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The Bling Buoy

Out with the old…

The Bling Buoy

On October 16, 2011, Fauja Singh crossed the finish line in the ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 8hrs, 25mins and 16 seconds. He was 100 years old.

Now …before you start freaking out about an impending a lecture on the benefits of exercise, please don’t despair. Because this story is more about Mr Singh’s wife than Mr Singh per se. And no, I’m not about to burst into a rendition of “Stand by your man” either. Tammy nailed it – I could never do it justice.

You see, what I find interesting is that Mr Singh took up “serious” running only 11 years ago at the age of 89… after the death of his wife and son. He needed something to fill the hole that was left by their sudden departure from his life … and running marathons was it.

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Wag Doll

Twinkle Toes! Sequin Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Wag Doll

It’s officially time for some Christmas sparkle, The Twinkle Toes Christmas Stocking!

I did a little Christmas happy dance when I made this, I love it so much.

To make your sequin stocking read on.

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Cookie monster


Meeting with a friend this morning, it was mentioned that for Bubby D’s ‘new parents group’ Christmas Party tomorrow, we are required/being nudged in the direction of/kindly asked* to bring with us a baked offering of some description. I’m assuming that this is for the benefit of the mummies, since Bubby D is only 16 weeks and as yet not enjoying items of the baked variety, except of course through the medium of mummy’s milk (and there’s a lot of baking goodness packed into that, I can tell you! : licks lips : )

*delete as appropriate/correct

So, in a minor panic given the very short notice, I riffled through my cupboard of ingredients and decided upon cranberry and white chocolate chip cookies. YUM! Quick, fairly simple and frankly delicious, they tick all the boxes. Since it’s Christmas, I’ve added a little bit of sparkly bling into the mix in the form of a splash or two of glace icing.

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Yes! We do have a TV!

That’s Quite Enough Now, Thank You.

Yes!  We do have a TV!

Today, I have well and truly had enough of……….. parenting! There I said it. So shoot me. After 6 years and 3 children, I have finally cracked and it is all down to one moaning, groaning, pestering, clingy (albeit unwell) little man. Yes, he is unwell – poor thing, but he has not slept for 3 nights, he has been stuck to my side for 3 days, if I dare to stand up and not immediately pick him up too, he melts into floods of tears. I mean, I had the gall this morning to believe that it was ok to leave said Fireman-Sam-obsessed toddler in the capable hands of the Welsh Fireman, while I legged it to have a wee, make a cup of (much-needed) coffee, and find some match sticks to hold my poor, heavy eyelids open with, to which he responded with a huge tantrum.

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Musings of a stressy mummy

The School Carol Service

It’s one of the highlights of the year, isn’t it? Any school production is lovely, seeing your little ones up on stage, brings a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye doesn’t it? But there is always something extra special about the Christmas plays or services. Everyone is winding down after a long and tiring term, the halls are filled with decorations and twinkling Christmas trees. It is a special time.

Well tonight was my two boys’ Carol Service. The school always puts on a nice show; a mixture of singing, poems, readings and the Reception class always shout their way through a small nativity. They get parents to buy Poinsettias and dedicate them in memory of lost loved ones and use them to fill the hall, which is truly beautiful.

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Older Single Mum

The Landlady is a Tramp!

Older Single Mum

After last week’s post on LNB, it felt fitting, at such a joyful time of year, to let you all know what Fate kindly and unbelievably dropped in my lap after my shitty ex – h said ‘The Well is Dry’ and stopped paying any maintenance. Here’s what I wrote:

He was a friend first, my lodger. Then he was more than a friend and now he is no longer ‘The Lodger.’

What can I say? I love him.

‘No surprise!’ I hear you cry, having read my most ever read post -Never Bonk Your Lodger!

Does this mean I am no longer a single mum? No, of course not.

Does it mean I am less lonely at times, less stressed, less heartbroken at the way things have transpired? Of course.

Will it last? Let’s hope so.

The children adore him and have accepted his presence naturally, having known him before he moved in. He thinks I am an exceptionally beautiful woman, extraordinary (in a good way) and wants to be with me and spoil me. What’s not to love?


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Here come the girls

A catalogue of errors

Did you know the Oxford English Dictionary has brought out a new edition this week? It needed to revise it’s definition of the word idiot.
Yes, if you look closely you’ll see my photo next to the definition of idiot. They had to update it after the events of the weekend during our weekend at Butlins for the Tots100 christmas party. I’d heard the phrase catalogue of errors before but never really understood it. Somehow everything I did went totally wrong. I should have taken a tip from Santa and made a list and checked it twice.

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Dear Beautiful Boy

A Winter Wonderland Weekend

Dear Beautiful Boy

Last weekend we took the little guy on a real adventure.
Our first family holiday.
We were excited about the chance to get away as a three
and to make some nice family memories.

We most definitely made some lovely memories.
We’ve got some beautiful photos to show for it.
Holidays are definitely what you make of them,
and we made the most of ours.

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A Baby on Board

Being 31 weeks pregnant

A Baby on Board

This week friend Nick came to stay, for the day: it was very lovely to see him, and hi Nick! We spent a large portion of our 20′s having lots of fun getting drunk in random places around the city, but how things change; that day neither of us was drinking (me, for obvious reasons, and him because he was driving)…

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Cheetahs In My Shoes

The Cheetahs, their glow-in-the-dark trainers and some new accommodation

Cheetahs In My Shoes

It has been noted that news of the Cheetahs has been lacking over the last week or so. I apologise. We’ve been busy – and so have the Cheetahs – but in ways so very bizarre that a post about each and every antic would have just got even more ridiculous. So, I shall summarise:

The Cheetahs have been out and about and very busy. They’ve been into school, they’re had sofa days and have been keeping an eye on the baby Banana People. With so many more of them they can share the jobs out better – there are still some involved in law enforcement, some have been out in the mud and lots have been to school. Some of them also came with us to see my parents.

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Yellow Days

All in a day’s work…

Yellow Days

As you may know, I’m starting back at work next week. I’m expecting next week to be a bit hectic and not to have too much time for blogging myself so a handful of lovely ladies have kindly agreed to do some guest posts for me on the subject of work and motherhood. The fact that all my guest bloggers are approaching the topic of work from a different angle made me think that we’ve probably all got something to say about it and that can mean only one thing to a blogger…you’ve guessed it… a Blog Carnival. It would be lovely if you could linky up a post about work. If nothing else it’s a change from thinking about Christmas .

It can be about being a working mum or giving up work to stay at home. It could be about the worst job you ever had or the job you’d most like to do or even what you wanted to be when you grew up. It could be a serious post about childcare provision or maternity leave rights or you could go for a funny interview anecdote or describing your boss from hell.

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Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

This week I’m posting my story of living with mental illness. I’ve chosen the title ‘Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land’ as that was how people have described me for many years.

Ruby Wax has had a baby, the little fella is called Black Dog Tribe. One in four people suffer from mental illness. This means chances are you’ve had some degree of mental illness in your life.

Living with mental illness is hard as is speaking openly about it. What will people think of you? Will they see you differently? After all there’s a stigma attached to it. A ‘behind closed doors’ vibe. It’s time for a change. Be brave, speak out, join others and help change the stigma – mental illness is not something to be ashamed of.

Four years ago I was told that I have a borderline personality disorder. I was given no information on it or follow up help. I haven’t been able to bring myself to Google it so I carry on blissfully unaware.

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