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23-01-12 Love Music Weekly Showcase

I love being part of the Love all Blogs world. It gives me a sense of purpose and the chance to discover new blogs every single day. I love reading your posts about music because they make me happy. I discovered that music posts are not sad. They are normally funny and they make me smile.

To understand what I’m saying just watch Mammasaurus video. Are you smilling yet? I’m sure you are. Fantastic music videos are shared every single week over at I want my mummy‘s link up Mix-tape Monday. Pop over have a look and submit yours too.
Then we have the post from the lady that blogs over at Music for baby. By playing live music at weddings she gives the gift of music to young newly married couples. I loved the picture she shared with us – playing violin while heavily pregnant.

The Diary of A Lagos Mum‘s post made me smile too! It’s funny how Hickory Dickory Dock song is just stuck in her head. Musodad‘s post and his idea for the 24 songs…gave me an idea too. Maybe we should have a Music Bloggers Party where every single person could bring a cd with their 24 best and favourite ever songs. That could be fun but it will probably last forever!

Anyway without further chatter from me I give you this weeks showcase. Have fun and share the love for music.
I learned new things about music this past week and I even discovered new blogs. I discovered new music links and funny music videos. It fascinates me how some people are so good at creating videos. I’m not very good at it! Not at all I should say! For me the knowledge of music is limited to adding my favourite music to iTunes and then to my iPhone.
Music! What will you do without the music in your life? Do you connect feelings with certain songs? Looking forward to read your posts again this week!
By the way if you ever want to contact me with any questions find me on twitter @romanianmum or the LAB community website in the Music Group.

Introduction kindly written by Romanian Mum.

Misterdoctorbeckymark2 – Lulu – The album

Lulu - The album

First of I have been a massive fan of Metallica since the release of ‘the black album’! Obviously like most people I did some research, once I decided I loved that album, and looked into their back-catalog and bought all the other albums, one after the other over the next few months and been a fan ever since!

When Load & Reload were released some people who could only be described as ignorant, stagnant, afraid of change were having a go at them for their image change and their shorter hairstyles…

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Tales of the Sticking, Picking and Finger Licking Years – The verdict on the tracks you gave me…….

Music. It’s my drug. Or maybe I should say, was.

From a family passionate about music, it has always been a big part of my life. I have neglected this part hugely lately. Test me on any kids programmes theme tunes. I will know all the words. Charlie and Lola’s Bestest story collection? Yep I can pretty much recite that word for word too. This doesn’t cut it though when you’re out for dinner and someone asks, ‘so what have you been listening to lately?’.

It was for this reason I chose number 96 on my Day Zero project.

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ROKBRAND – Magnet CD packaging

The packaging above was created for Ferrofluid, the newest album for Norwegian musician, Magnet. Designer Martin Kvamme of Snøheta Design created the box which is limited to 500 editions, 300 of which are available for sale. More details and an additional sample of Martin’s work available over at Creative Review.

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Dear Beautiful Boy – Soundtrack of Life: Song 3

This song was one of your favourites to fall asleep to.
It’s not exactly relaxing,
or slow,
or calming,
or melodic.
But you liked it.

Clearly you’re going to be some kind of rocker when your older.

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Older Mum (In A Muddle) – Old Skool Music Therapy

I discover The The’s brilliant album Soul Mining from which the introspective Uncertain Smile is my hands down favourite. Now this song paints the ultimate background to the skin blemished, white histrionic knuckle ride of my latter teenage years. The piano solo, nod to Jools Holland, is vintage gorgeousness decanted into the finest Waterford crystal to be savoured over and over again courtesy of the rewind button.

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musodad – What’s in a band name? Find yours with ‘musodad’s band name game’

What if you were in a band and didn’t have any ideas for a name? That’s why I’ve invented ‘musodad’s Band name game’.

If you have some magnetic words at home put them into a sandwich bag. Pull out a word at a time and see if you can make a band name out of them.

Here’s an example complete with back story :

– Over Liked – now this IS good. It’s over confident, like a new band should be. Beady Eye should have been called Over Liked – that would have showed Noel they really meant business.

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I Can’t Brain Today; I Have the Dumb – “That’s what Dreams are made of”

“That’s what Dreams are made of”

I had mentioned in an earlier post my love of music and that I started playing music at an early age. Well, 4th grade, when I became eligible to participate in my school’s music program.

I was digging through some old pictures over the weekend and was surprised by how many I found with me playing an instrument. Not just me; other family members too. It never occurred to me that I came from a musical family until just a few days ago. It’s been just “one of those things my family does.”

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