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23-01-12 Love Health Weekly Showcase

Welcome to the first Health Showcase on Love All Blogs!

‘Health’ is a word that covers many many things – so if you’ve blogged about not feeling 100%, going through treatment or surgery, being covered in snot and/or other bodily fluids, have health tip that you’d like to share, a condition that you’d like to raise awareness of, an opinion on health topics in the news or just want to celebrate that your health is improving this is the Showcase for you.

I’m really looking forward to reading all your posts (the list above is by no means exhaustive – make of it what you will!) – then why not come over and join the Love All Blogs community site and say hello in the Health group there…

See you next week!

Introduction kindly written by Jenny from Cheetahs In My Shoes.

Not Notting Hill Mum – When should children clean their own teeth?

I took Amelie to the dentist this week, after a gap of almost a year. It was so hard to find a slot after school with all her clubs, in the end I made the appointment for first thing in the morning- in school time- as it had been so long.
So I was relieved and delighted to be told that her teeth were absolutely fine. Then the dentist asked me:
“Are you still helping her brush them?”
She’s seven. So I blushed deeply and admitted that, yes, I often still cleaned my kids’ teeth…

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A matter of choice – Living with Meniere’s disease

I am very lucky to have a wonderful Mum, we are very close, have always got on well and although over the years she may have driven me slightly mad (but that’s including going back to live with her twice as an adult so it’s not bad!) you cannot fault the way she powers on through any obstacles that come her way.

One of the obstacles she has to face is the fact that she suffers from Meniere’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear

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Living with Mom’s cancer – The positive power of people

The positive power of people

Isn’t it funny how some people have such positive insight? Throughout our experience of Mom’s illness I have been amazed, delighted and encouraged by strangers. Sometimes, it’s easier to tell a stranger how you really feel, perhaps we sub-conciously choose the people we talk to.

…the loss of a parent is such a significant event that it is quite often life-changing. I could never have gone back to my old job and sat in the same office with the people I never told about Mom’s illness. I had to move on, look for new challenges…

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crankymonkeys in London – Possibly the craziest new year’s resolution ever

Possibly the craziest new year’s resolution ever

This is my favourite cake – a sponge with crushed strawberries+sugar in the middle and lightly sweetened whipped cream and berries on top.

I usually make it for my birthday, and for anyone elses birthday as well if requested. If I could, I would actually make it for dinner every day, I totally have a sweet tooth and many times in the not so distant past I have skipped dinner to just eat cake.

Sugar doesn’t make me feel very well though…

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Pinkoddy’s Blog – My First Time

My First Time

I heard of Mooncups years ago – guess when you visit parenting forums it’s one of those things that come up. It was always something yukky – people don’t like change do they?! And so it was never something I had actually thought about using. When I think about it I’d not even looked at a picture of one, never mind actually giving it some consideration.

What changed my mind?

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Me He & Them – Fighting Eczema – My Best of It If You Are Trying Not To Use Steroids

Blue Eyes and I are the lucky parents of 2 girls with atopic skin.

When Blondie was 6 months old, she had a major eczema rash who kept her awaken for an entire night and left her in major discomfort for several days. She had regular eczema crisis when she was teething and guess what 3 years later Bonnie is all the same.

We have experienced several medical/paramedic advice on both sides of the Channel and here is our best of:

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Political Mummy – Should women have the right to demand a C-section?

There has been a lot of discussion about the proposal that women should be allowed to opt for a C-section even when their doctor doesn’t feel there is any medical reason for it. As with so much that is written about the NHS, I fear this may all be a fuss about nothing. I’ve had a look at the detail of the new NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidance and not much will really change.

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Views From The Lounge Window – I am Boob …. and so am I!!

I am Boob .... and so am I!!

Ok before we start, let us introduce ourselves! My name is boob1 (.) *waves hi! And this is my perfect partner, boob 2 (.)*raises nipple skywards in acknowledgement. It’s fair to say that you’re probably now wondering what us two boobs are doing here on mamma PB’s blog? I mean it’s not often that you find a couple of twins writing in tandem on their owner’s blog, let alone two for whom their life is going to change forever. I guess it’s time for us to be given the space to tell our tale and so… this is our story…

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Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy – Why All Parents Should Learn First Aid

Why All Parents Should Learn First Aid

First Aid is a skill that everyone should possess but more importantly it’s a skill that parents need to possess!

This morning LissyLou choked on her cereal. It was scary but luckily I have had first aid training and I knew how to handle it and dislodged the stuck piece. But as I comforted her I thought about what might have happened if I wasn’t first aid trained and I had a momentary panic for other parents.

It’s not just choking but there are so many times as a parent when first aid skills would come in very handy.

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Mommatwo – Organ donation – the greatest gift you can give

Organ donation - the greatest gift you can give

Last summer my friend’s baby almost died when her liver failed. Thanks to a ‘Super Urgent’ transplant list and a donor, Poppy lived.

The first week of July 2011 Poppy, thanks to the incredible gift a donor gave, was pink, with a functioning liver, for the first time in her life. Thanks to one person signing onto the donor register Poppy and her family got to spend Christmas together this year – and will be able to do so next year, and the year after, and the year after that.

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The Real Supermum – Eczema:How do you Distract your Child from Scratching?

Eczema:How do you Distract your Child from Scratching?This, I have lots of experience with; After all, my baby girl Marcie, has eczema from two weeks old. Eczema, put simply, is the itch that rashes. It is chronic, meaning it must be managed overtime with no simple cure. Though it is not life threatening, the amount of stress it creates for a mom with a newborn with severe eczema has been researched to show it’s the same as that facing moms taking care of children with severe disabilities.

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