24-10-11 The Weekly Showcase BRAND NEW! Under 1 month

Adventures of a Middle-aged Matron

Keeping Abreast

acevntures of a middle aged matronEileen mentions that there is a bag of breasts in the vestry. All sorts of oddments have found their way to that dank back chamber since the church was reordered, but I hadn’t noticed mammaries among them. Eileen explains that she’s been knitting them in the evenings. Eileen is very good with wool. She can knit crinolined mice and fancy tea cosies, but she’s not the sort of person you would expect to knit breasts. I do not want her to think that I am not a Woman of the World, so I ask very casually what the breasts are for and she explains that the ladies of the Mothers Union have been asked to knit them for the maternity wing in the local hospital. The nurses are no longer allowed to touch their patients when showing them how to suckle their newborns and so Eileen’s breasts will be used for demonstration. I am briefly silenced as I conjure visions of midwives modelling globes of pink purl stitch and suddenly I am worried. Eileen is a gentle, proper white haired lady who never misses Mass and feels it is her Christian duty to Rise to the Occasion. I am therefore anxious about what I will find in the vestry when students of urology and gynaecology are banned from touching human flesh.

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Red Rose Mummy

My first post

Red Rose MummyI’m a first-time, stay at home mummy in my, ahem, mid-thirties. I have a little boy (the ‘bud’) of 18 months who swings between being a one-boy demolition crew and the snuggliest, cuddliest baby boy ever. I love being at home with him and we try to do lots of fun things together, especially outside as he loves to be out in the fresh air more than anything else. He does about a hundred funny things every day and I hope to share a few of them with you. Other things the bud loves are animals, all of them, real or toy, books and balls.
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Being a Mother – Best job in the World

SuperbugIt’s late at night and I’m sitting in bed with my two precious munchkins whilst they snore and dribble their snotty little heads off. They are both quite ill and I can’t bear to have them in their own beds, in their own room, upstairs a floor away from my bedroom. Not so long ago a friend of mines’ son was very poorly, he didn’t want to sleep in his own bed and because he was poorly she let him sleep with them in their bed. About an hour later she was woken by her boy fitting, raging hot and not responding to anything, she quickly called an ambulance and duly spent the whole night on the children’s ward – I can’t get this story out of my head.
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Frilly Shower Cap (and the one that went wrong…)

shower capIn an effort to be less of a drowned rat and more of a bathing beauty, I thought I’d have a go at making a frilly shower cap.

Normally myself and darling daughter ‘Wag Dollette’ wear plastic shower caps from my hotel toiletry stash. Unfortunately we were down to the last one and the elastic had gone (happens to us all…) hence it looked more like a flat cap than a shower cap.

Here’s the new frilly yet functional shower cap….

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Let’s Go Make

Make a paper boat

This paper boat uses elements of the ancient Japanese art of origami. The base of a boat is made by simply folding an A4 piece of paper. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully. You could use plain white paper for both the boat and the sail and then decorate them. Maybe you could turn it into a pirate or viking boat. As always I hope you enjoy having a go.
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2 comments on “24-10-11 The Weekly Showcase BRAND NEW! Under 1 month

  1. Aly says:

    wow wow wow what a fab site!! So much to absorb and what a complete find for me!
    Excited to be following this and maybe one day be part of it.

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