19-12-11 8-12 months

The Life and Times of The Working Mum

NHS Care Post Pregnancy

Okay, so I don’t really know where I stand on this one and I was hoping for a few opinions and thoughts to know how you all feel about this.

I am currently on maternity leave and as most of you Mummy’s know, when you are pregnant you qualify for free NHS Health care for the duration of your pregnancy up to a year after. For me this ends in June 2012, as detailed on my NHS Health card.

I visited the dentist back in June and to my utter disappointment I needed a filling replaced, he performed the work that needed to be done and advised me that when I visited again in November he would need to check everything was ok by carrying out an X-ray. He couldn’t do this back at my June appointment as I was still pregnant.

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i’ve not got a beard like daddy….

so this is the deal

both oliver and i work full time, blooming hard too. my role is the nursery run in the mornings and evenings. oliver gets ronnie up and ready whilst i’m getting up and ready, then rooster and i are off!

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Blue Bear Wood

Christmas Isn’t Always Shiny But It Can Be Bright

Blue Bear Wood

I spent Christmas Eve alone wrapping up the few presents we had managed to pull together. I was exhausted but it was wonderful to be home!

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Margot and Barbara

Useful or Beautiful

Margot and Barbara

Operation: Bedroom Sanctuary is still on-going, and taking rather longer than I’d anticipated. In order to decide what to keep and what to throw away, I usually turn to the well known William Morris quote: ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’.

The problem with this, is that I think that everything is potentially useful and I hate waste so I find it very difficult to throw anything away. It’s part of being a scanner to find many things interesting, which means that I have things lying around as part of various projects and LOTS of half finished or still to be read books and magazines.

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Chatty Baby

Baby Food Portions – Too Small In My Opinion

I’ve long suspected that food in this house is being rationed. Specifically, my food is being rationed. The supply of fruit at any one sitting is limited. Mummy tells me there is “no more” but then there is more at the next sitting, without any trips to the shop. Now, I’m smart enough to know that our personal strawberry crop was rubbish this year, so either the fridge grows its own, or I’m being lied to. A white lie, but a fib nonetheless. Ice-cream, sweeties, all the ‘good stuff,’ comes in small portions!

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Music For Baby

Oven Drumming

Music For Baby

Those of you who follow this blog will already know that I have two young boys. Two enthusiastic, energetic, lively boys, now aged 1 and 3. When my youngest was born we had a great deal of sibling rivalry and we have been trying to find ways to combat this through music.

Our default setting is to use music as a distraction – if they are squabbling we begin playing a musical instrument (often quite frantically!), and it usually entices one or both of them to come over and join in, forgetting their squabbles for a moment. However this can have it’s own problems, as once they are engaged in music making and that first point of interest begins to wane the issue of instrument envy can rear its head and before you know it maracas, ukulele’s and recorders begin to get grabbed and snatched, so this can require a good level of adult management to ensure it remains a distraction rather than a cause of sibling rivalry.

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Love In The Nest

The best bits of my week 18/12/11

Love In The Nest

As promised I am braving my own weekly linky, all about the best bits of my week. I’ll be posting my own best bits along with a linky each Sunday, I’d love it if you’d join me and link up your own best bits, you can link any time during the week, whichever day suits you 🙂

Here are my best bits this week:

Sunday 11th: Today something very unusual happened, both our kids had naps! At the same time! So hubby and I thought we’d do the same, we snuck back to bed and for the first time since we had kids, we both had a midday nap…. Ahhhh the bliss of an extra bit of sleep….

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GOSH share Disney memories appeal

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is trying to raise £1million with the help of us the general public, but at no cost to us the general public. This event is being sponsored by Disney, and it is very very simple all you have to do is share YOUR favourite Disney memory with the rest of us.

Disney are donating £1 for every memory that people share, so looking for 1 million people to share their first/best memories of Disney. But for the month of December they will donate £10 for each memory. So come on why would you not want to click a link and write a sentence, not a bad rate of reward for a minute of your time.

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