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30-01-12 Love Health Weekly Showcase

Week 2 of Love Health Blogs is upon us! Last week saw the most amazing collection of posts submitted – epitomising the fact thatHealth is such a huge subject and everyone has a different take on what ‘health’ actually is. Informative, inspirational, factual, honest, brave (and a little bit funny); each and every one of them a really good read. Below are this weeks’ contributions – grab a brew and enjoy some blogs that you might not have read before.

As the winter bug season seems to have really come into full force this week (if Twitter and/or my household are anything to go by) if you’ve got the energy and inclination to blog about what you’re doing to either keep the bugs at bay or get yourselves back to full fitness, come and link up ready for next week’s showcase. If you’re one of the amazing 90 writing for @kateonthinice in her breast cancer awareness bloghop – it’s listed in the LAB Bloghops and Memes section and we’ve joined in too here – come and link up here too – it’s a subject that affects so many, an extra awareness raised is always a bonus.

See you then!


Introduction kindly written by Jenny from Cheetahs In My Shoes.

Living with Mom’s cancer – For good health you need well-being

For good health you need well-being

Before Christmas, Jenni Murray asked if her weight was to blame for her breast cancer. Being overweight can lead to cancer, but it’s not the only risk factor. And is it really helpful to be mean to yourself about having cancer? I promote well-being for good health. Sounds simple enough but quite hard to achieve. Well-being comes from within. Well-being is giving yourself a ‘strawberry’, a little treat to remind you of what a beautiful person you are. If you are proud of yourself and confident in your inner beauty, you will want to be healthy on the outside too.

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Catherine’s thoughts – Depression

I have had my bouts of depression over the years, and this past summer I went on medication for a few months to assist me in getting out of my slump. After seeing my family doctor on more of the regular basis that I already see him, I was able to get myself back on track. Things are different now, our middle child is suffering from depression and anxiety attacks.

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fun-as-a-gran – Food Allergy and Intolerance Week – The real impact

Food Allergy & Intolerance Week runs from 23rd to 29th January and is looking to raise awareness not just of the physical effects of these conditions, but the social impact they have. Allergy UK will be providing help and support throughout the week for the millions of sufferers in the UK.

Well with having a Bob in the family I really thought that by writing a post it might just help one other struggling person to realise that its not really quite the end of the world.

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Mummy Whisperer Blog – Top Tips For Healthy Eating In A Family

Here is my first post in my series of ‘Healthy Eating For Rubbish Cooks’ – Yay!

15 Simple Rules To Remember

1) Eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day (a portion of fruit is probably a handful, otherwise it’s obvious with apples/ bananas/oranges)
2) Eat different colours of fruit and vegetables a day

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Kate On Thin Ice – Why Am I Struggling?

I keep putting off writing this post. It is great to report good news on the weight loss front. I can’t do that this week.

Despite good intentions, I can’t seem to get msyelf back into my healthy eating routine. Last year, I found it easy and saw the weight drop off. Since my birthday in mid-December, I seem to have gone off track.

I am still eating healthy foods some of the time. However, I can make all sorts of excuses for eating the fattening stuff.

“I have to eat cheese

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My Funny Mummy – Smear

A necessary evil.
Took my piles along to my cervical smear test. We’re getting quite friendly now. They bounced into Greggs and bought me a gingerbread man for being brave. Wouldn’t take no for an answer.

As ever, wasn’t looking forward to it. Having pushed nine pounds of person plus two hundred pounds of gunk out of aforementioned cervix not five months ago, you’d think I would laugh in the face of a one inch wide spatula thingy. Should be like rattling a stick in a bin. It wasn’t.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – “Just” A Virus

I have been stunned and a little overwhelmed at the kindness that Twitter and the bloggersphere have shown to us over the last few days whilst the Cheetah Keeper has been poorly. Thank you all so much.

So what was it that made the Cheetah Keeper so dramatically unwell? We all get unwell, our children get unwell, it scares the living daylights out of us as parents, some children (and grown-ups for that matter) get ill more than others and some have bodies that just don’t work properly the first place.

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Living with Mom’s cancer – Get your ducks in a row

Get your ducks in a row

It’s still a taboo subject to ask someone how they want to die. It takes a lot of courage on both sides, and it’s a topic I passionately believe in. I know it’s a difficult conversation to initiate, and I wish I hadn’t had to do it for Mom. I hope it doesn’t happen to you, but if it does happen, be brave. It does make a difference, and getting things in order is very important for dying in peace.

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Chez Mummy – Best foot forward

Best foot forward

In a much earlier post back in October 2011, I briefly mentioned that my little girl has a condition which requires regular monitoring at a London hospital.

…In a nutshell, Sophia was born with Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTE). It is more commonly referred to as talipes or clubfoot and around one in every 1,000 babies will be born with it. Babies born with clubfoot have feet that turn sideways and inwards. It can affect one or both feet. In Sophia’s case, it was both.

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Kate on Thin Ice is looking for 90 generous bloggers to write about an important woman in their life in 90 words and to join in her blog hop. You can write about any woman that matters to you – a grandmother, a mum, a daughter, a friend, a blogger, a boss, whoever you wish.
Posts can be as long or short as you wish. Somwhere in your blog post, please add the following words and thereby help Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

We felt compelled to join in with this great idea. I am fortunate not to have known a woman who has suffered with breast cancer but a dear friend of our family was diagnosed with cancer recently and so I’d like to offer support on a personal level.

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