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30-01-12  Love Fashion Weekly Showcase

Hello! Welcome to this week’s Love Fashion Blogs Showcase!

Last week I asked everyone about their style icons and what an interesting collection of responses I got.

From fictional characters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to a blog and YouTube phenomenon (Wendy Nguyen) there is certainly nothing dull about the people you look to for fashion and style inspiration. Other nominations included Molly Ringwald, circa 1986 (who can forget Pretty in Pink!), Helena Bonham-Carter for her bold and eccentric style and Californian favourite, Jennifer Aniston.

One thing that links all of these people, real or fictional, is that they are interesting people beyond just their clothing choices. Wendy Nguyen may be effortlessly stylish, but her work to support young people in care and prison proves that she is more than just a pretty face. Buffy worked a mean coat collection whilst ridding the world of vampires and let’s face it, a period drama isn’t worth anything without a role for Ms Bonham-Carter! I’m already looking forward to her interpretation of Miss Haversham later this year.

I don’t really have a fixed style icon. Although I am always fascinated to see what certain people are wearing (Daphne Guinness is a great example) there is no way I could hope to emulate someone with huge amounts of money to spend on couture, and that’s even before I deal with the fact that as the mother of two small children, I need everything to be easily washable! I am more likely to look through great street style blogs like the first and best ‘The Sartorialist’, to see what people around the world are wearing. It’s a great place to while away a bit of time. As a subscriber to all the major fashion magazines, I also get bags of inspiration from them.

I also try to look at what people such as Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet, are wearing, as they have similar colouring to me. By seeing what they are wearing, I can find a bit of inspiration for different choices, especially when it comes to being braver with colour and stepping away from the black. I also find that it’s more helpful to see how people dress who are a similar shape to me. I might like what Alexa Chung wears but I do not have her slim build and endless legs so it’s an exercise in frustration.

Like many of you mentioned in your replies, I also take inspiration and style advice from ‘real’ people in my life too. There is nothing nicer than receiving a compliment from someone whose style you admire or spending a bit of time shopping with that person, if they will give you an honest and tactful opinion.

Finally, I have to give special mention to Miss Piggy. Mentioned as a style icon this week, heading up a new campaign for MAC cosmetics and rumoured to be guest-editing a future edition of Grazia magazine, she is definitely having a new moment of fabulousness!

Now, over to you lovely folk for this week’s fashion Showcase…see you next week!

Introduction kindly written by Liz from Margot and Barbara

Not Just A Mummy – Vintage Threads Meme

Vintage Threads Meme

I was tagged by the lovely Mum Of One to take part in this meme, i was happy to be asked as ive enjoyed seeing other bloggers vintage threads too!

I couldn’t choose just one item as i dont know which is the oldest, i still love all of them, even if they are gathering dust. I bought all of them around the same time when i was 16 (omg thats almost 12 years ago)…

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Medicated Follower of Fashion – Why I love Moccis (good customer service goes a long way)

Why I love Moccis (good customer service goes a long way)

I’ve posted about Moccis before.. (here) . Since I discovered them I’ve had two pairs, Pete has had two pairs and so has Ethan. They are pricey, but we are usually able to make them last a year so I don’t feel it’s too much to spend on something you wear every day for a year or so. Plus, they really are the comfiest and safest slippers I’ve worn (if you’ve ever slipped up or downstairs in ‘slippers’ then you’ll know what I mean about most types of slippers not being all that safe to wear!).

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – What I wore Wednesday

What I wore Wednesday

I saw these shoes and fell in love. Knew I had to have them. My first thought was that I now needed a blue dress to go with them.

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All Things Chic – Trend to try :: PLEATS!

Trend to try :: PLEATS!

Pleats are showing up everywhere all of a sudden. And you can pull this off, girls! A pleated skirt is for everyone! Girly (but not too girly) and so flattering, pleats will be around for awhile!

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Expatlogue – Canada’s Influence On Your Wardrobe

Canada's Influence On Your Wardrobe

You need somewhere to stash that bulky, insulated stuff that winter forces on you. And it takes up a LOT of room. When I arrived from the UK, I came prepared. Oh yes, I had various pairs of suede, leather and wool gloves in an assortment of colours, several coats (including my brand new M&S smart black tailored three-quarter length with the polka-dot lining). Experience has taught me, or maybe frostbite, that these are good only up until November. Then it’s time to haul out the heavy-duty frost protection.

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HPMcQ – i’ll show you mine

i'll show you mine

baby me and fashion has a meme, i’ll show you mine, if you show me yours is then your response

this week she is about bags, i have as many bags as i have shoes. so to narrow this down, i have chosen to show you today’s bags. yes bags. these are my monday to friday bags.

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PLUS 2.4 – Sagging


There seems to be an epidemic wardrobe malfunction amongst young lads I see on the street and it seems many celebrities have the ‘sagging’ look too.It’s something I have been mildly aware of but I usually have a child in tow when I’m out I don’t do much observing of other people.However, Saturday saw me child free and I decided on a trip to Sainsbury’s.

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