Love Mental Health

30-01-12 – Love Mental Health Weekly Showcase

This week see’s I Want My Mummy feeling poorly and so you’ll have to put up with me instead. You lucky buggers.

We all have good days and we all have bad days but for some of us the bad days are terrible. It’s at those times that discovering someone is feeling the same can bring comfort and discovering that someone once felt how you do and now has recovered can bring empowerment.

Share your experiences when you are ready to help other people, you may just be lifting someone up on a bleak day…

Introduction written by  Mammasaurus

Curly Mum – Crazy Curly Mum

I didn’t start this blog to talk about my mental health. If it had been, then perhaps I would have been not-quite-sure-of-herself mum, or at worst downright-crazy mum. This blog was really meant as a place for me to natter about my experiences as a parent raising my mixed race children, and a little about me and my hobbies too. Now it feels as if it’s just about me, all round. A big part of me at the moment is my mental health, so I think I should talk about it.

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Mums help mums – Fine

I did not see it coming, it just hit me with such ferocity that I was completely unable to function. Yes I had suffered from depression throughout my adult life but this time I could not shake it off. It was as if my body was diseased, it began to affect everything and slowly the depression took over me I was unable to fight it anymore. For the first time in my life I gave up my fight and let the depression wash over me.

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A social grumble – A few words on Gary Speed

Ultimately, British football may have lost one of it’s great servants from the last two decades as well as several more to come, but a wife and two teenage boys have lost their husband and father for the rest of their lives. We may never know why, but we must do everything possible to prevent similar happening again – whether it be your hero worshipped footballer on Match of the Day or your average punter on the terraces, they might just need help.

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Smiling and Sparkling – A labour of love

As the days turned into weeks I noticed the sadness wasn’t going away, I had started to hide myself away, and that love I felt in the first few days didn’t seem there. I felt like this little person had invaded my life

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Not Just the Blues – I Missed my Connection

Detached. Apathetic. Determined.

Not words you’d expect a mom to use when describing her emotions towards her new role. I had a new job and I attacked it the way I knew how. I read up on it, watched relevant programs, asked friends and family about their experiences, then formulated a plan. I expected it to be hard. I expected not to get much sleep. I even expected the unexpected. I figured love would get me through.

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Kate On Thin Ice – A Great Week – Reasons To Be Cheerful

Are you thinking positively? If you sometimes struggle to do so, why not write down your Reasons To Be Cheerful?

I do this most weeks with Michelle over at http://mdplife.blogspot and it really helps me focus on the happier things in life.

What are my reasons for smiling this week?

1. My son had a CT scan and everything is fine. I thought it would be but better to have these things checked out.

2. My other son has gone on a “gifted child” register at the grand old age of 6. I am happy about

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Tales of The March Hare – Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

I’ve got myself a job freelancing for few weeks with an old friend and I must say, it’s the first time in a long while that I am enjoying work. I was worried the longer I had off, the harder it would be to get back into it, but, it’s not too bad! My other worry about work was to do with stress. When I resigned last year, I was very stressed… its something that people don’t really talk much but I also think a lot of people have symptom’s of stress without really knowing what is wrong with them.

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A Hell Of A Woman – You’re beautiful (if a bit lop-sided)

Last week, I felt positive and upbeat. I was ready to think about tackling some of the many jobs that have been playing on my mind and I was full of inspiration about how I could move this blog forwards.

This week, I feel worthless. Don’t ask me to explain why, I don’t know. I can’t make any sense of it myself.

One step forwards, two steps back.

So, on the advice of the Cheetah Keeper’s mum, I’m joining in with her (relatively new) linky “You’re Beautiful”.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes – You’re Beautiful – Week 4

You're Beautiful - Week 4

So far I’ve been looking for beautiful things to inspire me in the natural world around me. However, every now and again you go somewhere and something yummy (and a tad materialistic but hey!) makes you think wow!

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Mammasaurus – The End, final words and a linky

The End, final words and a linky

One comment really struck a chord with me and made me think. The comment was from OlderMum and it went like this:

“If you had been suffering from the flu or cancer those around you would have been sympathetic etc but when it comes to mental illness you are told to pull yourself together and treated with impatience. There is no diference between mental or physical suffering…Those that aren’t suffering find it difficult to understand that its often very difficult to control your behaviour when you are so totally caught up in the web of any mental disturbance.”

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The Mummy Diary – Today is a bad day!

After a busy few weeks stuff had finally caught up with me and it was one of those bad days, you know the type, where if a big hole opened up and swallowed you it probably wouldn’t matter!

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