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The Bling Buoy

Widget and the apple bran muffins

The Bling Buoy

Oh lordy! I simply cannot dissipate this feeling of euphoric pride over the fact that I not only know what a widget is, but I know what do with one. When did I become so clever! For those who think a widget is just a disturbing rabbit/robot hybrid from children’s tv show Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (as summed up my wordly understanding of widgets until a week ago), a widget is a button or link on a website that allows you to do stuff, like “subscribe” to a blog or “like” it on Facebook. And I now know how to install one!! On a website! Warning: Head. Seriously. Swelling. Out. Of. Control!

As soon as I realized that I had successfully created my own website – complete with widgets – I immediately starting cyber-stalking my high school Computer Science teacher to inform him that I had not continued to be “a complete waste of kilobytes” as he had cheerfully anticipated. I had proved him wrong dammit and I knew he would want to know. No, he would need to know. I had in fact become his star pupil! He would be euphoric too!

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Three Little Flowers

Licking the Cot

Three Little Flowers

With crying babies in surround sound I threw the covers off and stomped into L’s room to see what was the matter. Obviously her teeth were hurting so the magic Calpol was the only option after a little hug. In the dark, in my boxer shorts (steady ladies) and with a none active brain I obviously poured the Calpol all over the cot missing the spoon completely. ”Bollox!”

L under one arm, dripping calpol bottle in the other, brain switched off, there was only one thing to do. Bend down and attempt to lick all of the calcpol off the cot. What L thought I was doing I can only imagine! Why didn’t you put one or the other down to get a cloth from the bathroom and wipe it off I hear you say. My brain was on LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS ONLY, as they say in Star Trek, is the only explanation!

L just looked at me with disdain as if to say “If that’s the best you can do we are all doomed”.


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Living it Little

Thrifty Thursday: Homemade Apple & Pear Chutney

Living it Little

I set about making this last weekend with the aim of allowing it to mature for the next few weeks and be ready in time for Christmas. It’s pretty straightforward, here’s the recipe:

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Older Single Mum

‘The Well is Dry’

Older Single Mum

My Shitty Ex-Husband’s Saturday was a shocking shambles. It has taken this long to come to terms with it!

Firstly he was an hour late. Secondly, Aiden – who hears his booming Welsh voice virtually every other evening – was wildly and completely indifferent to the sight of him. (Wish it was as simple as that for me). So I couldn’t go. And thirdly, he casually informed me that ‘The well is dry,’ so he would no longer be paying maintenance.

No apologetic nuances. Nothing. Zero. Like the amount of cash cascading in to my Bank account. Zilch.

Not a brilliant way to start an afternoon.

So, suddenly ….

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Yellow Days

My Top 20 Christmas Countdown: Number 20

I’ve been tagged by the Christmastastic Melksham Mum to share with you my favourite Christmas song. I have tried to do this over the last couple of days but it just can’t be done. My love of Christmas is too great, my appreciation of all the cheesy tunes too broad, to choose just one. Instead I have a treat for all of you. I am going to count down my 20 (yep 2-0, twenty) most loved festive ditties between now and the day itself. No need to thank me, that’s just the kind of girl I am. So, to the task in hand…

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Here come the girls

Should I go on strike?

Here come the girls

Ever since the protests last week I’ve been thinking about it: whether I should go on strike too. It’s not so much about the pay, I knew about that from the start. It’s more the working conditions.
Things seem to have got worse recently. I have three bosses, which I think is part of the problem. In the past few months they seem to have got even more demanding. They expect me ready for work at ever earlier times and even to be there for them at a moment’s notice in the middle night. It’s a gruelling schedule and to be honest it’s starting to wear on me.
I know it’s unprofessional to gripe publically about your workplace. Normally I try to stay positive. The problem is with three different people expecting different things I’m struggling to keep up. I do have a colleague who works with me, however he splits his time between two jobs, so the majority of the time I’m on my own.

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The Nativity

I have always had a little bit of a competitive streak when it comes to The Nativity Play. This year my eldest son is in reception class and this is the year that they have the honour of doing The Nativity. I have to admit (and I know I sound like a proper alpha mum saying this) but I did see Louie as an ideal candidate for Joseph.

So when he came home with his Angel costume, I did feel (don’t hate me for this) a little disappointed. It has made me realise two things. One, I have huge potential to be a massively nutty stage mum. Yes I would be happy backstage polishing my sons ballroom shoes swapping gossip with the other (women without lives of their own) mothers.

Two, I have some unresolved Mary issues of my own to deal with. You see I really wanted to be Mary, despite being a grubby, chubby child,I wanted to bear the messiah.

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Cupcake Mumma

Harry Potter Boxset is Mineeee!!

Cupcake Mumma

You actually have NO idea how long i have waited to own the whole collection of Harry Potter. Yes i am a bit of a Harry Potter freak. I have read, but do not own the whole series of books and that is now on my list of ‘Things I Really Need To Own’. I’ve borrowed and rented out the films for years just never got round to owning a single one (okay I had the first 2 on video but then I gave the video player away *sigh*)
So yes, this is what I shall be doing tonight now I have nothing else better to do. I will play my way through HP, eat my very strange new concoction of dark soya chocolate yogurt, banana and peanut butter heated in the microwave (don’t ask), snuggle in my duvet and wait for Other Half to come home. Of course, as soon as he does come in he’ll have to go back out again and get me some fries because I do not care tonight about the ‘inches’ they can wait until tomorrow.

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12 hours to bedtime

Captain Underpants and his daughter’s playdate

A couple of Saturdays ago, both girls invited a friend over to play.

It had been raining since Friday night. And energy levels were bordering on manic, probably from being cooped up all day. Shrieks were becoming shriller. Laughter was becoming louder. The thuds and thumps coming from the basement were becoming more thunderous. It was only a matter of time before it would all end in tears.

As a preemptive strike, I went into the kitchen to make the girls a snack.

Only to find that my husband was already there.

Clasping a freshly brewed cup of tea.

In his underwear.

I will say that again, in case you think that you read it wrong the first time.

It was a Saturday afternoon and my husband was standing in the kitchen, sipping a cup of tea, in his underwear.

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Minibreak Mummy

Multiple shopping personalities

Minibreak Mummy

Sometimes I think I have multiple shopping personalities.

In Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware, I fancy buying pretty cake tins and picnic gear. This appeals to the tiny part of me that would like to be a domestic goddess, despite the fact I only bake once in a blue moon.

In Muji, my inner minimalist comes out. Ooh clean lines and simple shapes. How can I possibly resist? The fact I live in an already overcrowded and chaotic house is momentarily forgotten.

In a posh make-up and toilettries section of a department store, I find myself tempted by prettily packaged make-up, perfumes and miracle face creams – and have to remind myself that I already have more than sufficient quantities of similar items that have only been used a handful of times if that.

In an outdoor gear shop, I am enticed by lightweight and high tech outdoor and camping gear. But sadly the most adventurous thing I do these days is the occasional two hour, fair weather hike.

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The Princess and The Pickle

The Princess, The Pickle and The Penguins

The Princess and The Pickle

What better way to spend a rainy Tuesday morning than over-editing a photo in the name of Snap Slappers…

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Pinkoddy’s Blog

Should you be able to take photos/video Children?

Pinkoddy's Blog

Should you be able to take photos/film children?

And of course I don’t mean any old children, or in inappropriate ways but at say sports days – and currently in the nativity play?

If you aren’t allowed to film/take photos should schools be able to do it for you and take out any children that parents don’t want in there? Or should you be able to take them of just your own children?

How would anyone monitor if other children were in the shot though?

Do people worry too much?

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Mummy Vs Work

Sibling Love

Ive just spent the last 20 minutes or so just watching Kayleigh and Ethan playing and I will be honest the way they play is so much more caring and creative than I could ever of imagined.

When I was pregnant with Ethan I was worried about how Kayleigh would be with a sibling. She was only 20 months old when he can along so she was still a baby herself. I worried she would think I was replacing her or didn’t love her anymore but I shouldn’t have worried.

Kayleigh loved Ethan from the very start, not once did she really make a fuss about him being here, maybe she would snuggle up and talk like a baby for a bit of attention but that was about it.

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More Than A Mum Blog

Soft Play Reviews: A Tour of Britain

OK so it’s a bit of an ambitious title, but it’s a work in progress! Over the last few months I have discovered that it is important to meet with old friends in very different locations to those we used to. Having lived in various locations across the country and having friends spread far and wide, I have often met friends ‘half way’. We used to meet for spa days and meals, now with so many of us having kids in tow, the usual location is a park or during these winter months, a soft play. So now that I have met people in a range of locations I thought I would share my experiences with you.

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You’re not from round here.


You're not from round here.

Tis the season of goodwill, festivities, presents and, um, divorce. Over the festive period Relate have previously reported a 50% rise in the number of phone calls received over the festive period. It’s not surprising that Christmas can spark the end of a relationship, for even a slightly shaky relationship it’s stressful and can easily cause disputes.

I published a post back in August about how divorce effected me as a child. Looking back on it, I feel like it was a bit negative. Of course, as with everything in life, you can draw a positive from a bad situation, so I will try and find the positives from my Mum and Dad splitting up.

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A Mummy Too

Baby with a blocked nose – the spray and aspirate solution

A Mummy Too

It shoots a jet of clean sea water up the nostril and loosens the snot, which dribbles out. Use the aspirator a minute or too later to clear the remains of the softened blockage if necessary and you’ll have a much happier baby.

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