24-10-11 The Weekly Showcase 8-12 months

Trouble Doubled

Baby tried to eat a nasty

heart sweetsAbstract: Warning: This post contains things that some people might find a bit stomach-churning. However, if you are what is commonly known as a ‘mum’ or a ‘dad’, you might be alright.

I always thought girls were supposed to be ‘sugar and spice, and all things nice’ but this week I have been proved wrong. I always suspected I might have been misled. After all, having a party trick of being able to belch at will is not exactly sugar and spice. Farting in dad’s face and running away laughing is not exactly all things nice. But the latest incident has thrown out of the window any shred of hope I had left.
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Dummy Mummy – confessions of a first time mum

What It Means To Be A Parent

babys footIt’s easy to focus on the struggles and the difficulties of parenthood, especially when it’s all a new experience (goodness knows I focus on it enough!). But it’s really all the lovely stuff, all the little things that make being a Mummy the most rewarding, most exciting, and most special role in the world.
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Chatty Baby

10 Things Being A New Mummy Will Teach You

I was out to lunch today with Mummy, Daddy and some friends, and one of the ladies there is going to have her first baby in the Autumn. Naturally, she wanted advice about what to expect, and it got the mummies thinking about what they wish they’d known beforehand and what they’ve learnt since the babies were born. Here’s the top 10:
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Skinny Jeans

grenglishA few months back, I made a decision not to fad diet again and wrote about it here in a post titled No-No Dieting.
For the most part, I have stuck to this. I try to be healthy and watch what I put into my mouth, but I do not beat myself up over a bottle glass of wine, a slice of pizza or YiaYia’s delicious lemon potatoes. Or even all of the above in one sitting.

I am also probably even healthier now that I no longer eat wheat and have cut back (not cut out) dairy. When it suits me though, obvs.

So, while I certainly do think I have a healthier attitude to food now, it means I still have not lost that last stone of baby weight (and some times of the month a mere 10lbs!).
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Multiple Mummy

Craft Aventures: Making a Broom Stick

make a broomstickHalloween for us is another good reason to get excited and have some fun and festivities and for me personally, a great time of year to incorporate activities to do with the little ones. It is the time of year for fantasy, story telling and a little bit of fun!
As ours are so young it is not about the scare factor, more the story telling. Noah is a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz so he does know what a Witch is. I told him Halloween is a time of year when all witches go out in the night and have a fly on their Broomsticks. He immediately asked if he could fly, to which I told him that was magic, but we could make a Broomstick and pretend! He was satisfied with this answer.

So we set out on a stick hunt!
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2 comments on “24-10-11 The Weekly Showcase 8-12 months

  1. Yay! I’m heading up the veteran bloggers this week. Thanks Annie! The new form sounds exciting. Well done again. 🙂

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