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30-01-12 Love Books Weekly Showcase

And it’s Monday! Time for a new showcase and for us to think about saying goodbye to January! Can you believe we’re a month into 2012 already?
Last week’s showcase prompt brought back fond memories of Judy Blume books for a lot of people. Remember “Fudge”, “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret”, “Deenie”, “Blubber”, “Tiger Eyes” and “Forever”? It seems these books were a rite of passage for most of us and what’s so wonderful is that they’re still enthralling young girls now. I personally don’t think there are many authors whose books contain messages that are as relevant now as they were when they were first written. What do you think?
This leads me onto this week’s prompt. Have you learnt any life “lessons” from a book or books? What were they? Have you been able to apply them in real life? Maybe you’ve picked up a practical tip you’d like to share or adopted a new philosophy/attitude? Whatever your experience, I want to hear about it.
You can join in the conversation in the following ways:
  • Write a blog post, enter it in next week’s showcase and share the link to your post with me so I can promote it on twitter for you
  • Send me a tweet (@the_last_slayer) using the hashtag #booklessons
  • Visit the Love All Blogs Community Network and add your voice to the showcase prompt thread I’ve started in the General Blogging Talk section of the forum
And while you’re at it, if you’ve read “The Slap”, can you pop and let Actually Mummy know what you thought about it, as it’s in her reading pile and she’s interested to gauge reactions to it. Thank you!
Now to the main event and let the reading commence…

Introduction kindly written by Rhiannon from  A Hell Of A Woman

At least daddy can cook… – My Three Books

My Three Books

When Emily from A Mummy Too asked if I wanted to write about my three favourite books (one from childhood, one from adulthood and one from parenthood), the only doubt in my mind was whether I could narrow it down to three. I love to read. I remember bedtimes as a child, waiting until my mum had gone downstairs then reading under the covers with a night light (she knew all about it, so I clearly wasn’t as clever as I thought). I’m sure my love of reading kick-started my love of writing.

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DorkyMum – The Joy of Books

The Joy of Books

You see that grumpy looking wee girl in the front there? The one with the pudding bowl haircut? That’s me, age 6, having my photo taken for the local paper to ‘celebrate’ taking part in a month long read-a-thon at my primary school.

Despite what the photo would have you believe, I love reading. I always have.

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Littlesheep Learning – Happy Books

From Wednesday 11th January to Tuesday 7th February 2012, McDonald’s are giving away a copy of Mudpuddle Farm book (by Michael Morpurgo) as the ‘toy’ with their Happy Meal – is this a good thing or a bad idea?

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Michael Cargill – Slaughter in Barnaby Close – my new book available for free

Slaughter in Barnaby Close – my new book available for free

Serious post for once today. This morning I self-published my 3rd book and it is available to download for free from here. If you enjoy a good horror story then you will, I hope, enjoy it. If you just like free stuff you will definitely enjoy it. It’s a short story so don’t worry about having to sacrifice hours and hours of your time as I selfishly strive for fame, riches and honour.

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Me and My Shadow – Are we nearly there yet? Book review and giveaway

Are we nearly there yet? Book review and giveaway

The term ‘Laugh out Loud’ is oft overused these days. It’s lost it’s meaning. But in the true sense of the expression, it can be applied to Ben Hatch’s book by the bucket-load.

Not only did I laugh, but I laughed til there were tears rolling down my face. Til my sides were aching. Til my other half poked his head round the door and asked “what’s going on?”.

Read my review, interview with the author and enter the giveaway to win your own copy.

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Minibreak Mummy – Agatha Christie Collection

Agatha Christie Collection

It started with just a little e-book I read on my Palm back in 2005. A Miss Marple story called ‘The Murder at the Vicarage’. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. ‘A Body in the Library’ was next. They had just started publishing them as e-books, but they weren’t publishing them fast enough so I had to progress onto the hard[copy] stuff to get my next fix. A little dose of Poirot or Marple or Tommy & Tuppence Beresford helped me cope with the day. The cheapest way to get the books was second hand…

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Sunny Side Up – mmmm… strokable

mmmm... strokable

my rule about a picture book: if you don’t want to stroke it you probably don’t want to buy it.

It’s all about textures! Whether it’s handmade wallpapers, real buttons, shadows and collage…

or Muffin‘s soft fluffy fur…

I’m always trying to make my books into lovely objects. That’s why there will always be real books on real paper, right?

This time I’m going one step further. I’m actually SEWING some parts of my book. I’m not a terribly neat sewer, but it’s in the style of a four-year-old rabbit’s handiwork – so phew, that’s OK!

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Tales of The March Hare – ‘Marilyn’, Andre de Dienes

'Marilyn', Andre de Dienes

Despite me currently trying not to buy so many books (no more bookshelves left and quite frankly better things I could be spending my money on at the moment), I treated myself last week to a Taschen Box Set about Marilyn Monroe. I love books and one day hope to have a room just for all my books. In other words, a library… And my new Taschen book is my new favorite….It finally arrived yesterday (thanks Amazon) and at £17.49 was an absolute bargain.

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A Hell Of A Woman – Controversial reading

Like many others, I loved Judy Blume books with a passion and when the rumour mill started at high school that she’d written a book with actual S.E.X in it, every single one of us wanted to read it! “Forever” was on permanent loan out of our school library and the waiting list to read it was immense! As a child, I recall it being a very tender story of first love and losing your virginity. As an adult, I found myself questionning the healthiness of their relationship and thinking…

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Who’s the Mummy – The Hunger Games Kicks Twilight’s Sparkly Ass

The Hunger Games Kicks Twilight's Sparkly Ass

This month, the Tots100 Book Club invited ten bloggers to share their favourite books with the world, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share one of my new favourite novels with my blog readers.

You know you’ve found a new favourite book when you feel sad when you’re getting towards the end of the story. And then there’s that exciting moment of realising it’s part of a series – and you end up devouring all the books in a week.

That’s JUST how I felt about Twilight.

Just kidding.

Like this?Read more… // Find Who’s the Mummy on Facebook //  Find Who’s the Mummy on Twitter – Five examples of great literature

Five examples of great literature

When it comes to literature I will read just about anything. However I have grown to love fantasy, alternate history and apocalypse-based stories. This blog is a selection from the aforementioned categories that really stand out for me. To put a caveat on this list – it isn’t meant to be my top five of all time, but five from these genres that fully deserve the recognition they have received.

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making it up – Never coming home – Evonne Wareham

I have to say I loved this book. It’s unashamed chick lit, but also has a strong story line and plot as well as well drawn characters – I’m sure the main man, Devlin would turn my head in much the same way he did Kat’s

I’ll avoid spoilers but there are some parts that you probably wouldn’t expect to find in your average chicklit – there’s a strong mystery storyline and some unexpected violence and gore.

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Margot and Barbara – Careers Books for Girls

Careers Books for Girls

Published by The Bodley Head in 1955, these books are part of a series of Career Books for Girls. Although they are novels, they are also designed to publicise a series of career options thought suitable for girls at that period. These two are ‘Clare in Television’ and ‘Sarah joins the WRAF’. Other titles in the series include ‘Air Hostess Ann’, ‘Pan Stevens: Secretary’ and ‘Molly Hilton: Library Assistant’.

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House With No Name – World Book Night 2012 – one of my favourite novels is on the list

World Book Night 2012 - one of my favourite novels is on the list

It’s seven years since my daughter suggested I read How I Live Now. Knowing how much I adore I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith (another World Book Night title) she kept telling me to read Meg Rosoff’s modern-day “coming of age” novel. I cheated and bought the audiobook and on a long drive back from a holiday in Cornwall we listened to it together. The journey took five hours and for most of that time we were so mesmerised neither of us uttered a word. The moment we got home I borrowed it to read for real.

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