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 30-01-12 – Love Craft Weekly Showcase

I was racking my brains on  what to write this week, and reached a total mental block! So hunt the internet for a quote to inspire you I thought, and what did I find ?  Page after page of inspiring things that made me want to bo back to my sewing desk rather than write anything at all! But I resisted and instead give you all this thought – 

“We in Western Society have largely become ‘observers’ rather than ‘doers’ …. I believe that the decline in appreciation of Craftsmanship is at the root of this trend, and that this trend must be reversed for us to survive” (William L Gould)

He is so right! We should all have a greater understanding and appreciation of all things handmade made, or homemade, or just made with love and passion. So many things in our society are mass produced in a factory on the other side of the world, we have no connection with the maker and therefore with the item at all. As all of you here prove every week, we as a group are far ahead in changing us back to a ‘making’ rather than ‘buying’ world! Well done – keep up the good work and keep spreading the crafting word!

Introduction kindly written by Mary from  Keynko

Me and My Shadow – Papier-mâché Magnets

Papier-mâché Magnets

I was searching my brain trying to think up something we could make for Daddy for Valentine’s Day. I spotted some heart shaped silicone moulds in Poundland and an idea was born! You can pick up all sorts of different shaped silicone moulds in discount stores such as Ikea, pound shops and Wilkinson’s. Ice cube trays and small cake cases work well.

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Red Ted Art – Loo Roll Robots

Stop. Don’t throw that toilet roll out!! Make a robot!

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momstown arts and crafts – Hanging snowflakes

Hanging snowflakes

What you need:

-Foam snowflakes (readily available at craft stores or dollar stores)
-Stickers, cotton balls, cotton pads, silver snowflake decals, Christmas card cutouts (any decorations you have on hand)
-Thick ribbon

Have your kids decorate the snowflakes any way they like. Then staple along a strip of ribbon, and hang vertically! They make a great decoration in a window or doorway.

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A Mummy Too – Crafty bolognese

Crafty bolognese

We got creative this week and made Crafty Bolognese using:

A paper plate
Pasta twists mixed with PVA glue for the pasta
Mini pasta bows mixed with PVA glue and red poster paint for the mince and tomato sauce
Torn strips of green and yellow paper for the peppers (pressed on while the gluey paint was still wet)
Buttons for the olives (fixed with PVA glue)
Cut up kitchen roll tubes for the garlic bread (fixed with PVA glue)

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Here come the Girls – Make your own fabric painted bags

Make your own fabric painted bags

I have seen printing using celery in a few places now. I think it’s the new potato printing. It’s very easy, just cut off the bottom of the celery and it forms a lovely rose pattern. I wanted to print something large to work as a design for some bags to store gloves and scarves in the hallway and this was perfect. It is very easy for young children to do as it is such a large stamp.

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The Princess and The Pickle – The Pickle’s First Painting

The Pickle's First Painting

Last week The Pickle did his first drawing, this week it’s his first painting – who knows what next week will bring!

I’ve been wanting to let him do this for ages, but was worried about him taste testing the paint! So when I saw a homemade non-toxic paint recipe over at Red Ted Art we gave it a go!

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Actually Mummy… – Yummy Dough!

Yummy Dough!

Father Christmas never fails to bring something to displease Mummy. Last year it was Whoopee Cushions and Noisy Putty. This year, with the aid of Tired Mummy of Two‘s Christmas list, he brought Yummy Dough. Mummy muttered a square-word and hid it behind the craft (read Yellow Moon) box. Requests to use it were countered with the observation that we still had lots of Christmas chocolate to get through before baking activity could resume.

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Mammasaurus – Spidermen!


This week we made spiders – and I say spiders in the loosest of terms!

And here’s what we created *imagine Christine Agruller-whatever singing that ‘You are Beautiful’ song for the uglies in the background*…

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PLUS 2.4 – Valentine Cards For Toddlers/Preschooolers

Valentine Cards For Toddlers/Preschooolers

Nearly every Tuesday I take Mia to our local town hall to take part in the Sure Start craft event.They have a different theme each week with 6 craft tables and 3 different crafts to do.Either cooking, play doh, painting or sticking.
Inspired by the potato printing I guided her into making some Valentine’s Valentine cards for toddlers/preschoolers.I can’t remember who on Twitter suggested using a cookie cutter to get the heart shapes.Thank you, I know I tweeted you.

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byebyebirdie – me and martha

me and martha

so. martha stewart came to stay on monday. and boy did she point out what a sloppy homekeeper i am. weekly cleaning checklists, monthly cleaning checklists, the regular reviewing and editing of cupboards, grouping and corralling of knick-knackery… huh?.

keen to master the art of an effortlessly clean home (it’s what it says in the book, honest), i’ve taken martha to bed every night since and diligently read a new chapter. kitchen (check), hallways (check), library (don’t have one but … check).

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Molly Coddles Kitchen – How to wrap in style!

How to wrap in style!

I love to receive presents, especially if they are wrapped in pretty paper & gorgeous ribbons.

I first learnt how to wrap ‘professionally’ when I was eighteen. I had taken a managers role at a chocolatiers in Buckinghamshire & the owner had a strong aversion to sellotape. Everything had to be wrapped in beautiful, thick brown paper which was decorated with various different designs & highlighted with gold print. You could only use just enough paper to cover the box of chocolates – too much was as much of a crime as too little…

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Wag Doll – Silk Jewellery Pouch Tutorial (how to store your bling in style!)

Silk Jewellery Pouch Tutorial (how to store your bling in style!)

Ahh bling, the frivolous accessories that transform a plain outfit into a vision of loveliness…or more likely remain in a tangled mess in an old shoebox. Jewellery needs good storage and practical ways of taking it with you when you’re packing for holidays. So here’s an oldie but goodie, the jewellery pouch.
This little drawstring pouch opens to reveal a large central area to hold your chunky jewellery and bangles, and 8 little pockets to hold rings and smaller items.

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Upcycled Creatively – Upcycled Felt Rose Tutorial

Upcycled Felt Rose Tutorial

I had seen photos of them before but never attempted to make any until recently. They really are VERY easy, can be made from small pieces of material and brighten up a coat, hat, bag, dress, cushion etc etc…

I can’t remember where I first saw how to make them but quite liked the idea of doing my own tute here. Here goes!

First you will need a square of felt. I don’t think I will give measurements – if you want a larger rose you need to use a larger piece of felt 🙂

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Spotty Dog Homemade – How to make a spotty dog

How to make a spotty dog

A tutorial showing how to make a stuffed spotty scotty dog from felt, with embellishments and stitched with blanket stitch. A really quick and simple project, great for children and beginners, which looks really effective once finished.

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Molly Coddles Kitchen – Birthday Kusudama Flowers – How To Guide

Birthday Kusudama Flowers - How To Guide

Had a great little project to work on this week – a Birthday Bouquet!

It was made up from a hand towel & 2 flannels, 2 bath & shower gels, a bath puff & a pair of fimo fruity earrings. I also had a go at making some Kusudama Flowers to decorate it.

If you would like to make your own Kusudama Flowers follow these instructions…

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Medicated Follower of Fashion – Painted Pine Cones

Painted Pine Cones

Remember those pine cones Ethan collected in Autumn? And my idea of spray painting them and using them as Christmas decorations? I finally got around to it!! I’ve not bothered with sticking ribbons on them because I think they’ll be more versatile this way, I can use them on the Christmas tree, in flower arrangements, as stand alone decorations around the house etc… For this year though, I’ve just placed them on the tree 🙂

Here we go! A few photos. My apologies that the photography is pretty dire today..

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Another Goldfish – Step Down Sunday – Refurbishing Furniture

Ever take on a project only to discover it was much bigger than you expected?

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What a gorgeous day and as it is so sunny and spring-like it should be easy to think of a Blog post title – but it hasn’t been. Never mind, I still (as always) have plenty to say so will stick with the ‘working title’.

I have spent a lot of my time this week working on my new products, some of which have involved paper flowers, the small bunches you can buy from craft shops. I have also spent a lot of time battling with Daisy who thinks they are really toys for her to capture and chase.

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Living it Little – Thrifty Thursday: Cheap & Cheerful Messy Play Ideas

It’s Thrifty Thursday again (I have no idea where the last week went) and today’s post is packed full of fun messy play activities to keep the little ‘uns busy. I used to be a reception teacher and now work part-time as a pre-school teacher, so I’m no stranger to mess. Without a doubt, the best messy (or malleable as it’s known in educational circles) play uses everyday items which are usually cheap as chips. Could even be chips. Now there’s an idea…

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Wobbly Mouse – Tea and Cake save the day

Well hello from wobblymouse, this is how my afternoon started yesterday, full of paper, card, photos, glue and good intentions. I had a number of cards I wanted to get made, friend and family birthdays, blank and wedding cards were all on my list. But after having a creative mental block I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped.

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Chez Mummy – The Muppets, milk and a sticky situation

The Muppets, milk and a sticky situation

What do you get if you cross Kermit the Frog with a milk bottle and some stickers? The answer? Some fabulous arts & crafts fun!

At the end of last week, I received some stickers to ‘make my own Muppet’. I shall ignore the obvious joke about already being married to one (I’m obviously not, love you really hubs!) and continue…

The stickers were courtesy of Cravendale (the milk people behind the ‘cats with opposable thumbs’ advert)…with which to transform your old milk bottles into characters from The Muppets.

So, we thought we’d give it a go…

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  1. wobblymouse says:

    brilliant group of crafty blogs full of loads of great ideas.

  2. Love all post and love all blogs too

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