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Up Yours Gina Ford

Seagulls, Starbucks and Sprite Bottles

Up Yours Gina Ford

The last holiday we went on all got a bit stressful when my husband kind of punched a seagull. I say ‘kind of’ – he totally punched a seagull. In front of a bunch of kids. Who then started shrieking. It was a little awkward and probably not typical behaviour of visitors to the Tate St Ives but please nobody call the RSPB – in our defence we were just trying to enjoy an afternoon snack in the rooftop café when this seagull swooped in for my husband’s scone. He says he panicked, thought the bird was going for one of our kids and so punched it. I say BULLSHIT – my husband just really, really likes scones. Anyway, there were gasps from the onlookers, screams from the kids and an iffy noise coming from the seagull, who was now giving us evils from on-high and more than likely sending out some kind of silent gull-call to his mates to come and have us.

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Basingstoke Baby

High Praise for Marie at Fitmama

WOW Feeling fabulous here right now. My Fitmama Classes are just so much FUN!

I really can’t regard the class any higher, I’ve been telling every man & his dog…ok, maybe not his dog but his wife & their pregnant neighbours! 😀

So far I’ve done 4 classes & can hear Marie’s words running around my head with every exercise, or whenever I do get a spare 5 minutes to sit & practise my breathing or pelvic excercises! I love the way I get to have a good natter with ladies at all stages of their pregnancy before & after the class.

After 2 weeks I even managed to pursuade a friend to join up & come along with me!

So, the next time I don’t want to move my lardy arse off the comfort of my sofa I’ll remember this feeling 🙂

If you’re interested, check out the website or give Marie a call. She’s lovely.

Night all,
Becky & Flump

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Forgive me Gina Ford for I have sinned.

So I knew having children would affect the amount of sleep I have. I also assumed that after having had my second baby I would learn to survive on less sleep than I would have ever deemed possible post mummydom. However, this is ridiculous! I am rapidly turning into the sort of mother that Gina Ford would drop kick soon as look at. Dummy? In! Night feed? Still there (I know at 7months this equates to child abuse in Gina world). Then there was the night time routine, complete with organic lavender baby bath milk, which has rapidly flown out of the window, the routine not the bath milk. Babybear2 is watching an unhealthy amount of The Style Network in the vain hope that I’ll get a little rest and catch up on Big Rich Texas! But what struck me last night, as I watched the highly addictive reality show ‘Tia and Tamera’ (yes, of Sister Sister fame) whilst simultaneously bouncing the bouncer and telling myself that this could possibly constitute a bedtime routine, is that it doesn’t really matter if I’m bending the rules a little.

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Misadventures with Deed Poll

My first name has an unusual spelling (thanks mum), my maiden name is unusual, difficult to spell and for many, difficult to pronounce. My husband’s surname is long, fairly easy to spell, but as difficult to pronounce as my maiden name. Oh and I also have a middle name. It is simple, easy to spell and boring.

I spent much time pondering changing my name in the run-up to our wedding. I’d had my surname for many long years. Some happy, some less so. It was my name and it felt very much a part of who I was. So, I decided that I would swerve changing it and instead do the modern, emancipated woman thing and add my husband’s surname to my surname. Cue Deed Poll. Simples!

But no. Not so simples.

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Mum on the Run


Today is the Finnish Independence Day.

Finland gained its independence in 1917 but had to fight with Soviet Union to keep it during the Second World War. My grandma who was one of the many nurses right by the frontline of battle used to tell me and my brother many stories about the war when she was still alive. We found her stories fascinating and loved listening to them.

But just to show you how hard core us Finns are, here are some statistics about the battle between us and our Eastern neighbour:

250,000 men 1,500,000 men
30 tanks 6,541 tanks
130 aircraft 3,800 aircraft

Thanks to all men and women who fought for our county, we remained independent. And because of that I am now speaking Finnish to my three children. Not that it is the most useful language in the world as there are only 5million people in the whole of Finland, but it is part of their identity and I hope they will be proud of that growing up.

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Musings of a stressy mummy

Encouraging children to read

I was really sad when I read yesterday that according to research by the National Literacy Trust, one in three children has never owned a book. I was really shocked by that statistic.

I was talking to someone at school about it and they said that reading isn’t for everyone. But I disagree with that statement completely. Of course there are some people for who reading is more difficult or challenging and there are always some books or types of books that don’t appeal, but reading is such a wide and varied thing, there must be something that can appeal to everyone?

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X Factor Anonymous – one dad’s unhealthy addiction to a prime time TV show

On Friday 7th October 2011, the day before the Live Finals of X Factor commenced, I predicted that Amelia Lily would win the competition. This is detailed in my submitted blog post.

In hindsight I probably should have popped into the bookies that day and put some money on her to win but I didn’t. Two days later I was glad I hadn’t wasted my money as she was voted off the show.

Now, having been reinstated, there is every chance, come Sunday 11th December, that she could still win X Factor 2011.

By the time you read this on Monday 12th December you will know my fate. At this point in time I could well be crying into my daily bowl of Shreddies.

If this happens, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find Jim Bowen standing at the bottom of my bed on Monday morning repeating the words “look what you could’ve won” over and over again…

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A mums internal monologue

noise is so noisy these days

Why is everything so noisy these days. My recently acquired fear of any kind of noise has a direct correlation with my (light sleeping) baby’s, sleep times.

Does the term “sleeping like a baby” mean, despite being exhausted, drooping eyes, floppy, basically asleep with his eyes half open, yet still protesting, moaning and groaning for 10 minutes when put to bed, then waking when the kettle clicks off or I rustle something in the kitchen?

Microwaves are so noisy. Buzz buzz, beep beep beep, ping! It could just stop, I know how long I put it on for…

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A Hell Of A Woman

12 days of Buffy : Angel

When it came to men, I was a living, breathing, walking cliche. Tall, dark and handsome – yes please! Full of angst – send him my way! And then I met my husband.

The night we met I was on a work colleague’s hen night. It was in no way the raucous affair I’d expected and was instead an opportunity for the bride-to-be to spend quality time catching up with family and old friends over a very civilised meal.

Myself and 2 other girls (we’ll call them T and F) were made to feel quite unwelcome so we politely made our excuses and then headed off to pour copious amounts of alcohol down our throats!

One of the pubs that we visited was a popular drinking spot and had 2 doormen stood outside of it. Doormen make me very nervous, as I’m always expecting them to ID me and/or not let me in. Fortunately T knew one of them from school so after a quick chat, we made our way inside with no hassle.

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from fun to mum

Fashion Friday: Kids Xmas Outfit Blog Hop

from fun to mum

Little Miss G was about 10 weeks old last Christmas. It was her first Christmas and we wanted to get some cute cards printed. We went to John Lewis and bought her a little Santa velour outfit. She wore it for the card photo and then again for dinner on Christmas Eve to the surprise and delight of my Italian family who had never seen such a thing.

Whilst I surely wouldn’t have put it on her for Christmas lunch, I must admit that I got some really fun pictures of Miss G dressed as Santa and the rest of the family on Christmas Eve. Mr H made a fun calendar and sent it over to the Italians who thought it was hysterical. Please remember that in Italy Santa has to face very tough competition from baby Jesus as Christmas star attraction so a Santa outfit on a 10 weeks old baby had everyone shocked as well as amused.

This year Mr H and I have been wondering if we should buy her another crazy outfit and surprise my Italian family again, maybe with a little Elf or a cute Rudolph.

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