05-12-11 8-12 months

Jo’s Nursery

My Breastfeeding Experience

Jo's Nursery

When Thomas was 13 days old, I decided that breastfeeding was no longer suitable for us. This was a hard decision to make and one that I agonised over for few days and felt disappointed about for a few days after that.

When Thomas came into this world, he had swallowed lots of fluid inside me and suffered really badly with mucus. He hardly slept or breastfed for the first few days. I thought breastfeeding was easy to begin with and wondered why so many people had problems with it. Yes, I was a little sore and found it uncomfortable but I knew it was my body getting used to the new thing it was doing.

When my milk came in and Thomas finally cleared the mucus, things began to change. He became constantly hungry all the time. He would take an hour and a half to feed with a couple of breaks during the feed, then an hour and a half later he would want feeding again. I had no energy and just felt tired and upset all the time. I did not feel myself at all.

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Love In The Nest

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of my PND days

It’s hard for people to understand when they haven’t had depression, and for us who are suffering it’s sometimes hard to accept that they don’t understand.

I sometimes feel cross at my husband for not quite getting it and he is the most wonderful, understanding husband I could ask for. He helps me as much as he can and is there for me when I need it but as he has never suffered with depression he doesn’t fully get it.

I thought I’d write a post, for me, for my husband, and maybe to help others, to understand how a day in the life of depression, post natal depression in my case, can be. Of course every person feels different so I’m just talking for me…

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do i need a spread for that?


ok i admit it, i have a problem

actually many would say that i have more than one, but today, right now, i think i might need to address just the one

my name is HPMcQ and i am an addict

i am addicted to creating a spread sheet for everything and anything that can think of

there you go

i’ve said it

phew, done

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