Brand New (under 1 month old) 28-11-11


Sweet dreams

The story is finished. ‘Come on kids, bedtime,’ I say. Linde snuggles up. Only the tip of her chin shows above the duvet. Tijm lies down as well, on the floor, in the middle of the room. I frown. ‘In your bed, Tijm. Now!’
Tijm grins and stays put. ‘Or shall I tickle you to bed?’ I threaten.
He does not move and I attack. I tickle and tease, he giggles and wriggles. His feet in one hand, his hands in my other I pick him up, and I swing him, one, two, and three in his bed. ‘Do you want a kiss?’
‘No,’ he yells and hides under the blanket.
Linde wants one. Sweetly she kisses back, her blond hair spread angelically on the pillow. But twilight won’t mask the naughty glimmer in her eye.
I leave the door ajar and walk down the stairs. Briefly I ignore the mumbling, the sneaking around, the steps on the landing. The drop, drop, drop from the tap.
Then they call: ‘Mama!’

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So today is Tuesday and as an avid Tweeter I shall follow their lead and make every Tuesday #CharityTuesday

I’m a staunch supporter of The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) and every Tuesday I shall keep you abreast of my fundraising efforts for my event Alexander’s Charity Ball.

Alexander’s Charity Ball was created in memory of my Son Alexander whom we lost to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Cot Death) on 9th February 2007. This is the day a little piece of my heart went to heaven leaving me forever on this earth with a broken heart.

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Sorry Hospitals don’t ecept TARDIS’


The baby is now 5 days over due and our best laid plans of sending away sister had to reversed yesterday due to us missing her and not wanting her to feel shunned away and left out. Then it happened, not like you see in movies. My girlfriend started having what she originally thought ere painful braxton hicks, these kept coming until 3 hours later we decided to call the labour ward who called us in

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A Hell Of A Woman

Commercial break : 7 secret things

A Hell Of A Woman

The delightful Mrs Slummy Mummy and 1978rebecca have honoured me with an award.

Of course, as is often the nature of these things, there’s a catch. I have to share 7 of my secrets with you. Yes, it’s all starting to sound a bit fairytale isn’t it?!

Here they are:

Secret 1:
Husband says he woke one night to find me crouched over him, hissing and teeth bared, as though I was about to sink my fangs into his neck! He was so freaked out, he nearly punched me. He didn’t though.

Secret 2:
When I was in my teens, I may have written a few love letters to Joey Lawrence of Blossom fame. He never wrote back.

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