4-7 months 28-11-11

Natural Baby Shower

Cash for Kids

Parents are making serious money from YouTube vids of their entertaining offspring, we’re talking eye-watering sums.
Howard Davies-Carr, 41, has made more than £100,000 from uploading films while 18-year old Jamie Hagan amassed a fortune of £40,000 (and rising) from filming his eleven-year old bro.
This stuff is funny: think 17-month-old twins Sam and Ren talking in gobbledy-baby-goop to each other, but seeming to understand every word, and 8-month-old Micah laughing hysterically while his Dad rips up job rejection letters.

But does this leave a bad taste in the mouth? It’s great for parents who uploaded YouTube vids to share with friends, only to receive a massive windfall; but now the word’s out – will parents up and down the country be staging ever more desperate ‘situations’ to garner the YouTube pound?
Is it possible that kids may be put in danger? When money’s tight, as it is for most families at the moment, people go to extreme measures.
Or is this judgment prudish and way-off-the-mark? Am I coming over all Daily Mail, I mean what’s wrong with a bit of innocent fun? And any extra source of income these days is welcome.

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Glasgow Mummy

Grooving Mums

This week has been a bit ‘bleugh’… can’t think of a better word to describe it, sorry! I’ve now completed my three treats that I had lined up for achieving and maintaining my weight loss (cupcake masterclass, spa visit with a friend and personal shopping trip). I kinda feel like I’ve not got anything much to look forward to and despite the weight loss and feeling a bit better within myself things still aren’t brilliant and I’m not sure if I have my groove back or not…
This week I’ve only managed one run on Sunday with the running club girls and I did 7 miles! A new personal best, so I’m pleased with my achievement. *mentally ticks off one of the challenges from last week!* I’m sure that by May 2012 I’ll be able to run the half marathon as planned… I might even do it in a decent time!

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The Bling Buoy

Can you win friends with salad?

The Bling Buoy

As I tetchily flick through cookbooks planning my festive offerings to the myriad of “bring a plate” Christmas functions that are weighing down our weary wall calendar, Homer Simpson’s discordant rendition of “You don’t win friends with salad!” echoes tortuously inside my dwindling well of inspiration.

I slam the cookbooks shut along with my “way past my bedtime” drooping eyelids and ponder for a moment whether Homer would still have taunted Lisa with that highly annoying song if he had ever spent time luxuriating in the culinary capital of the world… Italy. Ahhh Italy. A place with sophistication so potent it could almost incite Homer’s renaissance to a caricature of culture. Almost.

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It has started…


I knew it was coming. There were little signs, a bit of cheekiness here and there, a bit of sly pushing and snatching, but now we have full blown arguments, crying and shouting most of the day. S and Z are pretty much polar opposites personality wise so I suppose it was only a matter of time before they clashed. She stands on his carefully put together puzzles, pushes over his Duplo towers and breaks his lego. All of that would be fine, just part of the deal, but what is slowing driving me crazy is this:

‘Mummmmmmmmy, Mummmmy, S says I don’t like weetabix, BUT I DO‘

followed by

‘Mummmmmmyyy, Z says I’m not going to nursery but I am’

It might not look much written down, but there were actual tears, screams, shouts and wails. Enough to make me want to grab baby H run away and hide in a corner till they stopped.

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Mum of One

Top Five Ways to Keep Your Man Happy This Christmas

Mum of One

RELAX MUM, I am not turning the blog all x-rated, deep breaths, there you go. No, we are talking gifts here people. Man gifts.

If, like me, you struggle every year to find interesting, amusing gifts for himself indoors, and find the ‘FOR HIM’ catalogue section full of gifts that don’t really seem appropriate for anyone under the age of 80 with their faculties intact, never fear. I am here to help.

I have decided to put together a list of the top five gifts Mr B received over the last twelve months in the hope of giving you some inspiration for this years shopping frenzy. They are mostly Dad-related but hey, this is a parenting blog after all. And I PROMISE there is not a comedy-mug in sight.

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Not Another Bake Sale

When my eldest started school I hoped it would make my life easier (30 hours a week free childcare with an education thrown in for good measure hooray). However what I hadn’t banked on was the myriad of requests that would quickly start coming home.

In the short time since Louie started the requests have included ; cakes for the bake sale, decorated bunting, and a plate of food for food around the world day. Don’t misunderstand, if crafts are your thing or you love a good PTA meeting then thats brilliant. However I have three children under five, mental health problems and a strong aversion to crafts.

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Mummy Vs Work

Kayleigh’s Quirky Fashion Sense

Mummy Vs Work

Now I know every child is individual and Kayleigh is no different. I think Kayleigh is going to be a trend setter growing up not a trend follower.

Even at 3 years old she love’s to pick what she’s wearing and is always customizing her outfits with her wide range of accessories, it is likely that she has more jewellery & accessories than I do!

The only thing with her being a trend setter is her latest trend, wellies, sunglasses and a wooly hat! Including whilst being in doors (you may remember this picture for the Saturday Caption Day picture)

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Emmys Mummy

Emmy’s 1st holiday

The next morning and every morning after that we met up with the other guests staying at Coombe Mill and was greeted by Farmer Nick (or Farmer Ted some days) and the tractor and off we all went on a feed run. The children climb aboard the tractor and adults walk behind, although as it was November and the tractor wasn’t full the adults were able to jump aboard too, although we were not given the choice as Emmy wouldn’t go on it alone.

The younger children are given a chance to drive the tractor during the week, which after a few days Emmy felt brave enough to do.

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Yellow Days

Why brands could learn a lot from Next when it comes to working with bloggers

Yellow Days

There was a flurry of debate recently about bloggers and blaggers. Are bloggers just in it for the free stuff and is that a bad thing? Reviews and sponsored posts have only ever played a small part in my blogging so I haven’t really weighed in on the issue but my trip to Leicester yesterday for the Next Blogger Event has got me thinking. There is a better way for bloggers and brands to get along.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes

We’re on our way to GOSH

Cheetahs In My Shoes

Today, the Cheetah Keeper and I are off to see the Ear, Nose & Throat consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The plan is to go through the pre-op planning for him to have another operation on his nose to try and reduce the number of nosebleeds he has.

If he stops bleeding, it’ll mean that he won’t swallow as much blood – that means he should reflux less. If his reflux reduces, hopefully he’ll eat more – and a more varied diet. This should mean we can get his iron levels up and then he’ll be less tired – which in turn should mean that we can increase his muscle strength and improve his stamina.

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Here come the girls

Things I’d love to say if I were braver

Here come the girls

The twins are nearly 18 months and the comments from random passers by are starting to grate. And when I say that I mean, that if someone else tells me I’ve got my hands full I will have to grate off my ears with a rusty cheese grater. Today I was trying to take them for a little walk to pick up their sister. It was the first time I’d taken both of them on the reins and I think we all did really well. Imagine two little toddlers who both want to go in different directions, at different speeds and want to stop and look at every new object. Now imagine me in the middle with my arms stretched as wide as Mr Tickle, or tied up in a knot when they decide to cross over.

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The Princess and The Pickle

The Princess and the Tooth Fairy

The Princess and The Pickle

The tooth fairy visited us again last night! The Princess’ top tooth has been wobbly for absolutely ages, yet her bottom two came out first and they weren’t half as wobbly! We were convinced it was coming out on Sunday, but stayed in place all through school yesterday, hanging on by a thread!

The Princess was having great difficulty speaking properly (or “ploperly” as she called it yesterday before asking for some “accle juice”) and was also having trouble eating. I don’t think it was painful, it was just the fear that eating or closing her mouth to speak would hurt or push the tooth out. So for the last couple of days she has been walking around with her mouth wide open, looking like she is catching flies!

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The Diary of a Lagos Mum

Wave Goodbye

You know how they say that children instinctively ‘know’ things? Do you think it’s true? I know they can pick up on how the people closest to them are feeling; but is there more to it than just that?

I ask because…

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Child-Led Chaos

My Daughters Like to Sit in Boxes

Child-Led Chaos

With the C-word less than 6 weeks in the future, there have been a few packages arriving at the house and therefore a few more boxes than usual. As one of my favourite picture books from my childhood is My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes (Eve Sutton & Lynley Dodd), this blog post just had to be…

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I’m getting a special visitor – quick tidy the house

I have a visitor coming to stay tomorrow. She’s someone super special to me and our family and definitely someone we don’t get to see often enough with her living in South Africa and us in the UK!

She is someone I can just be me with. She knows me, she’s always know me… and most of the time she even understands me!

Having someone to stay in your house for 3 weeks when there are already 5 of you in a 3 bedroom house is NOT the easiest thing to do… especially when occasionally a few of those current occupiers still wake up at night and scream the house down!!

But for visitors like this… it’s no hassel! None at all. We’d sleep on the floor just to have more of them.

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Jammin’ Session


I’ve had a breadmaker for quite a while now. It makes bread, as you would expect, and it also makes cakes, and pizza dough. So basically, anything doughy or bready – it makes.

But upon reading the instructions a little more closely, I realised it purported to make jam!

I do like jam. So does the Wee Man, and so does the Other Half. (Bubby D is stuck with jam flavoured milk for now, but she seems to like that too).

So we decided to give it a try:

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Childhood books that have made me the nut-job I am today


I like to think I have a bit of a reputation for being a bit odd. Not everyone would hold such a reputation dear to them but I most definitely do. I’ve been going through some old childhood books this morning as I sit here feeling full of cold and rather poorly and I could not resist sharing a small selection of photographs of what may well be the strangest children’s books from the 70′s and 80′s and joining in for the first time with The Gallery this week over at Sticky Fingers…

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