L.A.B – Our Ethics

At Love All Blogs we pride ourselves on being a non-profit making altruistic Network and website. We love blogs – all blogs – and it’s out passion for blogging that runs our sites.

We want to create a site and community where all bloggers can come together – whatever they chose to write about and whatever their personal circumstances.

We believe in transparency. We do not make a profit and therefore we cannot pay the great bloggers who head the categories – these folk write with us with the same common passion – the love of blogging.

We have no wages to pay however there are such joyous matters such as domain registration and the costs of the private community network running costs to be covered. We therefore accept no more than two ‘sponsors’ at any one time. These ‘sponsors’ pay for advertising that funds the running of Love All Blogs.  If at any time anyone – from blogger to company wishes detailed information on our running costs then please get in touch using the form below.

Please note we aim to answer all queries within 24 hours, no notification email of your request will be issued but you will receive a thorough response.