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30-01-12 Love Music Weekly Showcase

My dear fellow lovers of music I hope you had a nice week. Last week we had again some really fantastic posts entered so I am looking forward to reading them again this week. Do you know that we actually had an entry from US as well? Love All Blogs is going worldwide!!!! So exciting!

 One of the biggest music events last week was Michael Jackson being immortalised by his kids. Paris,Prince  and Blanket – still can’t get over the fact that their names are really weird – immortalised their father by making imprints of his sequinned glove and dancing shoes. This was done in order to celebrate the opening of Cirque du Soleil’s MichaelJackson : immortal world tour. How is it that people always appreciate a singers career only after they are gone? Hm…I can give you several examples and not only from the world of music but from the world of film too. I use to like Michael when I was a kid but the last 10-15 years or so his life was full with scandals so everything gave me a bad feeling and I stopped following his career.

On twitter this week we had quite a nice chat about the BlogFest2012 – one of the projects that the mother of Loveallblogs – Annie, is cooking. I’m not sure if you saw it or not but don’t you think it will be cool to have a Blogging Festival with camping and all? Never been to a proper camping festival in England before so I think it will be cool to start here.

 Don’t forget you can always contact me on twitter @romanianmum and on Love all Blogs Community if you happen to have any questions.
With no more babbling from me I’ll give you this week Music Showcase:

Introduction kindly written by Romanian Mum.

Me and My Shadow – Loose yourself in the Land Of Sometimes

Loose yourself in the Land Of Sometimes

Every now and again, something comes along which is quite simply, perfect. The Land of Sometimes CD is just that. You’ll forgive my effusing about it, but I honestly can’t find a single criticism of it. I want every child and parent to enjoy this magical journey.

Young twins, Alfie and Elise wander off in their imaginations to the Land Of Sometimes, encountering fantastical characters along the way. Each character has their own story which is told in song. Each style is different from the last, some upbeat poppy tunes, others tranquil soothing melodies.

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A social grumble – A Pogue is for life, not just for Christmas

A Pogue is for life, not just for Christmas

There’s not an emotion that hasn’t been laid bare, smashed in the face and beaten into submission by a song from The Pogues, they cover everything. From the heartbreak and misery of A Pair of Brown Eyes, raucous revelry in Streams of Whiskey or the romance of A Rainy Night in Soho, whether you need a song to dance, cry or fall in love to, there’s one for every occasion.

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Tales of the Sticking, Picking and Finger Licking Years – The ultimate car album for kids

Both the kids already love music and we regularly go to music classes and sing our little hearts out to The Wheels on the Bus and Old MacDonald’s Farm. It gets us out and they love it, but I do want the children to learn some ‘real’ songs.

My original intention was to compose an album. However, after going through our entire iTunes library, I ended up with over 70 songs so I have organised them into 4 albums which I will post separately.

Here is the first one, perfect to listen to on car journeys:

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musodad – The reasons why Parent Bloggers are cooler than Rock Stars

In November the NME published their ‘2011 Cool List’, the list of the 50 coolest “Rock Stars” on the planet right now.

Without doubt everyone featured is pretty cool but I often wonder who NME use as a benchmark to compare these cool Rock Stars with. With no spokesperson available for comment, I decided I would take it upon myself to find this ‘control’ group. The first group I could think of was, unsurprisingly, Parent Bloggers.

When all is said and done, who really is the coolest? Well, ladies and gentleman, today we are going to find out.

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The Bling Buoy – I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

I still haven't found what I'm looking for

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed,

soothes the mind and gives it a rest,

heals the heart and makes it whole,

flows from heaven to the soul.”

Author unknown. I wonder why? Maybe he/she felt that the quote was not enough. That they needed to source music to better express what they really wanted to say before they attached their identity to this otherwise beautifully whimsical insight. But then they started meandering through the lush musical labyrinth of YouTube and got lost… forgetting what they went there for. I know that feeling. It happens.

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A Hell Of A Woman – Once more, with feeling

You may never have watched an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but chances are you know there’s a musical episode. And what an episode.

I’ve been surprised to find one of the songs stuck in my head the last few days. I keep catching myself humming it and then singing parts out loud. I’ve even sung it as a nap-time lullaby to the baby.

The song in question is called “Going Through The Motions” and this is me. It’s where I’m at right now…..

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Mummy’s Little Stars – Mix Tape Monday #11 – Starting Here, Starting Now

Clearly, I want to join in with this when I can…I soooooo love my music. Thanks very much to I Want My Mummy for this Monday meme. I do so hope I do it right.

The song I have chosen not only had to fit the theme, but also had to be something that worked with my infant blogging journey, well – coz, to be honest, I’m a bit of a librarian about that kind of thing.

Let’s begin with the big, beautiful lungs of Barbara Streisand. She can sing louder than I can talk.

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Dear Beautiful Boy – Soundtrack of Life: Song 4

Wembley Stadium was the first concert that you ever went to.

You were in Mummy’s tummy at the time,
but it still counts.

We knew from the books about pregnancy that we had been reading,
that you were just starting to hear things.
So it definitely counts.

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A Mummy Too – What’s on your MP3 player?

What's on your MP3 player?

I just hopped over to From Fun To Mum’s blog and discovered a meme doing the rounds (courtesy of Seasider in the City) where you have to hit shuffle on your MP3 player and reveal the first five you hit upon.

Disclaimer: I have a LOT of kid’s tunes on my player – not to mention Hairy MacLary read by David Tennant – so I skipped past them and these are the real tunes that came up.

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Actually Mummy… – What’s on your MP3?

A bit of Friday-night fun courtesy of Seasider in the City and inspired by Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles and his crew. Basically you put your MP3 player on shuffle and confess the first 3 songs that play. Rather nervously Mummy went for it:

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HPMcQ – what’s on your mp3

Seasider in the City has in her own words shamelessly stolen this from the Chris Moyles  Show on Radio 1, but like she says it’s a bit of silliness and that i like, so therefore i will join in, it is friday so what the heck!

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Seasider in the City – The very quick generic mp3 shuffle game

I have shamelessly stolen this from the Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1 but I thought it would be a bit of fun and may throw up a few embarrassing guilty pleasures you are hiding!
Here’s what to do:
Stick your mp3 player on shuffle and then list the first 5 songs it plays. NO CHEATING! Then tag some people to do the same – any number you like.
Here are my little beauties…

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from fun to mum – what’s on your MP3 Player?

So Actually Mummy goes and tags me in a music meme, saying that the findings might be interesting. The post should be about putting my MP3 player on shuffle and fess up what are the first 5 songs that come up. Well, let me start by saying that I do not own an MP3 player, but I do have an iPhone that I possibly update once every 18 months, if that, *remembers that last time I updated it I was pregnant and was doing birth playlist* (baby is now past 15 months).

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Mammasaurus – Christmas Karoke

Christmas Karoke

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