L.A.B – The story

In September 2011 I launched Love New Blogs, the first blog showcasing site designed for parent bloggers after I found that there wasn’t much support tailored for new bloggers out in the Blogosphere. Soon after I was contacted by other bloggers who loved the idea of a Blog Showcasing site but were not parents and there followed separate Cookery, Craft, Dad, Mummy and Photo Blog Showcase sites in November 2011. By the end of 2011 500 bloggers had joined in with these showcases and the sites between them had topped 32,000 visits with a total of 250 subscribers to the Weekly Showcase posts.

January 2012 saw the merger of these sites into Love All Blogs. More categories were added and within the first week we saw 10,000 visits to the site. By combining the individual sites, and adding a private community social network to run along side Love All Blogs we created a non-profit making, altruistic approach to blogging networks.

Love All Blogs is not a business but rather the brain child of one passionate blogger, who has been joined along the way by other kind-hearted blogging folk. You can read more about Our Team here.

We aim to support, promote and love all blogs, creating an eclectic Community and website where not only bloggers but anyone can visit for a broad range of reading material – we believe the possibilities are pretty amazing!