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30-01-12 The Fatherload

This week we at LDB HQ received a letter.

‘Dear LDB,
I am thinking of starting a blog but I have no idea how to start, or what to write about. I am a pole dancing grandmother of 12, aged 74. Could you give me an idea how to start?’

My response to this is simple. Blogging is a very personal thing. I write about my kids, my life and things that go on. I occasionally rant about things that arse me off. I can’t blog about everything that goes on, but I write with honesty and I always try to write from my heart.

The following dad bloggers are all, like me, bloggers from the heart. They write about things that move them, interest them and excite them and do so with a skill and wit I envy. Without further ado, we bring you this week’s Fatherload.
Introduction kindly written by SAHDandProud

Kitchen Table Trading – Do Not Break your Rule and Do Not Lose your Socks!

Yesterday was a good day of trading for me. I spent my time glued to twitter following tweets from spreadbetting pros. I followed @forextrib and watched youtube videos of the @tradeteacher. So quite normal until this morning.

I was reading tweets stating markets in some sectors were flat, a little quiet. Bot the same in our household!!!!

One thing I have learnt in spreadbetting is……..DO NOT BREAK YOUR RULE

It can go wrong from that point.

So the kids know that there is NO TV before school…

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OneDad3Girls – Scary Few Days (Old Post)

Scary Few Days (Old Post)

This is a post that I wrote when Mia was just 6days old so it would have been 19th October 2010. I never actually posted this and only came across it by chance but I thought I’d still post it.

Its been a while since I posted anything, so for those of you who don’t know my Wife gave birth to a beautiful girl called Mia Amber Rose on 13th October weighing 8lb 4oz.

Well since the birth things have been a little mad.

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Not Just Another Blog – Why I Dont like Mondays!

Why I Dont like Mondays!

I don’t know about you, but I hate Monday mornings. The sound of the alarm at 6.30am on any other day is horrible, but on a bleak January morning when you are curled under a warm duvet the continuous “Beep, Beep, Beep” is horrendous! Thank goodness for that all important Snooze button!

Bob Geldoff asked “tell me why I don’t like Mondays” many years ago and I wonder whether anyone has since come up with a plausible reason why Monday mornings are so naff!

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musodad – Mix-Tape Monday #2 : A Guilty Pleasure

I love ‘Guilty Pleasures’ music!

It’s a music genre that unites so many people no matter what you’re into. Evidence of this has to be the regular Club Nights at Koko in Camden. We’ve only been there once post kids but pre-kids we went quite a bit. It’s one of those clubs that as soon as it opens the whole place is dancing until 3am – punching the air to Bon Jovi, having a boogie whilst watching beer bellied topless blokes dressed as angels grooving to Bucks Fizz on stage and singing along to special guest karaoke. It is amazing!

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Random Pearls Of Wisdom – Know Your Place

……….Many of the staff in the team are probably ten to fifteen years younger than me. That doesn’t bother me

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Hackney Holiday – The cost of bringing up children

An interesting survey today puts the cost of raising a child until the age of 21 at £218,000. This staggering sum is produced by an insurance company, so there is an agenda here of getting parents to think more carefully about finance.

Initially the sum seemed way over the top to me, but on closer inspection, they are not that outlandish. The biggest two elements – making up more than 60 per cent of the total – are education and childcare.

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A Man Called Dad – The Toddler Feats of Strength

Its clear our once presumed childproofed home has become her personal obstacle course and training ground. Like she’s a miniature Greco athlete preparing for an ultimate test of toddler dexterity and cleverness. What kind of contest could this be? If her recent training regime is any indication, it would be some form of Toddler Decathlon. I’m documenting the ten likely events to earn the gold. Stay tuned.

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Daddy Confidential – They Call Me Mr. Tibbs

They Call Me Mr. Tibbs

Oh man. My one year-old was totally playing with himself on the changing table this morning. He was fairly absentminded about it, so it’s not like I caught him shining the bishop. But still.

I ignored the little guy, since he’s too young for stigma or taboo. (We tried making electrical sockets taboo, and he still pokes at them like a Hare Krishna at your doorbell.) But eventually, I’m gonna hafta tell my son what to call it. It being his giggle-stick. His Alabama black snake. Ankle-spanker…

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Dads Who Change Diapers – Learn as We Teach

Learn as We Teach

Awhile back, I talked about my son schooling me. And it seems like he’s taking the old man back to school again.

Well, it’s not like he’s teaching me any grand new lessons or anything. No, my two-year old took me back to 1992 for some remedial relearning. He reminded me of a time when I feel that, on some levels, I was a better person. A less judgmental person for sure!

By now, I’m sure you know the drill. Let’s get your time-traveling pants on!
We’re only going back to the 90′s so let’s get this party started…RIGHT!

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Dales84 – Ahhhh Attack of the Giant Rabbit and Racing Ladies

Ahhhh Attack of the Giant Rabbit and Racing Ladies

Mummy went out for the day with her sister and I have been left with both girls all by myself, Yikes ! So how has today gone you may ask? So far so good, I woke up in my Muppet lounge pants and batman t-shirt, the missus cooked us a lovely full English breakfast before leaving us. Then I got the girls ready, made a bottle. As I tried getting the pram out of the house with baby strapped in the pram seat flipped 180 degrees so baby was trapped

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Just the Facts Under Duress – Today Begins A New Day

No, I’m not kidding. Have you ever visited these sites and read the content? By no means do I agree with any of it, but to better understand what others believe, you have to see where they get their information. And yes, my IQ drops 5-10 points temporarily every time I spend more than five minutes on the sites. I have to the visit ESPN to even begin to feel like myself again….

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SAHDandproud – Getting on a bit..

Getting on a bit..

I’m 40 this year. In August. August 22nd in fact. That will be the day I turn 40. No longer in my thirties, but moving inevitably onwards toward middle age. I expect I will no longer be able to say ‘shizzle’ or wear a hoodie without looking like someone who needs an intervention.

Today, however, I felt older than that. I did something which I thought only old ladies did.

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