24-10-11 The Weekly Showcase 1-3 months

Rollercoaster Mum

Ectopic Pregancy – Baby Loss Awareness Week – My Story

I want to write this to help in my own small way to raise awareness of ectopic pregnancy which although a relatively common condition (1 in 80 pregnancies is ectopic), gets very little coverage or awareness. I had no idea what one was until it happened to me and I was completely unaware of it. ALL women of childbearing age should be mad aware of it as even now in the 21st century women die from it -approximately 5 die in the UK every year – this is completely preventable.
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Skunk Lockdown!!!

Yesterday, while ambling slowly back from school, J and I were having our usual conversation about how her day went. It transpired that they had a sort of silent fire drill. I probed her for details.
She explained to me that they were practising what to do if a skunk got into the school. This immediately had me intrigued and I asked for more information. The children are taught to turn off all the lights and hide behind the teacher’s desk. “Hmmmm, must be some odd Canadian school regulation,” I mused, reminded again of the differences between Canada and Britain…
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Hello Cheetahs

cubs kissingAs a quick update, we now have 4 groups of cheetahs, living in Giles’s large assortment of shoes in the porch. Mostly they sleep and have their breakfast in the shoes and then spend the rest day with us. Sometimes they sleep in his bed and sometimes they get up to a bit of mischief and sneak off to sleep in other beds in the house. They help Giles get through situations that he finds difficult – be they physical or emotional – and sometimes they’re just here because they can be and it makes us laugh.
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Alive and Blogging


So there we were… a nice Tuesday morning with our whole family together in the bathroom. Gracie and Evie in the bath together, daddy and mummy having a shower together (unfortunately not the least bit romantic – it was more of a combination of ‘quick-have-a-shower-while-the-kids-are-occupied’ and ‘we-have-to-keep-an-eye-on-them-anyway-so-may-as-well-do-something-constructive-in-bathroom!’) Nonetheless, it was nice. But it didn’t last long.
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Blue Bird Sunshine

The love potato

love potatoLast weekend Bird and I played the Tired Competition. You know the one. Where you compete to see who is the more tired and who has the more valid reasons for said fatigue. It’s a dangerous game to play because a) there never is a winner and b) there is never a prize to be won.
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A Mummy Too


Monster invitationA Halloween party for a bunch of four year olds?! It’s Joel’s fourth birthday on 1st November and we promised him some time ago that he could have a Halloween themed birthday. HELP!
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Musings of a Stressy Mummy

Help there’s a man in the changing room!

I have to say fair play to this daddy, it can’t be easy for dad’s to join in to these often mummy orientated classes. I have done quite a few different pre-school classes over the years with my children and whether it be sport, swimming, music or just toddler groups, there have never been many daddies there. I know that my husband would have loved the opportunity to take his children to these sorts of things and I think he would have been great, but I imagine it can be very intimidating at times, especially if you are the only man in the group. According to recent reports, the number of S.A.H.Ds has increased by over ten per cent in the last ten years. You only have to look in on the world of social media such as Facebook and Twitter and read parent blogs to see these men in action. It is great that so many men are choosing to stay at home and that either parent can take little ones to these group experiences, so I hope that I see lots more daddies at the toddler groups and sessions that I go to in the near future.
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Purple Mum

Organise Your Life.

As you know I’m not a big fan of lateness. I think this in part is down to an obsessive need to keep my life organised. I don’t like mess or clutter. I’m not great with spontaneity. Basically I like to feel in control. I’m sure at this point my readers are slowly backing away from the weird uptight blogger, so let me explain.

I have a messy head For example: when I try to follow a train of thought it usually goes like this …. Right must get milk today,milk, OK brain-milk, gosh isn’t it cold. Cold enough for snow? Perhaps we will have snow, brilliant! Snowmen, sledging, oh! hot chocolate, mmm chocolate, now then what was I supposed to remember??
So you see, I need to be in control of things or my children would have been left in the park and I would be sat in the bath knitting.
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That’s the baby game

Swimming – By Mya

SwimmingWhen we went swimming for the first time I was pretty scared. I mean what the hell, it’s like a giant bath tub! You could totally lose your rubber ducky in that thing! And plus, it was full of other babies and toddlers. I mean, I am all for socialising but mum had dressed me in this horrendously pink, frilly swimming costume. It was so embarrassing. Seriously, she may as well have put a bonnet on me as well. I looked like Little Bo Peep!
Thanks mum.
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The Bling Buoy


spectaclesI am a person who is “bespectacled”. Not many people know this about me, primarily because I don’t actually wear my glasses. And nope, I don’t wear contact lenses either. I choose to fly blind. And I secretly suspect this is why my Opthalmologist has recently officially ended our professional relationship. He claims it’s not him, it’s me. I am non-compliant and there is nothing more he can do for me. What a defeatist! He says it is clear I am not putting in my eye drops every 3 hours around the clock. I am, it seems, a rebel without a clue … although when talking to him I maintain that it’s more because I can’t read the small type instruction leaflet he gave me than anything else.
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Mish Mash Mum

Sibling Warfare

What is it about children and the false sense of security that they can lull you into sometimes? Here I was, innocently assuming that we had entered a permanent state of peace between my two sons. I have clearly been taken for a ride. The cutesy wutesy ‘we love playing big bro and little bro’ game is officially over. My children are on the verge of war.

I’m talking about sibling rivalry here, or, more appropriately, the fact that my youngest son has suddenly immerged into a full blown toddler at 18 months old. Whoever called it the terrible twos was only telling half the story. A more fitting title would be the ‘one-and-a-half-year-old-right-through-to-three-years-moaning-throwing-themselves-on-the-floor-screaming-‘mine, mine, MINE’-stage’. Catchy, no?
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Mum Of One

Belly Busting Countdown: 57 days left

scalesOk, so Thursday again. In my house this has now become known as weigh-in day, cue scary music. In the interests of honesty, and avoidance of self-denial, I have been asking the lovely Mr B to check the scales for me before he potters off to work. But this morning I just could not be bothered to get out of bed, let alone stand naked in the FREEZING cold bathroom. So warmly snuggled up in bed I stayed.

Feeling guilty.

Not sleeping.

Thinking it is unlikely possible that I may have lost a pound or two.

More guilt, until just now I figured I may as well get up and just go do it.
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A Working Mum

One for the Album

black and white camera lensWhen you become a parent you want to remember and capture every moment of your children’s lives.

We’ve taken sooooooooo many photographs of our little lad so far, and he’s only eighteen months old. I love looking back over them, especially as you forget how small they were when they’re first born.

We had gone along to a two year olds birthday party today, our little lad’s first party invite, and he loved it! It was held in an indoor play area and the highlight of the party for him was the ball swamp area.

We had taken along our camera hoping to capture some special moments from the party not realising that the taking of photographs and videos was prohibited in the play areas.

We were really disappointed, our lad had a fantastic time squealing with delight when he was playing amongst the balls, and I really wanted to capture these moments, as well as some with the birthday girl, his second cousin.
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Yes! We do have a TV!

How Do You Know When Your Done?????

Broody……………. My Nan then said that she had a deep yearning to have a baby in her arms. At the age of 87 my Nan was feeling broody!!

This got me wondering when or if you ever really know when your family is complete. My mum knew without a doubt that her third daughter, my youngest sister, was her last baby and she never ever had second thoughts on that. Then my step-dad went and got ‘fixed’. When I had Frankie, after having my two girls, I thought that was it – I could throw out the manky (but expensive) maternity bras, and clothes and get into shape once and for all….. For your information, I am still wearing those above mentioned bras, when all the others are in the washing plus I am still not in shape!…………..And, I am now wondering what it would be like to have another addition.

(I’ll give you a second to take that in…..Yes, I know I already have 3)
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Bump Babbler

Three is the Magic Number

I may be mad. I may have totally lost my grip on my sanity. I was only clawing on to it desperately anyway. Sooner or later, my fingers were bound to slip from the edge of normality and send me plummeting into the Land of Bonkers. There is no other way out, apparently. After pregnancy eats all your grey cells, babies deaden the mind with crying and sleep deprivation. Then toddlers finish the job with tantrums and potty training so that by the time they’re at school they’reteaching you a thing or two.

This loss of my grip on sanity must be why the De La Soul classic, Three is the Magic Number means so much to me at the moment. I mean, most of the lyrics are ridiculous. No thank you, I won’t ‘Stop, look and listen to the phrasin’ Fred Astaires’. And I simply don’t have time to ‘Dance to this fix and flex every muscle’ because I am, frankly, too knackered. But, on further examination, there is actually something to this song. Who knew that De La Soul were actually on to something here?
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This Is Life

My Pumpkin is turning into a Dark Fairy

Last year was the first time Abby went for Trick or Treat-ing. We joint up with her cousins down South and they had a fab time together roaming the streets harassing the innocents…
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Love Lemon

Going, going….gone!

This week has been all about vintage, retro and antiques. Lovely stuff!
I went along to the auction house near where I live for my first taste of an auction.There were so many interesting things to look at: old cameras, sewing machines, typewriters, record players and lots of furniture including some
lovely retro sideboards and 1940s wardrobes. So much to see; almost too much to take in really. I have always liked vintage furniture but it was lovely to see the mechanical and early electronic pieces too ­ none of these sleek
modern pieces of plastic with their hidden mechanisms. The Singer sewing machine was just beautiful ­ if only I had somewhere to put such things.
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