her busy life….. to write about her busy life! Michelle’s blog is a very honest place where she shares tales of imperfect parenting, being a Christian and recovering from compulsive overeating. She also takes time each week to be thankful for all the blessings she receives by hosting the weekly #R2BC (Reasons to be Cheerful) blog hop. Life is a journey, join Michelle on hers… Fine her on twitter as @MichelleTwinMum

Love Cookery  – Emily from A Mummy Too

Hi, I’m Emily. I’m a tech addicted, married mum to an incredibly bright four year old boy and an incredibly tiny baby girl. At work I’m a digital PR & marketing bod, speaker and trainer. In my spare time (yeah, right), I blog on various sites about work and home life, indulge my passion for photography and baking, and generally spend far too much time on Twitter.

Love Craft – Mary from Keynko

Whilst my online tag is keynko, I’m rather more often known as Mumsickles (well at least by the children) and Mary by the grownups around me. I’m mother of 2 amazing nearly growed ups – Splosh is 20 and Bernard is 15 (names have been changed to protect the innocent) and wife to my own special geek – Pretaboire, and we will in Essex with cats, ballet shoes, toy soliders books and an unhealthily large fabric and buttons collection. I love to make things and spend a lot of my time with my beloved mum in law and daughter Bernard, who share my joy of fabric, making things and planning more things to make. I love food, cooking, sewing, crafting, family history and generally arsing about with my family! Although more recently I have spent far too much time reading blogs – still keeps me off the streets!!!

Love Craft – Red Ted Art

Maggy Woodley is an Austrian mum of two living in the UK and married to a Brit. She started her craft blog Red Ted Art in order to share her craft ideas for both children and adults – hoping to inspire others to “have a go” and “have fun” with their children or to discover new crafts and ideas for themselves. Passionate about crafts, she feels that crafting is something for all and that everyone can have a go! Her weekly How To s are aimed to be “easy to follow” and inspirational for both adults and teens, whilst her kids craft aim to please toddlers – 10yrs olds! She also write at The Good Life Bloggers about all things in Life that are Good.

Love Dad  – SAHDandProud

I’m a 39 year old Stay-At-Home Dad (SAHD) with two amazing children under 3. I’m not a writer, I’m not a journalist. I’m a Dad and a Husband and I hope I’m doing well at both. Sometimes I’m not sure.I can be grumpy.I suffer from depression. I love what I do. I have fun with my kids. Sometimes I hate what I do. Sometimes I feel lonely. My children’s well-being is more important to me than my own. All in all, I’m a fairly normal parent. I’m told I’m not a normal person but I’m working on that one. My wife, the esteemed Dr B, and my kids, T and K, are all helping to shape me into the person I’ve always wanted to be.
I’ve been asked to look after NewDadBlogs and its an honour to do so. There are so many amazing Dad bloggers out there who fill me with inspiration and who also intimidate the hell out of me. Talented bastards all and I want to be them when I grow up. This is their forum. A way of promoting the very great and amazingly good. And so, in the words of someone truly tremendous, ‘enough of my yakkin’ whaddaya say, lets boogie!’

Love Education  – Rebecca from Here Come The Girls

Wotcha, I write at Here come the Girls, a blog about life with three girls: a four year old and one year old twins. It is full of crafts, cooking and chaos. In my life before children she was a teacher and Assistant Head in an inner city Primary school in Birmingham. I now love to think of fun things to do with the children and to write about them whether it works or not. Teaching writing was always my favourite thing in the classroom, and now I write about teaching. A nice symmetry there. Find me on twitter @1978rebecca and don’t worry about your spelling – I won’t be marking your tweets, not out loud anyway.

Love expats – Aisha – Expatlogue

Greetings from Canada, I’m Aisha, an expatriate, freelance writer and mother of three, who keeps the familial show on the road while my husband’s brilliance dictates our next location. He knows a thing or two about Transportation, which makes him highly desirable (apparently!) and because we believe that the family that stays together, erm… stays together, we refuse to be separated by geography.
You can read about our adventures on my blog, Expatlogue, which also touches on mental health and interracial relationships and other issues from our soap opera of a life! I write a regular column for the online resource Expat Focus and articles for various other expat sites. If you want to know more click About Me
I’m always looking for new expat blogs; they’re a great way of going on a virtual holiday without the packing and the jabs! Catch me on Facebook, Twitter or here in the Expat Extravaganza on LoveAllBlogs!

Love Fashion  – Margot and Barbara

Hello! I’m Liz from Margot and Barbara, so named because my giant, sprawling list of interests broadly fits into two alter-egos. Margot is interested in luxury, shoes, cocktails and a bit of glitter whereas Barbara likes thrift, allotment gardening and riding a bike. I live to learn and have new experiences, and have recently tackled bee-keeping, drumming, Cycletta and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. Next up? Silver-smithing and kayaking. All part of my 35:35 Challenge and my attitude to life in general.

I’m married, with two amazing, funny, beautiful and utterly exhausting young children and a neurotic cat and I work for an environmental organisation. Because I am interested in almost everything, I’d make a pretty good member of your pub quiz team. In fact, I once won a small fortune in a pub quiz because I was the only one who knew Coco Chanel’s real name. Proof, if it were needed, that fashion rocks! I am thrilled to be a part of the Love All Blogs team for Love Fashion Blogs and I’m looking forward to reading all your lovely posts!

Come and chat on Twitter @margotbarbara

Love Fitness – Claire from At Least Daddy Can Cook

Claire started her blog, At least Daddy can cook, in October 2011 to share, vent and indulge her obsession with cute photos of her two children. So far, this is keeping her out of therapy, which has to be a good thing, as she spends enough money as it is. So says her husband, the long-suffering Mr J. She’s chuffed to bits to be part of the Love All Blogs team. Apart from her blog, making lists and running keep her sane. Say hello on Twitter or Facebook.

Love Health – Cheetahs in my shoes

Jenny discovered blogging by mistake after an IT consultant suggested someone in her office ‘had a bit of a play in WordPress’. Egged on by Aisha (from Love Expats) Cheetahs In My Shoes was born – initially just telling the stories of the imaginary Cheetahs that her son has living in his shoes. Now she blogs (and vlogs) about baking, family life, mental health, having 2 children with additional medical needs whilst living with the same condition herself and still keeps up with the imaginary Cheetahs, Banana People, Dinos and the rest of the imaginary menagerie who come and go. Her ‘real’ job is exporting musical instruments (although they’d have you believe she just drinks a lot of Earl Grey tea and takes photos out the window) and she is often to be found volunteering with the local Rainbow/Brownie groups and helping run the choir in school, usually with icing sugar in her hair.
Find her on Twitter @cheetahsinshoes and on Facebook www.facebook.com/Cheetahsinmyshoes

Love Humour – Flossing the Cat

Flossing the Cat is a stay-at-home mummy based in Cardiff. She lives with her partner, three children, and two cats. Although she grooms her cats, she never flosses them. (It’s not about that ffs.) Before kids, she spent years climbing the corporate career ladder, demonstrating single-mindedness, strategic thinking, and a Bloody Good Attitude, progressing from ‘fruit ‘n veg’ seller to waitress, TEFL teacher, TV researcher, admin assistant, piano teacher, translator, waitress again, sexual health advisor, columnist, TV presenter, playgroup manager, press officer, member of radio posse, screenwriter, waitress again blah blah blah (such steely-assed corporate sluttishness) blah blah blah. She specialises in washing her dirty laundry in public and is a signed-up member of The Bawdy Manifesto, which states that all words are endowed with inalienable rights, and that the four letter words are especially deserving of attention and protection. These include fuck, shit, piss, prick, cunt, cocksucker, and motherfucker. Few other words have their force, directness, or clarity of meaning. Welcome to the world of Ms Flossing. @flossingthecat

Love Humour – Motherventing

Since being raised by wolves is not an acceptable excuse for her lewd and rancid behaviour, motherventing is going to blame it on the vast quantities of gin and biscuits instead. The genre of ‘parenting blog’ is a thinly veiled disguise for the ventings of a mad woman. Seek and ye shall find muff, babies, laughs, breasts, shizzle, honesty, rants and, um, more muff. Climb on board, if you dare. Find Motherventing on Twitter @motherventing

Love Lifestyle – Maid in Yorkshire

Hello! I am Rachel, otherwise known as Maid in Yorkshire. I am a happily married mother of two human children (8 and 10 this year), and two guinea pig babies (11 months). We live in a renovation project in Yorkshire and, just because I haven’t got enough to do, we will be adding a puppy to the menagerie in spring.

I have been a freelance features writer for longer than I care to remember, covering everything from killer slippers to ADHD. Parenting (well, writing about it) is my speciality, though I will turn my hand to pretty much anything. I still have the blow-up bra to prove it.

Love Mental Health  – I Want My Mummy

Hi, I’m Clara from I Want My Mummy. I’m an avid tea drinker, blog writer and Twitter-er. I started blogging in June 2011 and it quickly became a way for me to share my experiences of postnatal depression, something that I have been battling since the birth of my daughter, Beans, in January 2011. Blogging has opened up a huge, supportive, caring, and at times slightly mad community of super lovely (and slightly mad) people. Initially I was terrified of being so open about my feelings but now I’m slightly addicted and the support I have received has been my savour at times. Blogging about mental health is a hugely positive thing and I’m really excited to be part of the team, taking the mental health category under my very honoured wing. I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and your blogs through the weekly showcases.

 You can find me on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Love Mummy – Actually Mummy

Hi, I’m Helen from Actually Mummy… I am so excited to be on the Love Blogs team and look forward to meeting you all in the showcases. I have been blogging about my children since March 2011. I started a diary when my daughter was born, and for some bizarre reason it sounded better coming from her than from me – it still does today! 7-year-old GG is loquacious, garrulous, verbose – any words you can think of for ‘talks too much’ really! The Bug is her cheeky younger brother. Together they inspire me to write, tweet, explore and everything else, actually….!

Love Music  – Romanian Mum

Hey I’m Otilia and I blog and tweet as the Romanian Mum in London. Really happy to be part of the fantastic Love All Blogs Team! I started blogging over a year ago as a way to beat my postnatal depression and bit by bit it’s working. I love that blogging gave me the chance to meet so many fantastic people! Besides blogging I love cooking,baking and MUSIC of course.
I hope you will enjoy my intros every week!
Find me at www.romanianmum.com or on twitter @romanianmum.

Love New – The Bling Buoy

Hi! I’m Misha from www.theblingbuoy.com, the buoyant blog we can all cling to for dear life when we feel like we’re drowning in the murky, jelly fish infested waters quaintly referred to as “life”. So what constitutes my “life” then? A man of great tolerance, creatively referred to as “husband”; a delightful 8 year old daughter; my vibrant four year old boy/girl twins known as “the twinkles”; a 2 year old toddler who thinks he rules the world (!!); a fluffy grey cat and a determinedly ditzy, fluffy white dog. I blog to distract myself from consuming excessive quantities of chocolate. See you on twitter @theblingbuoy and Facebook in between Love New Blog posts!

Love Photo  –Lucy – Dear Beautiful Boy

Hi, I’m Lucy from Dear Beautiful Boy. I started blogging back in June as a first time mummy to a particularly gorgeous little guy (well I think so anyway) and I have loved every second. Of blogging. And mummying.
I am very excited about becoming part of the Love All Blogs family as the go-to person for Love Photo Blogs. Since starting my blog I have well and truly fallen in love with photography. The little guy has become my muse somewhat but blogging has given me THE best excuse to snap away all day…. “I’m sorry, I don’t have time to do the hoovering. I NEED to take more photos. They’re for the blog!”
I can’t wait to see what all you lovely photographers (professional and enthusiastic amateur alike) have to show us every week.

Love Politics  – Cat from Political Mummy & Yellow Days

I’m Cat, a married mum of two small boys living in Birmingham. When I’m not blogging I’m a Project Manager in the NHS. Having studied politics in my youth I now shun in depth academic analysis in favour of a bit of a rant as befits my rapid descent into the ‘grumpy old woman’ phase of life. I recently set up Political Mummy as an outlet for these rants although I have been blogging about day to day life at Yellow Days since July 2011. I love a good debate so I’m really looking forward to seeing the entries each week.

Love Pregnancy – A Real Mummy Diary

I’m Shareen from A Real Mummy Diary… a well known tea addict (Milk & Two Sugars) and first time mum-to-be. I’ve been blogging about my pregnancy since October 2011. It varies from topical posts to diary type entries and I was actually encouraged to write it by a friend – I didn’t think anyone would be that interested and had no idea how many other mummy bloggers existed! Shy is my nickname for my bump (Shiloh Marie). Amazing how something that started so microscopic has inspired me to write & meet others! I’m very happy to be part of the Love All Blogs team and can’t wait to meet you all in the showcases.“Babies are such a nice way to start people” – Don Herrold

Love Relationships – Mum2babyinsomniac and The Perfect Romance Experiment.

Hi, I’m Jess. Partner to Dad2BabyInsomniac and mummy to a little girl who was born in November 2010. I’m currently at college studying to become a massage therapist with the aim of specialising in pregnancy and baby massage. I started blogging last year when my little girl was a baby insomniac and I quickly became absorbed in the amazing new world that it opened up to me, so absorbed that I am still going, even though my baby insomniac is now a toddler who sleeps all night.
I cover a wide range of topics on my blog but one has always interested me the most – relationships, so much so that I am working on a new relationship themed site.
I am really excited about joining the Love All Blogs team and I’m looking forward to reading about you all in the weekly showcases.

You can find me on Twitter and on Facebook

Love Reviews – Sally Whittle – Who’s the Mummy?

When Sally is not blogging on Who’s the Mummy? you can also find her:

  • Publishing the Tots100 index of the UK’s top 100 Mummy Bloggers, which she founded in 2009
  • Running the MAD Blog Awards for UK parent bloggers, which she founded in March 2010
  • Organising BlogCamp, free workshops for bloggers that take place all over the UK, a new venture she launched in 2011
  • She also regularly contribute to various UK newspapers and magazines, mostly writing about business, technology and innovation. You can find out more about this sort of thing here and here.

Love Sex & Erotica – Ruby – Erotic Notebook

Ruby describes herself as a feminist, parent and grand planner.
A published erotic author with a dedicated following she is the founder and force behind Eroticon 2012, the UK’s first conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers. Ruby believes passionately in the positive expression of sexuality and sensuality, she is a lone parent and lives in Devon with her daughter.

Find Ruby:
www.eroticnotebook.co.uk , Facebook – EroticNotebook, Twitter @EroticNotebook
Eroticon 2012, the UK’s first conference for sex bloggers and erotica writers, Facebook – SexBloggerConeference, Twitter @Eroticon2012.

Love Special Needs – Looking for Blue Sky

Lone parent and special needs mum. Home is Dublin, but I grew up in Wales. I love words, politics, indie music, science fiction, fast cars and most of all my kids. Always late and short of time, so anything I write tends to be short too.

Love Special Needs – Sheonad from Touch and Tickle

Sheonad is a sophisticated country girl with a taste for exquisite gin. She lives in Scotland with two crazy, beautiful girls and a very sensible, loving husband. When she isn’t watching endless re-runs of the Octonauts, Sheonad puts on a wet suit and swims through lochs in her flowery swimming cap. She never misses an occasion to make somebody smile. Sheonad is currently living an unfamiliar life with a disabled child and managing somehow to make it wonderful. She doesn’t hide from the truth so take her straight, without ice and knock back a glass of the good stuff.

find me on Twitter @h0pefulmummy

Love Tech  – The Voice from the Abyss

Who am I, what am I, what’s that strange squiggly thing that I see in the corner of my eye? These are the questions that men, science and Gods have been asking since the dawn of time. According to cave paintings and fossil studies I can tell you I love apples, and by the time I was 25 I was a master of using the chalk and slate, though I am still struggling with the abacus. They want me to write the intros to the tech section but if you ask me all this electronical wizardry is the work of the devil….
Read on at your own peril be it your mortal soul that be cursed forever!!!!
@theinsaneabyss / thevoicefromtheabyss.blogspot.com

Love Tech – Tania Tirraoro

I’m Tania Tirraoro (pronounced: Tirra-Oro), mum to two teenage boys, which makes me feel quite old. They both have Asperger Syndrome, which certainly makes life interesting. I’m a former television reporter, the author of two contemporary romance novels and one book about SEN statementing. I started my Special Needs Jungle site back in 2008 and get lots of satisfaction from helping other parents with statementing questions. Since 2009, I’ve also had a blog called Not As Advertised about parenting, books & the life of a forty-something woman. I’m also PR consultant for three heart rhythm charities and have just launched a social media management company, SocialOro (Social Gold). Trust me, when you’re promoting books, you learn about social media!
Facebook: Tania Tirraoro, Author // Twitter: @TaniaLT  // Twitter: @SpcialNdsJungle

Love Travel – A Barvarian Sojourn

Mother of two, wife of one, expat, avid travel fan, that’s me!… I was hooked from an early age and remember the excitement of our first family trip across Europe (are we nearly there yet???) ! I have always been impatient to see the world! Luckily my other half feels the same, and even though we have young children,we still manage to enjoy travelling – just not quite as frequently! Work circumstances have meant that we have spent the past two years in Copenhagen, and have just started a stint in Munich, so the world is our oyster once again! Happy travels everyone!

Find A Bavarian Sojourn on Twitter @bavariansojourn

Love Travel – Mari’s World

Mother to four and nana to one my life has split between the UK and Italy where I lived for almost 20 years.
I live with my soul mate and three year old twins and I have a wonderful family around me. I have some treasured friends who I can trust through thick and thin and there’s nothing I love more than meeting new people and sparking up even more conversation.
An amateur chef, photographer, gardener, interior designer, vlogger and writer but a professional mother, woman, friend and talker!
I’m passionate about travel and if life were simple I’d spend all my time and money discovering the wonderful world around us.
I blog at www.marisworld.co.uk I’m often found squandering good time on Facebook and I tweet at @Maris_World let’s get chatting!

Love All Blogs – Mammasaurus

RAWR I’m Mammasaurus, Evil Mastermind of Love Blogs MWHAHAHAAA! Actually I’m really Annie, mother of 8, wife of 1, lover of gin… I write stuff, I draw stuff. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s nonsense and on the odd occasion it’s sad and thought provoking – but if I had to sum it up in word that word would be ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’. Make of that what you will.
I love blogs but finding new ones is my passion, I write ‘Newbie Tuesday’ over on BritMums. I thought up and run Love All Blogs, but I could not do any of it without the help and support of this team of Superhero’s that you see here.