21-11-11 The Weekly Showcase 8-12 months


Faux Pas – I really didn’t mean to say it

Yesterday, I took my toddler daughter in my arms, cuddled her and told her, “daddy loves mummy’s front bottom”….

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Actually Mummy…

Share Your Birth Story – A Linky

Actually Mummy...

Share your own birth story with my readers by linking up to this post:
I didn’t have an easy pregnancy, but then who does? Suffice to say that after much intervention, unpleasant drugs, IVF, two early miscarriages and many, many tears, we finally met a brusque but incredibly knowledgeable man at St Mary’s hospital in Paddington. A specialist in recurrent miscarriage and Polycystic Ovaries, he quickly gave us a very simple plan, which worked straight away. His name was Dr Raj Rai. He made me cry, but he gave me my children……

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It is amazing what crap you will watch when feeding a young baby at 4.30 in the morning.

For me, it was Twilight.

I remember surfing the channels for something vaguely interesting or entertaining to hold my attention and make sure I remained upright for long enough for my son to finish his milk and go back down for his next little snooze.

Usually, I’d have a few shows backed up on the TV planner and would use this quiet time to have a cup of tea and catch up on Eastenders or Gossip Girl or House or America’s Next Top Model. You know, all the high brow stuff.

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Mummy Central

Never underestimate a silent ladybird

Mummy Central

Grandma has a magic tree in her garden and every time my children visit, there is a book for each of them within its branches.

On a recent visit the tree gave us more than a good read. It gave us hope.

My eldest son is nearly 3 and he is a whirlwind, darting from one thing to another, up a wall, down a slide, understanding everything and saying (almost) nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, he is very expressive. He has developed his own language of sounds, signs and expressions.

But his speech development is much slower than anticipated.

He is seeing a speech therapist but there is no quick fix, no tablet that will make things better.

But just as with any child learning to speak, there are still some truly wonderful moments.

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The more than occasional baker

Apple and sultana crumble bars

The more than occasional baker

This is my second entry for Tea Time Treats hosted on alternate months by Karen from Lavender and Lovage and Kate from What Kate Baked. The theme for November is Ginger and Bonfire Treats, hosted by Karen. I was leafing through my Hummingbird bakery cake days book and came across this recipe which is in the ‘Halloween and Bonfire Night’ section. It’s a lovely recipe which is relatively simple to prepare. I love the spices mixed with the apples and sultanas. I’m sure I’ve mentioned previously that I’m not a fan of ginger but you can barely taste it in this recipe which is perfect for me. The crumble is buttery and soft with the chewiness of the oats, plus it makes it seem slightly healthier!


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