How it works(M)

How does it work?
  • Bloggers submit excerpts of posts, new or old, by clicking Join in.
  • A form appears to fill in – it’s quick and easy.
  • All submissions received by midnight Friday (GMT) make it in to the following Mondays Showcase.
  • The Showcases work by showing an excerpt of a post and then giving the reader the option to ‘read more’ which takes them directly to the original post on your blog which means that any comment go where they belong – on your blog!
  • Every submission received is Showcased.
  • One submission per site per week, so you can join in at more than one of the Love Blogs sites.
  • Every blog submitted will be added to our Blogrolls along with your Twitter and Facebook pages if applicable.

What do we offer you?

  • The chance to find other great blogs and for people to find you too!
  • Back-links to your blog.
  • Once submitted you will be added to our Blogroll.
  • You can hop between the Love Blogs sites, making it easy to find something great to read, discover a new blogger, find a beautiful photo, some craft inspiration or a great recipe!
  • The chance to get involved with the blogging community a bit more – on Love New Blogs for example the newer bloggers visit each others sites and often comment on each other – making friends along the way.
  • We run give-aways occasionally too, offering you the chance to win something lovely.

Care to comment?

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