21-11-11 The Weekly Showcase 1-3 months


Damaging my child

Finlay doesn’t stand a chance. With being forumla fed, put into a routine, I have used controlled crying, weaned at 4mths, gave Finn a dummy (which he still has!) worked full time since he was 7mths old (30+hrs a week classes as fulltime! I leanrt this recently :s). Where ever I turn there is a piece of research and evidence to suggest I am damaging my child. Poor Finlay. I have doomed him to have a poor immune system, bad digestive system, likely to be obese, teeth problems, speech issues and emotional issues. What a terrible mother I am. I mean just look at him…

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At least daddy can cook…

Out of my comfort zone

It’s over a month since I stopped breast feeding Littlest J, and I’m still adjusting to the change. I think this might be because I was so worried about her weight, and felt that her love of breast milk was stopping her from embracing solid food. So weaning wasn’t a natural progression – more a battle of wills! I strongly felt that I should stop breast feeding, but she refused to cooperate.

I don’t miss breast feeding in public, wearing hideous nursing bras or being woken at 1am (and 3am, and 5am) by my daughter rooting around for a feed.

But I do miss the closeness of breast feeding. I really, really miss it. Since she started eating solid food, Littlest J has become so much more independent. She doesn’t want to be held, and only when she’s completely exhausted will she fall asleep in my arms. In the wake of this newfound independence, a rather irritable streak has emerged. When she’s cross, everyone knows about it! I feel a bit useless, as nothing I do calms her down.

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A mums internal monologue


Mil, not to be mistaken for milf. Mil is the abbreviation for mother in law. In laws are strange, especially once you have children..

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Topsy Toesy Parents

Surviving the cold…

Topsy Toesy Parents

So here we are, November already – I don’t know about you but I can barely believe we’ve reached the eleventh month of the year, it’s a cliché to say this but seriously, each passing year appears to be disintegrating into the next.

Amongst my close friends and family there have been, and are due to be, some new arrivals this winter, which led me to think about the trials of child rearing during the cold months.

As most of us know, babies and young children are unable to regulate their body temperature, making them susceptible to the elements and as parents, we are responsible for how cold or hot they feel at any given time.

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Dinosaur Themed Weekend

Sometimes I see the weekend coming and wonder how I’m going to keep my boys entertained, and so a few weeks ago, I decided to theme the weekend.

My boys love dinosaurs so I thought it would be an easy idea. Here is what I did:

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A Mummy Too

Operation Christmas Child

A Mummy Too

Joel and I spent yesterday wrapping a shoebox, filling it with toys, securing it shut with a rubber band and then dropping it off at our local shoe shop. Why? So that it can be shipped off to a child in need in time for Christmas.

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Musings of a stressy mummy

No, I don’t need a sprinkle of fairy dust!

Usually, I am a big fan of Christmas! Once I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the Christmas spirit, I get quite festive. But this year I just want it to stop and I want to go and hide in a cave somewhere until the beginning of 2012!

I was bemoaning my general lack of enthusiasm for the subject earlier this week to some mum’s at school, when I was approached by the “Perfect Mother”! You know the one; perfectly coiffed and manicured, always stylish and wearing expensive clothes, often out “doing lunch, darling”. Now, she overheard my moaning and came and grabbed my arm. At this point, I was more than a little scared. She doesn’t normally stoop so low as to talk to the likes of me. “Now we’ll have none of that! Christmas is a wonderful time of year. You just need the Christmas fairy to come and sprinkle some magic dust on you, and you’ll be away!”. She beamed and off she went, clearly pleased with the words of wisdom she had imparted.

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A Baby on Board

A Baby on Board in Pregnancy & Birth magazine

A Baby on Board

It’s finally out; I’m in the December issue of Pregnancy & Birth as part of the group feature, talking about this blog. As a PR used to getting clients in the press it’s a strange reversal to see yourself in print, but I love the photo and how the article has turned out…

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Yes! We do have a TV!

Spare a Thought this Christmas for……..

Yes!  We do have a TV!


Yes, you read that correctly.

I mean, every Christmas we are ‘sparing thoughts’ for the homeless, the elderly, the lonely etc, etc and don’t get me wrong, they are thoroughly deserving of our ‘thoughts’ and the relevant charities set up in aid of them. But, this year let us take into consideration the real elves of Christmas – the shop workers!…………..

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Christmas is coming…

It is that time of year. It is going crazy over here. Everybody is shopping like mad. The Coca Cola advert has been aired and it is now official, Christmas is coming!

This year Christmas is going to be extra special in our household as Sir Sean is in da house! He is going to be 10.5 months old then and probably won’t know what Christmas is but we sure will be very excited for him. As a multinational baby he is lucky to be celebrating holidays of both cultures. We recently had feast of sacrifice (Turkish holiday), called grandma and aunty and other family to wish them happy “bayram” as a half Turkish baby, and now look forward to the next holiday, Christmas, as a half English baby.

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Chocolate Letters Give-away


The Chocolate Letter is a really big tradition here in Holland, I didn’t realise how big and how significant it was, I just got swept up in it all. It’s a very easy and enjoyable gift to give, so every year I buy one for all my family using the first initial of their first name and ship them over to the UK

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Cheetahs In My Shoes

What does the Cheetah Keeper’s Mum have in her handbag(s)

My first ever vlog…

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from fun to mum

Humous, Piriton and my near Heart Attack

from fun to mum

On Tuesday we were back to normal, but yesterday, I had yet another rude awakening to the fact that, as a parent, one has to become a bit of a doctor too and able to deal with health scares that are just lurking at any point in a baby’s life.

It all happened at lunch time when I proudly steamed some broccoli (Little Miss G’s current favourite vegetable – Isn’t she weird?) and squash, cut some organic spelt bread and sat us down for a nice lunch. I added some M&S humous to our feast and took photos of our happy lunch. Little did I know what I was capturing.

Little Miss G tucked in and ate with her cute little hands. Let me just say that she had all of this food before with no complaints or issue whatsoever. It took perhaps 15 minutes for my cute baby to start scratching her neck and rubbing her eyes.

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End of an era


I’ve been tagged on this meme by @spoonfulofvodka, and reading her great post makes me wonder what I was looking forward to as I turned 20.

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Natso Creations Blog

The art of discovering what is buried

Natso Creations Blog

Are Madam Suffering, Mister Pain and Mademoiselle Misery playing hide and seek with you? You’ve seen them, hiding behind the Wall, but you’re unable to describe them. Could you be able to represent them visually? To draw them, sculpt or paint them… Did you ever experience art therapy?

What? You said Art Therapy?

Ohhhh yes… Art therapy does exist. I did experience it without even being aware. The piece called My Evil Twin is the proof of that. You can read the story behind its creation by clicking on the image :

Sometimes, we use words to express our state of emotions and try to soothe the pain we feel. But when words aren’t sufficient enough to really get in contact with the emotions that are well hidden and buried inside of us, why not try to express them by creating its representation?!!!

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  1. Claire says:

    I’m so pleased to be part of this! Thank you 🙂 off to check out the other blogs now…x

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