12-12-11 8-12 months

The Life and Times of The Working Mum

Life & Trials – Debut

This is my debut into blogging! It was never something I thought I would consider, but until recently I never really had anything to write about that people may relate too? Under it all I guess I could use a few outside views and opinions, reassurance everything will be okay.
My name is Laura, I am 21 and I work in administration – I have an amazing other half and 16 weeks ago…… I found out I was pregnant.
This was never the plan, not in these years of my life anyway. I wanted more financial stability & above all I wanted to plan every detail. I wanted both creators to want this new life straight away and to know that despite anything and everything that could happen, that this little being growing inside me would be loved.

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All I Want for Christmas (that money can’t buy)

I was lying awake the other night thinking about all the things I’d like for Christmas that money can’t buy. I thought it might make a good topic to blog about. So imagine how crabbit it made me when I turned on my computer the next morning and there was already an email in my inbox titled ‘All I Want for Christmas that Money Can’t Buy”.

Bless though, it was from the lovely Donna at Mummy Central, and she’d done a brilliant blog post on the topic. She was then kind enough to open the subject up as a linky, and has tagged me to take part. Like Donna, you can take it as a given that things like world peace and medical advancements are on my list; this is more about things that are personal to me. Here’s my wishlist.

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Chatty Baby

This Toddler Does Not Eat Breakfast

I think breakfast is over-rated. These days, I won’t eat it, whatever they give me. Any of it. If I’ve been asleep for hours (and sometimes I have, sometimes for really a very long time!) I want to get up and make the most of the day! Why waste time eating? There are toys to be played with, pictures to be drawn, not to mention the attention that must be lavished on Hairy Dog when I’ve not seen him in so long. So, to assert my authority, I, the toddler, won’t eat breakfast.

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Actually Mummy…

Things they Teach in School these days!

Actually Mummy...

I was having a chat with Mummy the other day about school in the olden days. She laughed when I asked her if they had school when she was young and if she went. I thought it was a pretty reasonable question given how little she knows about the things they teach in school. I am 7 and I already know more than her. This is a synopsis of several post-schoolday interactions we have had over the last few weeks:

Mummy: What did you learn today?
GG: Oh just Symbolism in Hindu worship….

GG: I was sad today because I didn’t get a go with the camera
M: Oh, are you learning to take photos?
GG: No! *eyeroll* We’re learning to capture a digital image….

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