24-10-11 The Weekly Showcase 4-7 months


The One Where My Son Says He Doesn’t Love Me

‘I don’t love you, Mummy.’

‘That dress is ugly, Mummy.’

‘My dinner is disgusting, Mummy.’

‘I don’t want any more of this horrible juice.’

Last week, I spent a couple of nights down in London, continuing our flat-hunt. DorkySon stayed up in Edinburgh with my Mum, and by all accounts had a brilliant time. She texted me a picture of him on the first day, sitting on a bench, smiling and clutching an ice cream, and a picture on the second day of him sitting in the big red tractor at Gorgie City Farm, waving brightly at the camera. There is no one on earth he loves more than DorkyGranny – they are incredibly close – and I knew he would be absolutely fine.
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Diary of a Lagos Mum

Making Friends

In our community, many married (and single) women don’t work. They run their homes, go to the gym, book groups, lunches, teas and do charity work.
Having said that, many of the ladies who *do* work manage to do all of the above as well.

I’m not judging. I’m stating a fact. If they’re happy, that’s great. Each to his own.

But it’s never been for me. Book groups, teas and lunches are just not my thing. I’m happy to meet people – but I prefer small groups, with people I know quite well.

While I was teaching, I wasn’t able to go out to lunch with friends. I couldn’t think of anything worse than coming home after a long day, getting ready and going out to tea. Baby showers? Really? Did I really have to go?

And this is the reason why I am struggling today.
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Pie and Bear

Doing Things On A Whim

pie and bearWhen I had Logan, my way of coping was to turn in to a control freak (nah, no exaggeration there I’m afraid, ask Adam). I had my routine and if something looked as if it was going to come in the way of that, I wouldn’t do it. We took Loges on holiday to the Isle of Wight when he was 8 months old, and the sheer panic that went through my mind in the weeks and days leading up to that holiday was something else. Once there, *everything* had to be set out as if we were at home. Even down to where the bottles were placed in the kitchen. Yeah, I know.
However …. having Sophie seems to have chilled me out somewhat. Maybe it’s because I think I know what I’m doing this time (haa) … maybe it’s because she’s a happier baby (I spent most of Logan’s baby days searching for the 666 that I knew must be on him somewhere) …. (sorry Loges), but this time around, all is calm. So calm, in fact, that lately I have been doing things on a whim.
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Yellow Days

Make ‘em laugh

hand gameSAHDandProud had a fab post last week, sharing with us things that make his kids laugh. He has asked us to chip in our own cunning strategies to amuse the little’uns and I’m more than happy to oblige. Be warned though, this is not the place for high brow comedy. No Perrier Awards will be coming my way.
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The Princess and The Pickle

It’s not a cold – it’s Man Flu!

man fluThe Princess and I have both had colds this week. Pretty bad colds at that, with some aching, coughing and shivering thrown in for good measure. But we’re battling along, as us women do. Daddy and The Pickle, on the other hand, well they have picked up the same germs too, but unfortunately it seems theirs have manifested themselves in the form of ‘Man Flu’…
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Tuesday truth…. not good enough?

bothabunchSo this week I’ve had one of those crisis’ of confidence where I just feel like I’m never able to do enough or if I do it I’m not able to do it 100% – and that can really grate! That sometimes nothing I seem to try seems to be good enough or work!

Oh course no one has actually said that but sometimes it all just gets a bit overwhelming and a good old freak out, curl up on the bed for a cry just needs to be done! And then a new day dawns and the brats children are so much better behaved and even feel the need to say “I love you” occasionally and give some cuddles and you wonder why in the world you needed to let the ugly and nasty all hang out!
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Feisty Tapas

Conquering the fear of driving – Two top tips

Drive ConfidentIf you have a fear of driving like mine, perhaps due to an accident you suffered or witnessed or just because of general nervousness, these are my top tips to get you back on the road:

– I strongly recommend a few lessons with an experienced instructor to build your confidence.

– The use of an automatic car means not worrying about fiddly gear sticks and has been a blessing for me as I learnt to drive in Spain, where everything happens on the other side of the car and the road. I used to get extra nervous every time I went to change gear with my right hand and found the door instead!
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We Are Wild Things


Child with leavesOnce we’d tired of running around in the leaves we collected some to take home with us (to join the piles of conkers and acorns!). Rather than ‘leaving’ (get the pun – I’m a born comedian!) piles of them around the flat like we have the conkers and acorns, I thought we could actually do something with them.
Kit’s really into painting at the moment (although slightly OCD if he gets any paint on his hands!). So I thought we’d combine our autumnal fun with our painting session, and we did leaf prints.
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Here Come The Girls

Wot so funny – the cross one

lego manI wasn’t planning doing a Wot so funny post this week. I tried to think of something funny the children had said but drew a blank. I tried prodding my daughter, offering her sweets but nothing doing, she just wasn’t funny. This evening we had a lovely time after the twins had gone to bed playing snap with her keywords and as an added incentive to learn the words we had up for grabs a pack of lego minifigures. (By the way, as a primary school teacher, I in no way endorse bribery as a learning tool, not all the time, sometimes threats work too). She won of course and was so delighted with her little zookeeper prize decided to take it to her room. By seven in the evening my resistance is lowered and although I thought it was a mistake I said she could.
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Bye bye Birdie – sew latte dough blog

a little taste of christmas …

Christmas Cakeif you’re struggling to get your christmas bells jingling this year and need a little something to get you in the festive mood, then i have the perfect solution.

make yourself a batch of this delightful english tea loaf.

as soon as you begin to warm the pan of butter, tea, sugar, zest and spices … your kitchen will fill with the most delicious scent of a warm, cosy english christmas.

the english tea loaf is a much loved winter family favourite that i have been making for years.
sadly, i have no idea where the recipe came from – i received it scribbled on a tea stained slip of folded paper and now i pass it on to you …
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Love in the Nest

I had swine flu at 8 months pregnant

Within half an hour of arriving at the hospital I felt 10x worse, was so hot and my heart was pounding. The midwife checked my pulse rate and said with alarm that it was 180. They made me lay down and took it again, same result. I was then told to take off as many layers as I could as I was far too hot, although I felt so cold in myself, and when I was told there was heat coming off of my clothes I knew it was time to panic… I could hear the assessment unit staff on the phone requesting an on call pharmacist to come out, then I heard the words “Swine Flu”. It can’t be that I said to my mum…
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Living it Little

Thrifty Thursday: Half term on a budget

M breaks up for half term this afternoon so we have a week plus an extra day of ‘fun’ to look forward to. Anyway, as it’s Thrifty Thursday, I thought you might like to hear some of my ideas for filling the next few days without spending a small fortune…

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Emmys Mummy

So many toys & Christmas still to come!

home cornerDoes this sound like your house? It definitely applies to mine!

Even as a small baby Emmy had lots of toys, don’t get me wrong i’m not made of money that’s for sure but she is a much wanted and loved little girl – if you read my miscarriage post you will understand just how wanted she was/is.

Not all her toys are new, we have been given loads – the children of the families I have Nannied for and babysit for in the past have donated lots of their old baby/toddler toys to Emmy, and whenever we visit they always manage to dig out a ‘new’ toy for her, she loves it and so do I. There is also Daddy who buys her toys often and i’m extremely guilty of that myself – then of course there are the Grandparents who’s job it is to spoil little princesses!! So obviously it goes without saying my house looks like a toy shop.
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12 hours to bedtime

A quirk or two

claymumEveryone has their own quirks. My husband, for example, doesn’t throw old, used toothbrushes away. In fact, there is an on-going collection accumulating, even as I type, behind the sink taps in the bathroom.

“Why don’t you throw them away?” I asked him a long time ago.

“They might come in handy,” he replied.

“For what?” I have since wondered. “A rainy day?”

I myself have only one quirk. Or at least, one quirk that I will admit to in public: my compulsion to remove defiant stains from the kids’ clothes before they become permanently embedded in the fabric.
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Older Mum

Why I Love Blue ……

older mumIt wasn’t the moment she was literally plonked on my chest for the first time. That was the strangest moment ever. Detached. Wounded. Unsure. Was this baby really mine? I couldn’t connect or understand that this now rooting angel had come from me or that my womb, yes my incredible organic greenhouse, had spent 9 months ripening this little cherry tomato. She came out blue and frighteningly still.
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Single and Fabulous

My mother, my role model?

Your mum is one of the first role models you have in life right? They say the relationship you have with your mum and the type of upbringing you have often influences the type of mum you will be to your children one day.

The mum figures in my life haven’t exactly been perfect. My biological mum left my dad when I was two and didn’t take me with her. As a mum myself I can’t even begin to fathom her choice in leaving me. I couldn’t bare to be without my children.

When I asked her a few years ago why she did it she said it was because my dad had more money, owned the house they lived in and had his parents nearby. Her choice but, still I couldn’t understand. I found myself in the very same situation with S but I never for a single second concidered leaving the children with him.

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Melksham Mum

When did Ant McPartlin become E’s daddy??!!

Ant from Ant and DecE has recently revealed that she has been learning to sketch at school.
The other day she sketched a picture of her daddy.
I never realised that Ant – he of ‘Ant & Dec’ fame – was her daddy….
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And finally… a new meme from Here Come The Girls

Tuesday Tea and Sympathy

tea and sympathyHave you had a bad day? Or a bad week? Are you suffering from the a bad case of the terrible twos, housework hell, or teenage tantrums. It doesn’t have to be a parenting dilemma – you could be struggling with work life balance or a partner who won’t do what they’re told. Whatever the problem, come and link up your bad day blog post. So please come back every Tuesday, share a post about a bad day, it can be lighthearted or serious. The only rules are no review posts and to keep it family friendly. I hope to build a little community where you feel like you’ve spent half an hour with a friend, a cuppa and a biccie and you come away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world.
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Boo and Me

Thanks, But You REALLY Shouldn’t Have.

citalopramYou know that weird feeling when you get up and walk into another room to get something only to stop as soon as you get there and claw at your empty mind while you mutter ‘what am I doing in here’ under your breath?

Or when you’re in the middle of a conversation and the thing you are trying to remember is right on the tip of your tongue, so close to being said if only your brain would engage and let you remember it for the split second it would take to spit it out. You know you know it!

Or, when you’re desperately hung over and thick headed. When everything seems to slip past you, words go in one ear and out of the other as you murmur ‘mmmm…?’ and wish everything would just BE QUIET.

Combine that with the dizzy, disorientated feeling you get after one too many and you have a pretty rough example of me on my medication. Sounds fun huh?
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Jennifer’s Little World

Weaning dilemmas

WeaningMia is now four and a half months old. At this age, Harry was on three meals a day, both baby rice and homemade fruit and vegetable purees. We started weaning at 17 weeks because he was sleeping so badly and was grumpy almost constantly. I assumed it was because he was hungry. Of course, weaning didn’t make any difference at all to either his sleep or his general demeanor.

I’ve barely thought about weaning Mia. She doesn’t seem ready at all, and I can’t believe that I was shoving spoons into Harry’s mouth at this age. Looking back I wish that we had waited, I just really thought that it was what he needed, and I was struggling.
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Two’s company – in your dreams you deluded fools !

The special bond between siblings, the joy that you feel welling up inside you the very first time that you see them playing together or holding hands whilst out walking. Or how about the moment when one of the darlings falls over and grazes his knees, tears in his eyes he cries out and his bigger sister goes to him and gives him a cuddle and tells him ‘it’s ok I’ll kiss it better’. Growing up with a permanent friend who is always there for fun and adventures. Parents contemplating their second or subsequent babies run these idyllic images through their minds along with such other optimistic meanderings such as ‘ they can play together – it’ll be so much easier for us when they have each other and don’t have to depend on us for stimulation every minute of the waking day, they’ll learn to share as they grow up too’.

Mwhahaha you poor misguided fools !
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