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Mum of One

It’s official, I have turned into my Mother.

Mum of One

Yep folks, it’s true. I have turned into my Mum.

This week I bought a winter coat for W which he will…

wait for it….


Probably around about next summer.

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My Mummy Can Lose Weight

My Mummy Loves Chocolate!

My Mummy Can Lose Weight

I’ve been sat here mulling over what to write and just looked down and realised I have munched my way through half a bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble – it’s a “More to share” bar but so far I’ve only managed to share it with myself and have indeed told my eldest to stop asking about it as he won’t be getting any! My requirement for chocolate this morning is due to child number two’s inability to make it through a whole night sleeping for a good couple of weeks and this morning’s party that she decided to have in my bed from 3am-4:30am has left me tired, grumpy and needing sugar. I believe this makes me a fairly normal mummy and I know following the birth of baby one my cake consumption hit an all time record high…

…So you’re thinking what has this got to do with weight loss…

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Purple Chronicle

Thankful Thursday – 2

Purple Chronicle

It’s Thursday and it’s time to be thankful.

I am sure, all my expat friends will confirm that the one thing they miss most about back home is family. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about my parents. Mom – miss you terribly. It’s going to be year soon since you left us but seems like yesterday when we were on Skype. Dad – you know I can’t get through my day without speaking to you. Today is no Parents’ day, no Mothers’ Day, no Fathers’ Day. But it’s my thankful Thursday and I would like to thank my dear parents…

…for letting me live life with wild abandon.
…for being my biggest advocate.
…for believing in me even before I believed in myself.
…for being so generous with your time.
…for letting me date weirdest of boys.
…for teaching me to appreciate having grandparents.
…for being mummy and daddy to all my friends.
…for tolerating my teenage years.
…for illustrating the power of forgiveness.
…for helping me recognise the irreplaceable nature of a good friend.
…for loving your grandchildren as fiercely as you loved your own children.
…for showing me the beauty of marrying one’s best friend.

…for so much more..the list could go on and on.

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Men and babies

I know that we are More than a Mum, but at the end of last week, I chatted with two men who challenged my preconceptions and made me re-evaluate what it is to be a Mum and what it is to be a Dad.

The first challenge came on Thursday night, when I chatted with Dean from @DaddyNatal. I was really interested in his idea of Daddy Natal, which offers “practical, memorable and enjoyable antenatal education for men, by men.”

At first I was a little sceptical, wondering if there really was this gap in the market. Do men want this sort of personalised Daddy-class? Is it all a bit too girly for them? Surely couples antenatal isn’t sexist…I didn’t notice. But then I mentioned it to my husband and his first comment was, “much-needed.” I asked him why he felt that and he said that sometimes it seems that parenthood has a ‘mummy club’ where women are told all the secrets of parenting and that men are strictly forbidden. He called it the ‘Mummy Masons’!

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Mum Takes Five

On schedule for project re-paint 2011

I’m a little excited about painting the house this week. No offence to those who are into multiple colours on walls but me not so much and for six years now i have lived with the less subtle tones of burgundy red and yellow in the family room, yellow down the hallway, grey and yellow in the dining and yellow in the kitchen. There is more but this is what I’m tackling for now. I don’t mind the burgundy red as a colour its quite nice just not my taste for a wall. It looks lovely against my big black Christmas tree but that’s only once a year the rest of time i curse it and its crappy paint job. The yellow is way too bright, probably looked good on the paint card. The grey/blue colour i just don’t understand at all its like a light wet newspaper colour and why you’d team that with yellow i don’t understand either.

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Mummy Plum

The Horrors of Halloween

Mummy Plum

Usually, I get most excited about Halloween. I love the theatrics of it, the glimmering pumpkins, the ghoulish outfits, the sense of anticipation. I’m a big kid at heart, I love dressing up. I love seeing little children dressed up, and decorating my front window with skeletons and other spooky paraphernalia to hopefully enthral them when they visit. I feel a little rush of joy, a euphoria, when the door bell rings and I open it to see a little crowd of witches, ghouls and beasts standing on my doorstep and uttering in unison; ‘Trick or Treat’.

That is, until last year. Something changed last year. Firstly we got a lot more visitors, (I’m sure the kids were tweeting each other the locations of the good stuff–‘Quick! Chocolate eyeballs at 66 Skeleton drive!’) And secondly, some of them rather put this old witch’s nose out of joint. So this year, I’m not quite so keen, in fact, I feel so ‘bah, humbug!’ about it, I might just not bother at all.

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Three Little Flowers

NHS Angels We Thank You

Three Little Flowers

At the moment it is impossible to put all of the events of the last seven days into words. It is hard to believe it’s just seven days and not seven weeks since E & I were born. The extremes of emotion, the stratospheric levels of stress and the huge peaks of elation along the way just seem too overwhelming at this moment in time.

So I thought I would just say a few overdue thank you’s. To pay tribute to the Angels we have been fortunate enough to meet in the last 7 days who have helped us along on our journey. As is the convention with the naming of angels I will only use their first names.

Angel Nahid
Above all of the other Angels we have met, Archangel Nahid stands above them all. Thank you for working tirelessly for 4 hours at the end of a 16 hour shift to stop K’s internal bleeding. Thank you to you and your team for “saving” my wife. Thank you for taking the time to explain to me what was happening so that I could keep frightened family and friends informed.

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The Bling Buoy

Liebster Blog Award!

The Bling Buoy

The word “liebster” originates in Germany where it literally translates to mean “dearest”. But delve further, and you find that people use and interpret the word “liebster” in very different ways. It can be used as an informal address at the beginning of a letter, such as “liebster freund”, which literally translates to “dearest friend”. Although apparently it is rarely used in this way as it can also be interpreted to suggest the recipient is the dearest friend of all! WAY too intimate for a casual note to the School P&F President about the weekend working bee! High “awkward” potential there!

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Hope and Dreams

Happy Healthy Children.
Children who sleep twelve hours a night.
Children who quietly entertain themselves all day long, never fighting. Then tidy up after themselves, leaving no mess.
Children who eat whatever you cook for them, then thank you for a delicious meal.

A fulfilling and reasonably successful working life.
Being discovered as the next big writing talent. Then,despite no training or experience whatsoever,getting offered a book deal and writing brilliant and inspiring novels.

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Cheetahs In My Shoes

The Cheetahs Now Love Underpants

The Cheetahs now love underpants
Oh yes, they really do
And underpants are in other books
So it really must be true

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Wag Doll

Sock Monkey Modelling Shoot

Wag Doll

In addition to battling with my winter coat project I’ve made a couple of Christmas presents… sock monkeys, loved by all ages!
I love making them, after all they’re what lured me back into sewing. They’re also perfect for this time of year, very much a winter project to me. The hand-sewing involved is best done curled up on the sofa watching TV. Plus sewing monkey limbs stops me from reaching for the biscuit tin….

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The Busy Bee Mummy

The Busy Bee Mummy

The Busy Bee Mummy
Balancing two jobs in childcare with having a toddler son. I’m Manager of a day nursery part time and running my own childminding service,read a hectic mummys day to day tribulations…which can be rather entertaining!

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My Rusty Halos

Escaping in to a story

You will often find my nose buried in a book. First thing in the morning while eating breakfast a story’s words help stop the frantic list making that my own words are trying to put together. While travelling it fills in the time until we get there. In the bath it helps my mind drift and relax.

We moved to Greece when I was 12 years old. I can remember the day the big van came and took all our boxes of books away to our new home. I re read them many times until we found a little newsagent that sold English language magazines and books and we bought a new book there every now and then, though they were very pricey. My mum and dad found many good adult books in a second-hand shop of which they passed on a few to me that they knew I would enjoy though the shop didn’t really have any teenage books. There was a library in the middle of the town’s central park, I borrowed one Greek book and sat complaining throughout the whole of the first chapter as they used the same dull words over and over to describe the

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Lynsey The Mother Duck

The Disability Diaries

When we left the Disability Diaries last week I had explained how my little miracle J1 fought his way into the world at just 32 weeks gestation, how we left hospital with no clue that anything was wrong and despite (with the benefit of hindsight) pointers being there, I was a young, single, first time mother and I suppose that I didn’t dare let my mind wander into the possibility of their being anything wrong.

So, after almost a year of questioning, at the very least, the delayed development J1 was suffering I finally got a Health Visitor who wasn’t in my house five minutes before she said, yes we must certainly refer you to a Paediatric Consultant.

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Angela – This is Life

How To Be A Manipulative Mummy – A Donkey and An Angel

Angela - This is Life

Abby: ‘I don’t want to be an Angel, I want to be a donkeyyy’

While part of me understand that I should just let her choose whatever she wanted to be, I couldn’t help but wanting to try to change her mind.

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Musings of a stressy mummy

Big head, small hole

I think that I have normal children. Well normal sized children, anyway! I’m not sure the word ‘normal’ would be a suitable description of my little darlings. However,I didn’t have sex with a seven foot large headed alien ( or at least if I did, I didn’t notice!)

Surely I can’t be the only parent that has this problem? My children are all tall for their age, which plays havoc with the clothes sizing at times. But my children all have abnormally big heads. Actually, I also have an abnormally big head. I first realised when I was small, my mother was an obsessive knitter. She did produce some very interesting get-ups for me, but her favourite was always hats and scarves. I had a matching hat and scarf to go with every outfit. Tight fitting hats which slid off my head over a period of time and long scarves that rivalled the ones worn by Tom Baker’s Doctor Who.

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Older Mum

Mishaps One, Two and Three

Older Mum

So anyway this is another birth story post but this time I want to inject some humour into three almost comical mishaps which happened during my 20 hour birthing extravaganza. I sometimes find that humour can help lessen the impact of shocking events ….. it’s a useful defense mechanism of mine.

But first a quick detour. What I had originally envisaged for Little A’s birth was an ‘almost pain free’ (???!!!) hypnobirthing fest at home with music, candles and incense. I had imagined spending most of the second stage in the bath, probably morphing into something beyond a prune in the process, and then birthing on a lofty plateau of towels, plastic sheets and duvets by the bookcase in the living room. How intellectual of me.

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A Bed to Call My Own


I have a bed, it’s all mine, but I seem to share it with ‘others’ than my intended. But last night…

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The Singing Mummy

Baby Loss Awareness

The Singing Mummy

I am not sure how many of you will be aware (probably more than I think actually), but on the 15th October 2011 it was Baby Loss Awareness day. I wanted to post at the time, but could not find the words if I am totally honest. So here is my post, a little later than anticipated but here it is all the same.

I am lucky to have two beautiful babies, I had traumatic labours both times but I am blessed that they are both safe and well. Until recently I really could not believe that still births happened, it was something that happens on the telly or you read about in magazines and it was totally unimaginable, but I never imagined it could actually happen to someone I know. It seemed such an awful thing that it couldn’t really happen to people could it??

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That’s the baby game


Today I stood in front of the mirror … brace yourselves … Naked.

Now ordinarily this is something I would avoid at all costs –
1. Because who stands in front of the mirror naked? Who does that? Its just weird,
2. Because it opens up opportunities for a certain inquisitive toddler to poke and laugh, and
3. Because generally when I do, I see myself naked!

I have never much liked my body and have had a bit of an issue with it for as long as I can remember.

At school, I was the short one. And when I say short, I mean midget.
I know what you are thinking. Short isn’t necessarily bad, look at Kylie Minogue! But combined with a bad mullet haircut (courtesy of my non-hairdresser mum) and a rather chubby face I looked more like a guinea pig with dodgy hair

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The Good Old Days – What Happened to Those?


We went for a trip to Bicester Village a couple of weeks ago, they still have those good old fashioned red phone boxes. Anthony turned to Jack and said, “Hey, come and have a go in one of these, you don’t see them very often anymore”. I had one of those weird, “OMG, no you don’t do you!” moments, sort of half screeched in a pitch too high for the dogs to hear. It got me thinking about the good old days and all the things that seem to have disappeared.
The one I always think of is how you never see young children out playing in the streets anymore. If you do, it’s odd and you think to yourself, “Irresponsible parents, I wonder if they know what their kids are up to?”. Why do I think that though?

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Mum of One

Ode to a New Mum

You brought your baby home this week.
Your head is all a haze.
You’re not quite sure which way is up.
You haven’t slept in days.

They tell you you should breast-feed,
And show you different ways.
Your boobs are sore, your nipples raw.
You haven’t slept in days.

The house is full of dust-mites.
“Who cares?” the family says.
It makes you sneeze and wee a bit.
You haven’t slept in days.

Your clothes now all have milk-stains.
“You’re fabulous,” HE says.
You appreciate the sentiment,
But haven’t slept in days.

You finally left the house today.
Resumed some normal ways.
Turns out your top was inside out.
You haven’t slept in days.

Today your baby smiled at you.
“It’s wind,” the others say.
But you know best and now don’t care,
If you don’t sleep today.

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Mama’s Little Baby Loves…

It’s the final countdown… duddleduhhduhh

So, here I am… 2 weeks or so left till birth and I’m bored. Bored of waiting. It seems like everyone wants to share their birth story with me at the moment, they seem to relish providing me with the gory details with a look on their face that says ‘thank goodness I aint doing that again’ which is fine, only errmm I AM doing that again so can you please either lie and tell me how ‘it was a breeze second time round, the baby practically fell out’ or maybe just not say anything at all?

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dear daddy love jack

Friday 2nd September 2011

dear daddy love jack

dear daddy

today i had annuver xciting day this morning i went wiv mummy to the hairdressers do you know what that is its where you go and they cut your hair and there were two nice laydees there and one of them plaid wiv me and then wile i was eating my snaks nicelee on mummys nee the other one went snip snip snip and the playing laydee tuk sum piktures and mummy sed i was very gud and i fink i was very brave becorse if you cut yourself it hurts but wen i had my hair cut it didnt hurt at all and i didnt cry and mummy was brave to becorse she didnt cry either wen she had her hair cut

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Alive and Blogging

16 Ways to wake a sleeping baby

Alive and Blogging

I thought I might join the party today and write about something I know very, very well. You’ll be happy to know that I have researched and personally tried all of these things, and they are in fact quite effective.

If ever you think your baby is sleeping like an angel and you think she might rather be awake… Here are 16 ways to wake a sleeping baby! (Don’t try this at home)

1. Speak to their dadda on skype who is away for the weekend, make sure the volume is up nice and loud – then later once the baby is asleep, send an email. The outgoing mail sound will be sure to wake them.
2. Drop your book on their head.

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