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30-01-12 – Love Lifestyle Weekly Showcase

Another Monday morning, and another welcome to the Lifestyle showcase!

This week we have a new blogger, Coffee, Cocktails and Conundrums. His first ever post particularly caught my eye, as it features something that is at the centre of my own lifestyle. Procrastination.

CCC claims that he just has to hang out in coffee bars and cocktail lounges because he can’t get any work done at home. 

I can picture you all scratching your goatee beards at this point. But I fully sympathise.

CCC is studying for a Masters. How could he do anything other than procrastinate? I remember those days. Essays to write? Yes – when I’d finished watching Neighbours. Revision? Yes – when I’d had four cups of tea and a packet of Hob-Nobs and a long conversation with my housemates, by which time it was too late to do anything other than go to the pub.

Fast-forward 15 years, and nothing has changed. At the moment, I am writing a big feature for a national newspaper with a very pressing deadline (today, since you ask). As a result, I have cleaned out the guinea pigs, Cillit Banged the sink, ironed some non-iron school shirts, and eaten an entire punnet of blueberries.

The only way to recuperate from all that activity is, obviously, to gather my thoughts in Cafe Nero.

Happy reading!

Introduction kindly written by Maid in Yorkshire.

Ramblings of Geo – Ramblings of a twenty something

Ramblings of Geo is blog about anything and everything that crops up in my life… Im a twenty something female whose married & runs a home and love fashion, beauty, i am also a photographer and love every minute of it!

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Red Ted Art – Make your Own Container Garden

Old wellies? Old colanders? Old anything… think again, you can make them into a container garden. Get ready for Spring!

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I need curtains for the window in my head… – Doodler’s Corner – Michael Jennings, Doodle Boy!

Sometimes you get talking to someone and you really do find that you like them immensely as a human being and sit and wonder at their talents……this is what has happened with Mick Jennings and I. I’ve been merrily conversing with him through the wonders of email and Twitter for ages now and honestly can say he’s one of the nicest guys ever, plus he’s a flipping awesome doodler! Come take a look….

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DorkyMum – The Lost Art of Letter Writing

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Look at this. I got a letter the other day. A proper, handwritten letter – bursting with news – that someone had taken the time to sit down and write, put a stamp on, and take to a postbox. Isn’t it a thing of beauty? And isn’t it sad that it’s such a novelty to get one these days?

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Expatlogue – Tolerance and Acceptance – Subtle differences with a BIG impact

Tolerance and Acceptance - Subtle differences with a BIG impact

Racism, unfortunately, exists everywhere. Because I have white skin and my husband has brown skin, we get to experience people’s views on race and skin colour – from both sides of the fence! When I wore traditional Asian clothing in Britain, people were, largely, complimentary. Women would remark on the beauty of the colours and the femininity of the style, Asians would be pleased to see a white person enjoying something of their cultural heritage, they would shout their appreciation from across roads, “Shabash Didi, you look lovely!”

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Kate On Thin Ice – Why Not Use Chinese New Year For A Fresh Start?

Happy New Year! It is Chinese New Year so if your plans for 2012 or life ingeneral have gone a little lop-sided, why not use today as a reason to make a fresh start?

Are you ready for a little change in your life? It is Groovy Mums Tuesday which means it is time to throw caution to the wind and make a personal commitment to improving your life. If you want to go public, blog about what you are doing ….

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Here come the Girls – Craft Projects – planning a tidier hall

Craft Projects - planning a tidier hall

In Breakfast at Tiffanies, Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly says that when she gets a bad mood (what she calls the mean reds) “the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffanies. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there.”
For me, that’s how I feel about pinterest. If you haven’t found this website it’s basically a big notice board where you pin images from websites you want to look at again.

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MagnificentDuke – Moving House

Moving House

Having a roast dinner cooked for me every Sunday has been all kinds of awesome but at 25 it really is the time to realise that yes I am a grown up. I have a good job, good friends and a good life and the next step towards progression is to move out and ‘spread my wings’ as it were.

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My Funny Mummy – Gross

Just reviewed this week’s posts. I have regaled you with tales of postnatal piles, explosive poos, cervical smears and stubborn wedgies. Not exactly teatime reading. More a who’s who of disgustingness. The who of the who’s being me. I feel the need to redeem myself, before you feel you can actually smell me through your screen. Something had to be done to halt the descent into fully fledged Mrs Twit-ness.

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making it up – Rubbish diet a waste reducing challenge

The start of an 8 week Rubbish Diet challenge, coordinated by Karen over at the Rubbish Diet. Our starting weigh in is a bit odd with having been away at centerparcs for 4 days last week! We threw out one swing bin worth while we were there – that included food waste that we would compost at home, as they don’t have options for dealing with green waste there. There were also more disposable nappies than usual, as I don’t take cloth on holiday.

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Coffee, Cocktails and Conundrums – Procrastination prevention

No longer able to work in the comfort of my own home I have discovered a small coffee haven in Manchester’s northern quarter, im not one for shameless promotion but I do love this place, the coffee house is ‘North tea power‘ and yes they do serve other drinks, cakes and sandwiches (sandwiches are amazing I should say)

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Margot and Barbara – On ballet and other things…

On Wednesday I had the great pleasure of spending the evening with my husband and daughter watching a new production from the Northern Ballet – Beauty and the Beast. It’s not the first time I’ve been to see a Northern Ballet performance. A quick look through the programmes I’ve collected over the years reveals that I’ve seen The Nutcracker (at least twice), Peter Pan, Dracula, Swan Lake and Cleopatra, amongst others.

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Coombe Mill: Tails from the Farmers Wife – Country Kids on the Farm

Country Kids on the Farm

What a glorious Saturday morning, frosty, cold and sunny. To me, this is the very best of winter weather. All 8 of us trooped out onto the farm together to feed the animals. We have one of those rare few days with no guests to share our beautiful farm with now until the back end of the week; it is strange but lovely too.

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the year i quit my life – on love bites and loneliness

When I was midway through the second grade, I was enrolled in what was to be my fourth new school in half as many years. On our first day, my siblings and I were escorted to the library where all the students were assembled. A wiry woman with pursed lips led us to various class groups and instructed us to sit down. Abandoned amongst a sea of strangers, I began to sink beneath the weight of my despair. Blinking back a sting of tears I somehow made it to recess when I was smacked with another shock…

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Not Just A Mummy – Role Models

Role Models

I was tagged by the lovely Mummy On The Edge to take part in this meme about who i look up to as a role model.

This really got me thinking.

In the past i have admired people for several reasons but never really had any one particular person i looked up to.

Would that be like setting yourself up for failure? What if that person wasnt the person you thought they were?

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