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30-01-12 Love Fitness Weekly Showcase

Hello everyone!
Shout out this week goes to My Funny Mummy ( for her hilarious account of her first run of 2012 in last week’s showcase. Can’t wait to see what this week will bring…
So we’re inching towards the end of January. How are all those fitness resolutions holding up? If you’ve fallen off the keep fit wagon, so what? Dust yourself off and get back on! (Then tell us all about it on your blog, of course.) Perhaps you’ve fallen for a new way of keeping fit. Caber tossing? Kite surfing? Free running? Don’t keep us in suspense…spill the beans!
Claire xx

Introduction kindly written by Claire  from  At Least Daddy Can Cook.

Jennifer’s Little World – Getting back into running

Before children, I was a bit of a gym bunny. Along with my husband, we were there four times a week. I would swim, I did Body Pump classes, I cycled, I stepped and I Power Plated. Things took a bit of a hit when Harry arrived, with then just a brief recovery period before Mia came along. It was not so much the struggle to fit it in, but the constant tiredness made bed a much more attractive option.

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try366 – Day 22 – Run To the Hills

Day 22 - Run To the Hills

The guy I’d been trailing for the majority of the race was just ahead of me. He’d pulled ahead by a decent amount when I stopped to tie my laces at around the halfway point, but over the last 2km I’d clawed my way back. I passed him with about 600m to go but this was a rookie mistake on my part. At this point I was almost flat out and tiring. The wind was in my face but unfortunately not in my lungs and I couldn’t keep it up. With about 50m he came back past me

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Mutterings of a Fool – A monster in the night

A monster in the night

Now it may sound a bit weird but I actually really enjoy running in the dark, it’s deadly quiet and really focuses your mind as you concentrate on what the ground is like ahead of you. The stretch along the canal is pitch black with no street lights for almost 2 miles which means that Bracken can be off the lead running around for a good period.

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Am I Zombie Fit? – It’s time to get Zombie Fit!

It's time to get Zombie Fit!

With all the public attention focused on zombies in the recent on-screen drama The Walking Dead, me and my wife got round to thinking about practical zombie musings, like:
• Can zombies swim?
• Do zombies get embarrased when they trump?
• And the biggest question of all… how long would both of us survive in a zombie apocalypse?

Now I like to think I am calm in a crisis. I possess logical thought processes and I have good practical skills. But when it comes down to it, how do any of us know what we would be ….

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Mum of One – Davina for Next: Progress (of sorts) Report

Davina for Next: Progress (of sorts) Report

Ok, time for an update. I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for news of Sunday’s run with the uber-fit Pam (#possiblyslightlydelusional) so I shall make you wait no longer.

*Anticipates yelps of delight*…

*Watches tumbleweed*…

Well I’m going to update you anyway. So, I was ready and waiting at 10am, feeling pretty snazzy in my new Davina for Next gear. Have finally got to grips with the elastic laces on the trainers by the way, but think I would probably still prefer normal ones.

10:10 the doorbell rings. And there is barking. Barking?

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Tales of The March Hare – The Yoga Place

The Yoga Place

I don’t know why, but it seems in life, if you are ever in a hurry to get somewhere, something will always get in the way to slow you down. If you are using the tube, it’s usually someone with a hangover pulling the alarm and bringing the Central line to a halt… And yesterday morning, while we were in the car, the something in my way was this milk float. I have lived in London for almost 16 years and I don’t think I have ever seen a milk float before. Until the morning I joined Pregnancy Yoga.

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